Northern Spain Campaign #InGreenSpain

Discover Northern Spain

Discover the regions of northern spain #INGREENSPAIN 

Traverse and Spain Tourism sent 8 influencers to Northern Spain to experience this unique destination. They'll be exploring this diverse region and discovering the cities, food & wine, culture and the unspoilt landscapes. 
From the 'Rías Baixas' of Galicia to the Bay of Biscay, Green Spain travels the north coast of the Iberian Peninsula through four autonomous regions: Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country.

The team of bloggers and YouTubers are showcasing their content on social media throughout the trip, so do check out their accounts below.
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Project Info

Cantabria - Asturias - Galicia - Basque country 
start date
12th October 2018
end date
14th October 2018

The team

coffee with a slice of life
coffee with a slice of life
Danger and Stacey
Global Help Swap
sandy makes sense
Sandy Makes Sense
continent hop
MaNDY celine

The Regions

We're sending content creators to discover different areas of Northern Spain, delving into Cantabria, Asturias, Galicia and the Basque country.



The tragedy of a weekend lies in the fact that there's only so much you can physically eat (and drink) over such a short period of time. Tie that truth in with our recent 48-hour-trip to the Basque Country in Northern Spain and you might begin to understand why we had such a hard time coming home (aside from the fact that I could hardly move)
There seems to be a great sense of pride for all that is Basque, spanning back over the centuries - almost a collective belief that nothing short of perfection should represent their culture. It most certainly seeps through in a dedication to top-class food and wine, jaw-dropping architecture and an open love for public art.
Coming from New Zealand, we love the ease of travel in Europe — a weekend getaway to another country was practically impossible for us without full blown holiday preparation. Travellers in Europe have so many options, but often frequent the same hustling cities for their weekend trips, full of tourists, no nature in sight, commercialized with little tradition or culture.

Must-try Foods in Asturias

When you think of Spain, it’s often the tourist hot-spots like Barcelona and Madrid that come to mind – but have you ever heard of Asturias? Real talk, we hadn’t either but this region of Northern Spain is a hidden gem that should definitely be on your radar
They are coming from all directions. Young, old, solo and in groups. Some are even on bikes. Even though the weather can be best described as biblical the lashing rain can’t wipe the smiles off their faces. They pass me with their backpacks on which suddenly feel lighter as they near their goal. Most of them have Scallop Shells attached to their bags to identify themselves as pilgrims.
global help swap

Galician Food Spanish Cuisine At Its Best | The 14 Dishes You Have To Try In Galicia

We love Spanish cuisine. From the little hole in the wall Tapas joints to the molecular creations in 3 Michelin star restaurants, Spanish food is one of the main reasons why we keep coming back to Spain. On my recent trip to Galicia, I discovered Galician Food which is Spanish cuisine at its best. 
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Taking on Pinchos aka Tapas In Santander

It’s about six in the evening in Santander, Spain. After spending a beautiful day exploring the Picos De Europa National park, we’d returned back to Santander and I’d opted to stay back in the city and try the food in Santander. The tapas in Santander to be precise.
One of my favourite things about living in Europe is being able to travel to a new country within a one hours plane ride of London. So this weekend -after a stressful week working on tons of projects - I hopped on a plane from London Stanstead to travel to Santander in the Cantabria region of North Spain, and here's why I think you should consider Cantabria as your next weekend break!
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