#MyMicrogap with VisitEngland

The best bits of a gap year in a few days, right here in the UK!


Traverse and VisitEngland recently worked on a campaign inviting a select group of content creators to take on four Microgaps in England, themed around Go Wild, Learn More, Switch Off and Give Back.

So, what is a Microgap? The gap year is a rite of passage for those leaving higher education, as well as those in their 20s and 30s taking career breaks. But what if you could enjoy the richness of experiences and developmental opportunities offered on a traditional gap year – in England, without having to quit the day job by ‘Microgapping’?

Content creators explored the following locations in England: 

Sheffield - 'Go Wild' 
There’s nothing quite like the exhilaration that comes with pushing yourself to the limit. Discover adrenaline-pumping activities on an adventure break in the UK.
As part of their Microgap trip, creators took to the water and were guided around the city of Sheffield by paddle board. Seeing the sights from a very different perspective.

Bristol - 'Learn More'
Get hands on and master a new skill, or improve on an already existing one. There are plenty of ways to travel and learn, or even find a new hobby.
Creator attendees learned more about Bristol from a different perspective on a unique graffiti tour around the city, followed by a gin masterclass.
Brighton - 'Switch Off'
Everybody needs to hit the pause button every now and again. Take some time to unwind, reflect and focus on yourself
After a walking tour of Brighton, the Microgap attendees switched off for the afternoon with a yoga class, followed by a sauna session on the beach and a very quick dip into the sea.

Margate - 'Give Back'
Do something positive and create unforgettable memories at the same time. Combine travelling the UK with weekend volunteering, charity trips and sustainable experiences to improve the world around you. 
For the Margate trip, the group was split in two. Half began the day with an upcycling fashion workshop in a local studio while the rest of the group took part in a beach clean up, swapping over after lunch.

To see some of the amazing content produced from these four trips take a look below. For more information on what a Microgap is and what yours could look like, head to the Microgap Hub. 
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Project Info

visit england logo
Sheffield - Bristol - Brighton - Margate 
start date
5th October 2019
end date
26th October 2019

The Regions

We sent content creators to explore different parts of the UK, including Sheffield, Bristol, Brighton and Margate.


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My Microgap: Exploring the Wild Side of Sheffield 

When I hear “Sheffield,” the first thing that springs to mind is the Arctic Monkeys. This is immediately followed by Meadowhall shopping centre and the universities. What doesn’t cross my mind? Canals and kayaking. Yet Sheffield offers this too, as I discovered on a Microgap to this Northern city.
Group on stand up paddleboards

Gap Year? Nah! Take a Microgap With The Outdoor Activities Sheffield Has

Teacake Travels
Whether you’ve just finished school, or you’re well into your professional career and just need a blimin’ break, you may have the idea of taking an epic gap year for yourself! 
Canal in Sheffield

My Microgap in Sheffield 

Being from Brighton, anywhere North of the M25 is considered North to me. This is why it always surprises me that I can get to so many places within England in hardly any time at all. Being invited for a day out in Sheffield for a day of adventure titled Go Wild

Go Wild: Microgap activities on the Isle of Wight 

In England there are so many places you can do some amazing outdoor and adventure activities. Sometimes you think you have to go abroad or go on a gap year to experience adventure activities, the likes of which you see people go on in a gap year. But you can have similar experiences right here in the UK on a microgap.
Curious Claire

My Adventure Microgap to Sheffield 

Sometimes we become so focused on all the amazing places there are to visit around the world that we forget what’s in our own backyard. So when Visit England asked me to be apart of their #MyMicrogap campaign I jumped at the chance.
Buildings in Sheffield

A Day out in sheffield - an unconventional spot for a microgap 

Victoria Quays in Sheffield is the perfect spot to spend a day out in Sheffield by indulging in some outdoor activities in Sheffield. If you're looking at what to do in Sheffield in a day and having a Wild microgap here, then this is for you!

Why a Microgap is a great idea

Everyone loves a holiday. The reality is when we need a break the time or funds to jet around the world are not always available. Sound familiar? Well, there is now a solution to this modern life dilemma – I give you the microgap!
More street art!
I've lived in Bristol for three years now and every time I’m out and about I discover something different or new or hidden. That’s why I was pretty keen to see what Bristol had to offer on a recent press visit –
bristol from above

Bristol Weekender: A 3-day Microgap in the UK's Street Art Capital

Bristol is easily one of my favourite cities in England. I’ve been there over 10 times, mostly for nights out I must admit. I was at University up the road in Cheltenham and a lot of bands would pass through Bristol. 
Microgap sign in front of the sea at Brighton


Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day in sunny Brighton with Visit England, Visit Brighton and Traverse Events. I had never been to Brighton before so I was really excited to learn what the city was all about. I was here to experience #MyMicrogap. Wondering what a Microgap is?

Day Trip to Brighton from London: Taking a Microgap to Switch Off

Whenever I need to switch off I take a holiday somewhere far away from home. I tend to look for a place where I can discover something new or do something different from my day-to-day life. And more often than not I look for a destination far from home. Until now. 

