Murcia Content Campaign (Closed)

We're looking for inspiring content around the beautiful region of Murcia, Spain.

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Traverse are continuing our fantastic collaborations with various Spanish regions, islands and cities with a special Content Campaign focussing on Costa Cálida - Región de Murcia.

Costa Cálida - Región de Murcia

Murcia is a stunning region in the South East of Spain, sitting on the Mediterranean sea. Due to it’s location, the region stays warm all year round and is a perfect travel destination for any season. Those travelling to the Region of Murcia can enjoy incredible adventure and outdoor activities including hiking, climbing, kayaking, diving and surfing. The region is also home to a range of amazing historic sights in and around the capital, Murcia.

How to take part

We’re looking to connect with content creators (bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers) with a largely UK based following to produce some inspiring content around Murcia. Ideally you’ll have been to Murcia in the last few years and are able to create content that you’ve not published before.
With the current rules around travel and the likelihood that some form of restrictions will remain for a while, we’re looking to focus on what makes Murcia a safe destination to travel to when people are ready to go on holiday again:
  • Murcia is not a crowded place like some larger cities in Europe and it is easy to spend time in the city and region while keeping a safe distance.
  • The year-round warmth means that you can take part in outdoor activities throughout the year
While not all posts need their focus to be on these points, we will be looking to chose many that can include these focuses, although there doesn’t need to be any specific mentions of the current situation.
There may also be a few opportunities for people to create blog content who have not been to Murcia, with more of a ‘Why I want to Visit’ vibe. Although the primary focus will be on content from those that have been, using experiences, video and photography to post.

How To Apply

If you’d like to apply to take part, please pop your details down on the below form and we’ll be in touch with further details on the campaign, including deadlines and rates.

Project Info (Closed)

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