Introducing Lickd (CLOSED)


Lickd is the only platform you'll ever need for licensing commercial music

We're incredibly excited to announce our latest year long partnership with Lickd!

A digital platform that helps YouTube content creators legally use the music they love. Lickd is the only site for to license chart and commercial music for online video content creators. 

Lickd definition
Working with the music industry Lickd has struck deals with the world's largest labels so content creators can legally use copyrighted music claims free across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, affordably and without fears of demonetisation.

We're thrilled that Lickd will be joining us various other smaller events throughout the calendar year that we'll be sharing very soon!
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Become a Lickd ambassador
If you have more than 5,000 subscribers on your Youtube channel we have an exciting paid opportunity for you. Become a Lickd ambassador by applying via this form.

Join the conversation using the #GetLickd hashtag across all socials and follow Lickd on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
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Become an ambassador
Do you have over 5,000 subscribers on your Youtube channel? We have a paid opportunity for one of you to become a Lickd ambassador over the coming year. Find out more and register your interest via this form below.
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