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Content campaign celebrating 30 years of the Czech Republic and helping to spread the word of why you should visit the Czech Republic 

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Traverse have teamed up with CzechTourism and digital content creators to celebrate the Czech Republic's 30th anniversary.

We focused on the hidden gems and vibrant culture across multiple regions of this beautiful country with the help of talented content creators who attended Traverse 22 in Brno last September.


Traverse were tasked with partnering with content creators with a UK audience to showcase a range of activities and experiences available within the Czech Republic.

We hand-selected a group of over 20 content creators and bloggers to produce engaging posts from their own experiences in the country.

Czech them out below: 

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An Adventure On The Via Ferrata Hluboka In The Czech Republic

What springs to mind when you think of the Czech Republic? Castles, maybe – and you’d be right; there are loads of those. The popular Czech beer, Budweiser? Tick. Pretty towns and UNESCO World Heritage sites? Tick and tick, no shortage of those either.

Bohemia Glassware & The Sparkling World of Liberec

When we were little, we thought that Bohemia glassware – or Bohemia crystal as we heard it being called – was something that came straight from a magical world. But, wait. How come two children growing up in Greece – so far from the Czech Republic in pre-low-cost airline times and the explosion of international travel – even knew the existence of Bohemian glass?

3 Awesome Places to Visit in North Moravia

North Moravia, also known as the Moravian-Silesian region, is one of the more beautiful areas of the Czech Republic. From big city life and beer spas to fun ski resorts and beautiful fairytale towns, North Moravia is an area of the country worth a visit!

A Tour of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery, Pilsen

Throughout the world there are countless recipes, snacks, and products that are so intrinsically linked to their place of origin that it is almost impossible to think of one without making a connection in your mind to the other.

Castle Hunting in East Bohemia, Czech Republic

Most visitors to the Czech Republic head to Prague, and forget that Czechia has a lot more to explore! Some of the most beautiful castles in Europe are found in the East Bohemia region of the Czech Republic just an hour or two from Prague, and I had the chance to visit some of them last year. If you are looking for special places to visit in the Czech Republic then make sure you add these Czech castles to your list!

Remarkable Czech Architecture in Ostrava, from Mining to Maverick

Ostrava, the third-largest city in the Czech Republic, has a rich history with significant industrial roots. Ostrava’s skyline is dotted with architectural heritage which reflects the evolution and transformation of the city’s identity from its industrial past into a culturally vibrant and diverse present.

My Favourite Restaurants in Olomouc: What and Where to Eat in Olomouc

After we have discovered Olomouc together, it’s time to find out more about the city’s best restaurants and cafes. This is a guide on where to eat in Olomouc, based on my own experience.

Things to Do in Znojmo, Czechia: A Worthwhile Stopover in South Moravia

There are enough epic things to do in Znojmo, Czechia, to make it an absolutely worthwhile stop while exploring South Moravia – or on the way from Austria, too.

A Guide to Loket: Czech Republic’s Fairytale Town

Loket is a beautiful small town located in the Karlovy Vary Region in the Czech Republic. It is located close to the border of Germany in West Bohemia. The town is very picturesque with the Loket Castle being the focal point of this enchanting village. Many people overlook visiting here from Prague and instead head to Karlovy Vary. 

Explore Karlovy Vary, the Spa region of the Czech Republic

I love travelling around the Czech Republic and one area of the country you have to explore is the spa region of Karlovy Vary. 2023 marks the 30th year of the Czech Republic and in this blog post, I’ll tell you all about what you should do in the Karlovy Vary.

Church of Bones – Exploring the Sedlec Ossuary of Kutná Hora, Czech Republic

Have you ever been to a church filled to the brim with skulls? Real human skulls? Discover the wonders of the Sedlec Ossuary, affectionately known as the Bone Church, in the enchanting Czech town of Kutná Hora.

Castle and Cute-Town Hopping in South Bohemia, Czechia’s Fairytale Lake District

Sometimes you arrive somewhere, gawp a little bit too much, and then admit it’s worth the hype. For me, that place was Český Krumlov, a real-life fairytale town – complete with a castle, of course – in Czechia’s (Czech Republic) South Bohemia region.

Ultimate Brno Specialty Coffee Guide: Top Cafés & Roasters for 2023

Brno, the second-largest city in the Czech Republic, is renowned for all its historic landmarks, like Špilberk Castle, as well as the stunning architecture, cultural events, museums and art galleries. When it comes to food, Brno offers an abundance of amazing choices – from traditional Czech dishes to international cuisine and street food, without forgetting about the local, high-quality Moravian wines.


With its dazzling mix of baroque, art nouveau and modern architecture, UNESCO World Heritage listed ornamental fountains and a booming arts scene, the ‘Little Prague’ of Czech Republic, Olomouc, is one of the more interesting cities to visit in the country.

Is Karlovy Vary Worth Visiting?

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Czech Republic lies the charming spa town of Karlovy Vary. With its elegant architecture, soothing thermal springs, and rich cultural heritage, Karlovy Vary has been a magnet for tourists from across the globe.
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