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At the beginning of May 2019 the Traverse team along with 40 elite influencers from the UK, USA, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean flew to the stunning island of Antigua for a very special kind of event.

In partnership with Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority (ABTA) attendees had the chance to learn new content creation skills and discovered the beautiful island of Antigua.

The Caribbean is about a slow pace of life and those that joined us had the opportunity to explore the beaches, to swim in the crystal clear waters, sample local delicacies as well as having time to relax at their host hotel, courtesy of resort partner Elite Island Resorts Group.


The Traverse Elite conference is an unrivalled experience bringing together content creators with high level talents and skills to network, collaborate and learn from each other.

The content creators who attended focus on a variety of niches including travel, food, family, lifestyle and publish content over their primary platforms of blogs, Instagram and YouTube.
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As we slowly navigated around some half-asleep cows on the road, the ever so friendly Bernadette from Rendezvous tours explained more about the island of Antigua, and let slip her favourite beaches – ‘don’t go telling everyone’ – along the calmer Caribbean Sea stretch of the island.

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Set within 30 waterfront acres on the north east coast of Antigua you’ll find The Verandah Resort and Spa.Bordered by a National Park this 186 room all inclusive resort is just 30 minutes from the airport and the perfect spot for your tropical holiday this year!

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A trip to Antigua is an escape. The turquoise waters, white sand beaches and laid-back Caribbean vibes are the perfect recipe for a relaxing break. And with the island’s many all inclusive resorts geared up to make unwinding as effortless as possible, it would be easy to find a spot on the beach and set up base for a week.

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Sun beating down, reggae beats on the radio and glimpses of white sand beaches around every corner. Nothing compares to the freedom you feel driving around the Caribbean island of Antigua. If you want to venture beyond your resort and get to know the island more intimately, there’s not better way to do so. 

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Antigua encapsulates everything that comes to mind when you think of island life. Laid-back vibes, sandy shores and dancing at every opportunity. There will be no mistaking where you are – Antigua is quintessential Caribbean – but there’s more to this dainty island than you might think. Here are 15 of the best things to do in Antigua – many of which you won’t find elsewhere in the Caribbean.

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The beautiful island of Antigua in the West Indies spans approximately 54 miles and is the main island of Antigua and Barbuda. A typical Caribbean Island, Antigua is home to 365 white sandy beaches (that’s one for every day of the year!), historical harbours, stunning landscapes and – of course – rum (and Susie’s Hot Sauce!) is on the menu everywhere you go.

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For any of you currently in the process of planning and booking a once in a lifetime holiday to Antigua, we bet you are already creating a list of everything you want to experience on this paradise island in the Caribbean. The only problem is… choosing what to do! 

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Antigua Beach huts
 The first time I found out that there is such a thing as an Upside Down Jellyfish, the first time I actually saw one! Antigua stole my heart, not just because of its animals, but also because of its mind-blowing sunsets, its people and food, and last but not least, the wide range of activities possible on the island.

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colourful beach huts Antigua
Antigua basically had me at 365 beaches and the sweetest pineapples in the world. I said yes immediately when I was invited to spend a week on the island and was so excited to experience a different Caribbean country for the first time.

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Drinking in Antigua is much more than just the rum cocktail or sweet pineapple concoction you are served upon check-in at your all-inclusive resort or find in every Antigua, hotel, bar or restaurant. Still, there is a lot to be said for the ubiquitous rum punch when it’s treated with respect, as it is in Antigua

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Antigua Shirley Heights
Welcome to my guide to the best things to do in Antigua. If you’re looking for a Caribbean holiday with exactly the right mix of chill time, culture, and adventure, this guide has you covered! That’s my dream travel style, so I think I have it nailed. 

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Each Caribbean island is different with its own unique culture and cuisine. Antigua food is no different and has some unique dishes you will not find on other islands. Antigua (pronounced an-tee-gah NOT an-tee-gwah) is an island in the Leeward Islands region of the Caribbean. Historically Antigua island was first settled by the Arawak people from South America.

