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Princess Cruises Campaign – Regal Princess

All aboard the cruise with #DiscoverWithPrincess

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Traverse and Princess Cruises sent nine talented content creators and influencers to experience the Regal Princess ten day cruise around Russia and Scandinavia stopping off at Tallinn, St Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. 

The aim of the campaign was to create brand awareness as well as show that cruising is suitable for consumers in their 20’s & 30’s.

The team of bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers showcased their content on social media throughout the trip so do check out their accounts below.
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Project Info

Tallinn - St Petersburg - Helsinki - Stockholm - Copenhagen - Oslo
start date
2nd May 2018
end date
11th May 2018

The team

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As well as testing out the onboard experiences the team explored six destinations on the trip.  Departing from Germany the group stopped off in the ports cruise at Tallinn, St Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo.




With mountains, sea, parks and forests, Oslo is a little different to your usual European capital. The Nordic landscape made it a shoo-in for Europe’s Green Capital for 2019. It’s definitely one for lovers of the outdoors, but has also got you covered when it comes to shopping, cuisine and culture too.


Estonia is known among some as ‘Europe’s answer to Silicon Valley’ – their economy is one of the fastest growing on the continent. As well as the economy growing at a crazy rate, so are the tourist numbers.


I went on a press trip with eight other bloggers for 11 days through the delights of Russia and Scandinavia to see what it’s like on and off board the Regal Princess. There were loadsa great things, of course, but here are the top 9 that I’ve really missed from the delightful bubble of the Princess Cruise.


Breakfast on board the Regal Princess was a choice of ease and feast at the Horizon Court buffet breakfast on level 16, convenience and laziness with room service, luxury a la carte at the dining rooms or a quick bite at the International Cafe on level 6.


With only a few sea days, much of the time was spent on land exploring the multitude of capitals across the Baltic sea. We visited seven different destinations (though know you can join the cruise at a few different points providing more flexibility). 


I’m fresh off the boat, or ship to be exact (boat is a tut-tut word to a pro cruiser), from my first ever proper cruise around the Baltic Sea taking in Scandinavia and Russia with Princess Cruises.


I’ve recently taken my first cruise with Princess Cruises through the Baltic Sea and although I had heard plenty of myths about cruising before departing I actually had a fantastic time. You might have to get more creative to make connections on a cruise ship, but here are some easy ways to really maximise your cruise experience.


St Petersburg was the stop that most excited me on my recent Princess Cruise through the Baltic Sea. The best thing about visiting Russia on a cruise is that you don’t require a visa (which can be costly and time-consuming) if you have booked yourself on an authorised excursion before arrival.
If you are arriving on a cruise you’ll either dock in the city, which is nearer but actually means less time on land due to port rules, or dock in Nynashamn which is further out but allows for more time to explore.
Okay, first things first, I LOVED Tallinn. This city is such a dreamy walk through history before being slapped in the face by urban cool and regeneration. Having heard so much about e-residency and an electronic currency focus, I knew this was going to be a capital city continually evolving, and I was so glad our Princess Cruise stopped here, only a short stroll away from the old-town no less.