One day in Brighton: City Tour, Beach Sauna and Yoga

Whenever I need to switch off I take a holiday somewhere far away from home. I tend to look for a place where I can discover something new or do something different from my day-to-day life. And more often than not I look for a destination far from home. Until now. I have recently been on a day trip to Brighton, where I discovered the concept of ‘microgapping’, and it’s a game changer.
Beautiful view of Bristol architecture

My Bristol Microgap

We have all heard of a gap year right? Planning away for a year abroad in the most amazing of places you have always dreamed of! But what about a ‘Microgap‘? Fitting in one of your favourite places in just a few days. 
Microgap sign in front of the sea at Brighton

My Microgap Visit England - Girly Things to Do in Brighton in One Day

Who doesn't love a girls day out? A trip to Brighton is a great way to escape London's hustle and bustle but with plenty to do too. 
Brighton Pavilion on a microgap


When I quit my job and packed up my things to go traveling, it was because I needed a break. Although it’s something I wish I could do over and over again. it’s not always realistic. When thinking of the typical gap year I think mainly about getting away, adventure, exploring and switching off. You don’t actually have to travel far at all to experience those things and this is where the Microgap concept comes from – pack the best bits of a gap year into just a few days right here in England.

My Microgap Visit England - Girly Things to Do in Brighton in One Day

Something I’ve always talked about and a rule I live my life by is that you don’t have to pack up all your belongings and become a digital nomad to get some travel into your life. Which is why Visit England’s #MyMicrogap was a perfect fit.
Margate shops

Taking a Microgap in Margate - Where Charlie Wanders

It is so easy to overlook the amazing places we have right on our doorstep here in the UK.! This Microgap in Margate was all about ‘giving back’, showing you don’t have to travel far to do some good and help the local communities

A Microgap in Margate, UK – An Ethical Day Trip from London to ‘Give Back’

A Microgap in hipster and eco-conscious Margate, UK on an ethical day trip from London to visit the trendy seaside town. An easy day trip from the capital with a focus on ‘Giving Back’. Find out all about Microgapping in the UK and how to cram amazing experiences into just one day.

My Microgap: A Mini Gap Year On Your Doorstep

I am taking a post-graduate gap year at the moment. I never did any sort of gap year and went straight from education to more education, so I’m finally giving myself a bit of a break. I constantly get asked whether I’m going to use it to travel, or what I plan to do… The truth is that while I love travelling, the idea of super long haul 3 months+ long trips don’t really appeal to me. However, I didn’t know that there were other options… Enter My Microgap.
Campervan driving in the Peak District

Switch Off in the Peak District #MyMicrogap

In need of a Switch Off we headed the short distance to the Peak District in May to experience our very own Microgap, a concept by VisitEngland to get people out there, take some time - a day or a weekend - to pack the best bits of a gap year into an experience allowing you to Switch Off, Give Back, Learn More or Go Wild in England.


I have been to Bristol so many times but I didn’t realise that I had never really seen it. Until now… Did you know the infamous camera-shy Banksy started in Bristol? The street artist started his career spray-painting the streets of Bristol and some of his early artwork still remains today.

Visiting Margate on a 'microgap' with VisitEngland - CK Travels

A microgap is the best bits of a gap year in a few days – right here in the UK. The gap year is a rite of passage for those leaving higher education, as well as those in their 20s and 30s taking career breaks.
Picture of graffiti in Brighton

My Bristol Microgap.

I was invited on a day trip to Bristol by Visit England as part of their #MyMicroGap campaign. A microgap means the chance to explore and discover the world closer to home either on a day trip or a weekend away. It is a good way to unwind, learn a new skill or pick up a hobby and return re-energised.

Learning Something New in Bath | Why You Should Consider Taking A #MyMicrogap with VisitEngland

When I left university my original plan was to go on a gap a year. I wanted to travel the world, find myself and have those final moments of ‘doing whatever I wanted’ before I had to settle down into the world of work. I mean for most graduates, it’s the dream, right?
Canoe on the water

Satisfy your wanderlust with a Microgap 

After taking a career break in my mid 20s to roam without a plan around South America, I reluctantly returned to a banking job in London. At first I was glad to be home, not having to live out of a backpack, sleeping in my own bed, and being able to catch up with friends and family in person.
My Breaking Views

Series: a day with mbv in brighton

Well if you have been keeping up with my Instagram feed, you will already know! I had to say that again lol! MyMicroGap is about squeezing the best bits of a gap year into a few days somewhere in the UK.
Colourful urban street art in Bristol

8 Unique Things to do in bristol

Bristol is known as the hipster city of Britain for a very good reason: its enormous and eccentric arts and culture scene. The Bristol bookshops are unique and varied; Bristol street art is famous across the UK (Banksy started here, after all). Then there’s the Bristol theatre scene and all the fantastic talks and lectures available at the universities and the Bristol bookshops.
Fancy trying something new and refreshing? Wouldn’t it be marvellous if you could pack the best bits of a gap year into just a few days with a Microgap in the UK, well now you can do exactly that with VisitEngland’s Microgap...
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