Korean Calligraphy and Ink Painting Workshop (Closed)

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As part of our wider campaign with @KTOLondon we are delighted to present to you this very special event.
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Join us and Korea Tourism Organization London on Wednesday 10 February for a workshop focusing on Korean Hangul calligraphy, ahead of the Korean New Year (Seollal) on 12 February 2021.
From 7pm GMT we will be handing over to the master calligrapher Mr Lee and his daughter Tae to learn the basic brush strokes of Korean Hangul.

Mr Kilchan Lee is a calligraphy instructor at Korean Community Centre since 2009. He has been invited as a guest calligraphy teacher at Kingston Adult Education, Korean Cultural Center and London Korean Primary School to teach the essential calligraphy technique related to a visual art of writing Hangul and the Korean alphabet. Mr Lee holds the national accredited Advanced Level 1 qualification in Hanja-Chinese Characters and he is a pastor at Korean Presbyterian Church.
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From 8pm we will be learning all about Korean ink painting history and traditional ink painting techniques which are still widely used in contemporary art practice. Young will explain how to use Korean ink painting materials, such as Korean paper, brush, ink stone, and ink stick, which make the ink painting surprisingly enjoyable with simple but beautifully fluid ink brush strokes. You will learn basic ink painting techniques from easy brush strokes to orchid to chrysanthemum to fish, through Young’s painting demonstration.

Dr Young Maeng is a South Korea born artist-researcher, who has had international exhibitions in South Korea, the USA and the UK. She has practiced Korean Ink Painting since she was twelve years old and loves the meditative quality of the painting as everyday life practices. She is teaching painting at Loughborough University in the UK and has delivered Korean Painting workshops at The King Street Studio Gallery in Lancaster and the Korean Cultural Centre in London.

If you would like to take part in the evening you can register on the Eventbrite. Please note, that we have now allocated all of the calligraphy sets, so you will require your own ink, medium long-hair paintbrush and some rice paper or calligraphy paper.
Korean ink painting
Header image thanks to Dr Young.
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