Monetise the travel intent of your audience with Stay22

Introducing Stay22, a travel tech company that offers affiliate revenue generation opportunities for events, ticketing and travel media publications to monetise the travel intent of their audience or organisation.

Monetise the travel intent of your audience 

Stay22 offers easily embeddable tech tools to help travel content creators monetise their channels and expand their revenue streams. Instantly convert all of your accommodation deeplinks past, present, and future to start earning commission revenues on them today with Stay22.
Partnered with all major online travel booking agencies from to Trivago, Expedia &, VRBO and Kayak (among others), content creators have access to millions of monetisable inventory or listings. Coupled with our free-to-use partner dashboard “The Hub” Stay22 adds the back-end visibility to help you make sure you are getting the best performance out of your deeplinks and what kind of content your audience responds to.
From interactive maps, listing carousels, affiliate lists, and AI-driven scripts, Stay 22 can help readers book travel faster, while giving commission to YOU, the content creators each time they do.


Let Me Allez (LMA) by Stay22 empowers online travel publications to be the revenue generating powerhouse they were destined to be.
LMA is a free to integrate HTML script that instantly updates all of your accommodation deep links and ensures you are earning commissions on them. Not only does it provide a boosted user experience to your visitors the first time, it increases their likelihood of return visits because of the ease of use.  

How it works
The LMA drop-in script converts existing hotels & accommodation links from online travel agencies (and other affiliation providers) into Stay22 deep links in seconds. We provide you with the script that you simply copy and paste into the header of your website or any pages and voila! You are now earning commissions through Stay22 on these links. 
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All of these deeplinks are then easily monitored and tracked through your partner profile in The Stay22 Hub which gives you reporting on their performance ensuring you are maximizing on conversion and making adjustments where needed.

Why LMA?
Save time, earn more, live the life you want to live. With Let Me Allez active in the backend of your website, you get to focus your attention on the things that matter- like traveling, or producing content. Let the power of Stay22 automate your accommodation revenue. We’ve got your back! 

Get Started and Meet the Stay22 Team 

Stay22 are always available to chat with amazing content creators like you to help them add revenue opportunities to their publications.

We'd love to tell you more about our magic Stay22 recipe and share the travel and accommodation industry’s best kept secret that is earning publishers like you some serious back end revenue.

If you'd like your details passed on to Stay22, please fill out the form below (it takes under two minutes) and we'll send your information to a Stay22 Partner Success Associate. 
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