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Korean Hangeul Calligraphy and Ink Painting with Korea Tourism Organization

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We teamed up with the Korea Tourism Organization London once again to showcase Korean culture. On Wednesday 10 February, we hosted a virtual Korean Hangeul calligraphy and Korean Ink Painting workshop with Mr Lee and Dr Young Maeng, attended by 40+ content creators and influencers. 

You can watch the live event back here on Facebook, in case you missed it.
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Korean Hangeul Calligraphy

We began the event with a virtual demonstration by Mr Kilchan Lee, a calligraphy instructor at the Korean Community Centre since 2000 and guest calligraphy teacher at Kingston Adult Education, Korean Cultural Center and London Korean Primary School. Mr Lee and his daughter Tae taught us the basic brush strokes, the basics of Korean Hangeul (the Korean alphabet) and learnt to write phrases including; 'Welcome to Korea.'

If you would like to learn more, we have attached a worksheet provided by the Korea Tourism Organization of Hangeul which you can download here.
Korean Hangul
If you would like to learn more from Mr Lee and Tae, they will be running more virtual workshops and online events. For more information, head to their Facebook page - Hangul Calligraphy London.

Korean Ink Painting

We were also joined by the very talented artist-researcher Dr Young Maeng who led a workshop on Korean ink painting.

She has had international exhibitions in South Korea, the USA and the UK. She has practiced Korean Ink Painting since she was twelve years old and loves the meditative quality of the painting as everyday life practices. She is teaching painting at Loughborough University in the UK and has delivered Korean Painting workshops at The King Street Studio Gallery in Lancaster and the Korean Cultural Centre in London. 
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