CzechTourism Campaign #CzechIn2021

Showcasing the delicious cuisine, fascinating history & unusual experiences on offer in the Czech Republic.

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Traverse have teamed up with CzechTourism and digital content creators to showcase the delicious cuisine, fascinating history and unusual experiences (beer spa anyone?) available within the Czech Republic.


Traverse were tasked with partnering with content creators with a UK audience to showcase a range of activities and experiences available within the Czech Republic with the exciting news that the country is now open to fully vaccinated travellers from the UK market.

We hand-selected a group of over 10 content creators and bloggers to produce posts on a wide range of themes; from sustainable experiences in the Czech Republic to the best places to eat in Prague, from things to do in Brno, to the hiking in the Jeseníky Mountains. 

Czech them out below: 

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Image of beautiful green mountain range

Things to do in the Jeseniky Mountains for adventurous travellers 

You’ve experienced the beauty of Prague and the magical castles of South Bohemia, so now it’s time to discover nature and outdoors adventure in the Czech Republic, in the Jeseníky Mountains to be more precise. Chances are that you have never heard of the Jeseníky Mountains, and I have to confess that neither had I, until I found myself in this part of the Czech Republic.
Mug of beer with a frothy head


Prague loves beer – so much that they’ve created a unique experience centred around it: the Prague beer spa. Thinking of visiting a beer spa in Prague and not sure where to start? Or wondering why you would even want to visit a beer spa in the first place? Read right on my friends.
Statue of a bronze horse in brno in the middle of a square


An underground labyrinth. Whacky sculptures. Bunkers and secret bars. This travel guide tells you all the surprising things to do in Brno, why they exist, and the array of experiences that make your time here an unexpected adventure in this lesser-known Czech city.
image of traditional Czech food in a restaurant

Prague Food Guide: What to Eat in Prague Czech Republic

Czech food might not be the most famous cuisine in the world, but it is delicious. From dumplings and goulash to open sandwiches and the all-important Czech beer, in this Prague food guide, I’ll share my recommendations for what to eat in Prague and where to eat it, including a few dishes you might not expect! You’ll be able to eat your way through the city, enjoying traditional Czech cuisine in the best local restaurants in Prague. Sound good? Let’s dive in!
Hige castle surrounded by trees in a forest. castle has a red roof

Cesky Krumlov Castle Guide – History, Visitors Info & Tips!

Whether you’ve been to the Czech Republic or not, you’ll no doubt have seen photos of Prague Castle. But have you heard about Cesky Krumlov Castle? If not, it’s about time you added this majestic cultural and architectural gem to your Central Europe bucket list.

A mini guide to the best sustainable tourism options in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of those countries that you could revisit each year and still find exciting something you haven’t seen or visited before. With 13 regions and a beautiful capital that is known for its stunning architecture, there is so much to see and explore from vast landscapes to cuisine and unique customs.
table filled with delicious looking food

Prague Food Guide: What to Eat and Where to Eat It

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. But did you know that Prague is also a foodie’s dream destination? From local beers to tasting the best Czech traditional foods, from trendy coffee and brunch spots to vegan eateries, the city’s dining scene has so much to offer.
Shot of Czech from the sky

A Comprehensive Luxury Guide To Prague And Brno

Czechia is a landlocked country in Europe, known for its historical cities, nature sites, film festivals and beer trails. As the country has been welcoming tourists from all around the world, some of its offerings are evolving, with new experiences being tailored towards luxury tourists, as well. That's great news for couples like my husband and me, who love to experience soft pillows at The Mandarin Oriental and tasting menus in Michelin Restaurants like the Field.

Mariánské Lázně Spa Experience – Going to the Spa in the Czech Republic

One of the things I really wanted to do in this trip, was go to the spa in the Czech Republic. The events of the last year and a half have contributed to my constant fatigue, loss of concentration, and impatience. I just needed to relax. I heard about the Mariánské Lázně spa experience during a few webinars I joined during the pandemic, so I knew it would be the perfect place for me to go.

Where To See The Best Examples Of Functionalism In The Czech Republic

Functionalism in the Czech Republic is found everywhere. Known for its romantic atmosphere; the beautiful historic buildings; the many churches and castles; its natural beauty; its delicious beer and the colorful Christmas markets that can be admired when visiting in the early winter months; the Czech Republic is one of the leading centers for this unique architectural style.


Traveling extensively throughout the Czech Republic there was one figure we kept running into region after region with a halo of stars above his head. On one of our very first visits to Prague, we joined a guided tour which took us across the Charles Bridge where we’d first see and learn about St John of Nepomuk, the statue with stars on the north end of the bridge that has a visibly smooth surface where visitors touch.
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