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Antigua snorkeling
There’s just something about feeling the soft sand between your toes, cooling off in crystal clear, turquoise water, and sinking into island time. It just makes you feel incredibly relaxed, which is how I felt during my one week in Antigua. Not to be confused with Antigua, Guatemala, Antigua makes up one of the islands of the archipelago of Antigua and Barbuda

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Antigua beach adventurous kate
Traveling to Antigua and Barbuda has been one of the biggest highlights of my year. One of my biggest priorities of late has been to explore more of the Caribbean — and I ended up in one of the Caribbean’s best islands as a guest of Traverse Events.

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I’m back from an inspiring week in Antigua and Barbuda at the 2019 Traverse Antigua Elite Mini Conference. While making my way home, switching airports and planes, I started reflecting on my trip. What had impressed me the most about Antigua? 

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Antigua view
In just a few hours, I’ll be making my way to a destination that has eluded me for many years: Antigua and Barbuda! I’m excited to have been invited to attend the 2019 Elite Mini-Conference in Antigua with Traverse Events, from May 7 to May 14.

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Antigua Beach at Verandah Resort
Back in 2015, I visited 100 beaches in the Dominican Republic in a single year. That was the thought that crossed my mind when I realized I’d seen nine beaches in Antigua in just six days, plus at least four in Barbuda.

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Island safari stop Antigua
Antigua and Barbuda’s hundreds of beaches and steady trade winds guarantee a blissful daily dose of sea, sand and sailing along secluded coves and historic harbors.

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I’ll have a mojito, please,” I said to the bartender, who smiled before turning to make the drink. I’d learned a few nights prior that despite everything being included, the staff at The Verandah Resort & Spa in Antigua did not skimp on alcohol.

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Devils Bridge Antigua
Want to visit an island where you can explore a new beach every day for an entire year?? I’m not talking a chain of islands or even somewhere in the long lost East Indies; I’m talking about a place just a few quick hours from the USA. Yes, it does exist! And its name is Antigua. Located in the northeast part of the Caribbean, Antigua is the main island of the country Antigua and Barbuda. 

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Travel Tom Tom in Antigua
Welcome to the Caribbean, welcome to the country with 365 beaches. Beginning of May 2019 I boarded a plane in London for my direct flight to the enticing island of Antigua & Barbuda. A week long I was able to explore the best Antigua tourism has to offer. It was my first time visiting Antigua & Barbuda, a country many people most probably never heard of, but since a kid I was in love with their flag. Finally I got the chance to travel to Antigua myself!

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antigua where is nina
I sat back in my sea hammock, rum punch in hand, belly full, skin tanned, just thinking about how much I was loving life… Can this just be my life FOREVER AND ALWAYS, please? Pretty please? Yep, life was good. But not all good things can last forever… sadly.

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things to do in Antigua
When you think of the Caribbean, you think of beautiful beaches, palm trees swaying to and fro, colorful buildings, calypso and reggae tunes, and a slow pace of life… Well, all that sounds just about right but there are some adventures to be had too!

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Landing in Antigua is one of our favourite moments. Dropping down through broken cloud on the final approach. Noticing the sea getting lighter, turning from dark olive to bright turquoise. Catching a first glimpse of the island, the palm trees, the beaches, yachts moored in quiet bays, the white roofs. Cabin crew seats for landing. Holidays ahoy! 
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Antigua Verandah Resort
Having grown up in the Caribbean, I take a lot of natural things regarding nature for granted as I grew up with them all around me. But as I travel, I realize that some people have no idea what things are as they’ve never seen them before. In this case Caribbean plants.
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Our elite conference in Antigua provides a unique opportunity for content creators to network, collaborate, share ideas and learn from each other.

Attendees have the opportunity to help others learn from their knowledge, skills and experience with relaxed and fun sessions hosted across the week of the trip. 


The content creators were invited to explore and experience the range of activities the island has to offer.

As well as activities like kayaking, a rum inspired cooking lesson and sunrise hiking, the creators had time to explore the island and capture its beauty.

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