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Princess Cruises Campaign – Sapphire Princess

All aboard the cruise with #DiscoverWithPrincess

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Traverse and Princess Cruises sent eight talented content creators and influencers on very special 7 day cruise stopping off at La Coruña, Bilbao, Bordeaux and Guernsey.

Between the 25th May and 1st June the team experienced and highlighted all the dazzling amenities, sublime dining options as well as the discovering all the exotic destinations on offer.

The team of bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers showcased their content on social media throughout the trip so do check out their accounts below.
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Project Info

Southampton - La Coruña - Bilbao - Bordeaux - Guernsey
start date
25th May 2019
end date
1st June 2019

The team

ala jode
Alex Outhwaite
alex outhwaite
Brogan Abroad
brogan abroad
Taylor Fuller
Travel colorfully
Shu Shi Lin
Man vs Globe
Flying the nest
Daneger and Stacey
Daneger and stacey


As well as testing out the onboard experiences the team will be exploring five destinations on the trip.  Departing from Southampton the group will stop off in the ports of La Coruna, Bilbao, Bordeaux and Guernsey before returning to Southampton.



OUR FIRST CRUISE Daneger and Stacy
Going on a cruise has been high on our bucket list for years. The thought of waking up in a brand new destination, without having to endure a traditional travel day, is literally a dream come true.
Princess Food
Food on a cruise ship is so much more than the buffet, despite what our friends and families assumed before we boarded. Ask anyone who’s actually taken a cruise though, they’ll tell you all about the amazingness of their time at sea!
Guernsey is the kind of place I probably wouldn’t have visited if it hadn’t been the last port of call on our Princess Cruise press trip. And if it weren’t for the assignment with Princess Cruises, I might have never taken a cruise. Yet, last month, I found myself on a cruise to Guernsey – and it ended up being a highlight of the week.
Going on a cruise is exciting, sure, but the first time can also be pretty intimidating! The size of the ship, the number of people on board and preparing for an entirely new way to travel… it can all make a first cruise a pretty overwhelming experience.
I’d been looking forward to our 7-day trip with Princess Cruises from Southampton, but I was also a little nervous. I had no idea what to expect and, on realising that, was hurled completely out of my travel comfort zone. Walking onto the Sapphire Princess, I had to stop for a moment to take it all in. I knew cruise ships must be pretty big but, from down here, it looked HUGE.
Before I went on my first cruise with Princess Cruises, I had no idea what to pack for a European cruise – or any cruise, for that matter! Since I live out of my suitcase, I don’t normally think about packing much. With no home base, I don’t really have the luxury for packing for each trip unless I empty my suitcase along the way.
Cruises are great because you get to wake up in a new place nearly every day. But, with port days being no more than 8-10 hours long in most cases, do you really get to see that much? During my trip with Princess Cruises, we stopped in four different ports.
princess cruise
If you’ve booked to go on your first cruise or are currently browsing options to have a cruise as your next holiday then you may be wondering what things you need to know before you travel on a cruise ship for the first time.
on a princess cruise
The topic of cruising and sustainability often comes up and before/during my first cruise I did some research as to how one can cruise more sustainably. Much of this (as well as choosing which company to cruise with) actually comes down to decisions you can make during the cruise, and I wanted to highlight some of these below.
flying the next on a princess cruise
Our love for cruising began many years ago when we set sail on our very first cruise in the Caribbean on a family reunion. As the years went by we found ourselves drawn to this style of travel as we sailed through South East Asia, Fiji and Vanuatu, each time with our family.
flying the nest cruising
We have always dreamed of cruising through Europe with thoughts of floating along the Mediterranean and waking up in a new European town each morning sounding like the perfect getaway for us – and this summer we finally did just that.
I have to be honest… I never thought I would ever be taking a cruise. The idea of being on a ship for a number of days never appealed to me. So when I was invited by Princess Cruises to join them on a 7-day cruise around Northern Spain, France and the Channel Islands, I had to really think about it. ‘Is cruising for me? Will I ever know if I don’t try it?’ So I decided to try it out and see for myself!
I have been to A Coruña, also known as La Coruña, in Northern Spain countless times. So when I found out that the Princess Cruises route I was going to be taking included a stop here, I was really excited to rediscover the city, and to find out old and new things to do in A Coruña.
It seems entirely fitting to be arriving in La Coruña by ship. For over 2,000 years this port town has held much maritime importance, first for the Romans when it became a key location in navigation routes and later as a fortified harbour. It was here that the Spanish managed to defeat Sir Francis Drake in 1589, the resistance led by local heroine María Pita.
Influencers on Princess Cruise
“What should I wear on a Cruise?” This is the phrase that I found myself frantically googling when I found out that I would be taking a 7-day European cruise with Princess Cruises. You see, I never thought that I would be taking a cruise.
“The thing I’m most excited about on this cruise is the day in Guernsey.” I could see the excitement in Steve’s face at the sheer mention of the island. His eyes widened and he began excitedly pushed his pastry around his plate. We were sat on the lido deck of Sapphire Princess, enjoying our morning coffee on our first sea day.
Like all good pilgrimage sites worth their salt, Gaztelugatxe takes a little bit of effort to reach. There are 241 steps up a winding, man-made stone causeway from the Basque mainland to the rugged, wind-beaten islet. 241 steep steps to reach the hermitage at the top, with the notoriously brutal swells of the Bay of Biscay crashing against both sides of the crooked walkway.
If your brand or destination is looking for help with your digital marketing campaign, content creators or influencers drop us an email at info@traverse-events.com.
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