Having been to Copenhagen twice, once on a chilly winters day and then again recently on a Princess Cruise, I stand by my first take on the city; It’s clean, uber cool and perfect as a day-trip destination.
While I have no doubt you could spend days lounging around in Saunas (naked, no less) and taking in the leisurely pace of one of the worlds happiest cities, scroll down to read what I got up to during my short but sweet visit, or jump to 6:50 in the video for a little montage of memories.
Norway for me is Fjords and mother nature showing off, and while the capital city is clean, has cute cafes and multiple museums it just does not have the same buzz as many of Europe’s other capitals.
Let me say straight away: You are NOT going to be hungry. As with any traditional land based holiday resort which offers a selection of restaurants, cafes, bars and ice-cream shops, the Regal Princess, one of the biggest ships in the Princess cruises fleet, is no different.
Offering a range of activities, multiple swimming pools and hot tubs along with incredible dining on-board and an amazing selection of ports of call, all of which combine together to produce a perfect Regal Princess itinerary.
Set over 6 sprawling buildings running along the Palace Embankment next to the Neva River, it was founded in 1764 when Catherine the Great acquired a huge collection of paintings and art from a German merchant, and has been open to the public since 1852.
Cruise Travel has been traditionally considered a vacation targeted an an ‘older market’ – but the past few years have seen the start of a transformation in the industry. Ship re-designs and itinerary overhauls alongside the classic multi-destination holiday idea are being embraced by the younger generations.
There are so many Incredible Things To Do in St Petersburg it is hard to know where to start! With Palaces, Churches, Fortresses, and Museums, you’ll be enthralled by the beauty of the former Imperial Capital of Russia that was home to Tsars, Empresses, and Aristocracy.
Interior Cabins are the most affordable accommodation option on board the Regal Princess and can be configured as a queen or twin. Including the standard features listed above, the Interior cabins offer a great place to rest your head if you are on a busy cruise or are not bothered about having balcony access.
Cruising is for anyone who wants to see the world in style, get a taste for different countries and cities around the globe without the hassle of moving hotels every night or crowded internal flights. 
Russia. One of the big pulls on this trip for me! It’s a tricky country to get into and usually your visa will set you back around £60-80 but if you book a tour with Princess they sort all of this for you so you’re able to head off and on the ship as you please – just watch out for the queues and possibly an interrogation at the passport window, we are in Russia after all!
There’s something very addictive about cruising. About putting your feet up, watching the world go by from the ocean and crossing multiple destinations off your bucket list without so much as one baggage drop or collection between your outbound and inbound flight from home.
I’ve found a wonderful solution. A way of travelling through multiple destinations and doing so at a speed that you would struggle to self navigate without totally exhausting yourself. Cruising.
After wandering around the above cities in Estonia, Russia and Finland, it was time to continue the Princess Cruise route I was on and head to the next three insanely beautiful locations of Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo.
I’ll be spending 10 days on board Regal Princess, enjoying all the facilities of the sophisticated ship, while being whisked to 6 different cities in 6 European countries.
Our intimate group of 11 had suddenly expanded by 2. Zhayna had been our wonderful local guide for the day in St Petersburg and as we explored St Isaac’s Cathedral, the final attraction on the itinerary, she’d gained a couple of new fans.
Before taking my first cruise the thing that intrigued me the most was what passengers did all day during a Sea Day and whether the time spent at sea would suit me. Would I get bored, I wondered? Is there enough to keep the sports and games-averse amused? And most importantly, what if I just want to chill out and enjoy some R&R – could a cruise ship meet my luxury-loving needs?
Our 10-day adventure with Princess Cruises combined all the comforts of cruising with a truly memorable itinerary. From the Medieval walls of Tallinn, to Swan Lake in Russia and Fika in Sweden – every day bought a new cultural experience to treasure.
My experience cruising Russia and Scandinavia on the Regal Princess not only helped me bust a few of the myths I’d naively believed about cruising but also introduced me to some sides of cruising that I loved more than I ever imagined. (I’m all about the cabaret now!)
One of the absolute highlights of my recent Scandinavia and Russia cruise on board the Regal Princess was spending two days in St Petersburg. This city has been on my wish-list for years, probably ever since I was a dorky tween obsessed with the movie Anastasia!
If there’s one thing that will never happen on a Princess Cruise, it’s for a guest to go hungry! There are dozens of dining options to choose from – many of them included within the complimentary dining plan – so you can almost eat in a different restaurant every evening. This ship is a food lover’s paradise!
From Berlin to Oslo, by way of Tallinn, St Petersburg, Stockholm, Helsinki, and Copenhagen… this was a dream itinerary for me and a trip I was very excited about. But what about the ship itself? This is my Regal Princess review – including a summary of everything I got up to and all my highlights.
I’m an active traveller who loves researching new destinations and putting together an itinerary that fits my style of travel, so to tell you the truth I was quite intrigued to find out what the cruise travel experience was like. Having spent five days aboard Regal Princess cruising the Baltic Sea I’m thrilled to say that I’ve taken to cruising like a duck to water. Pardon the pun.
Cruising is synonymous with culinary delights, and as I learnt during my time aboard Princess Cruises’ vessel Regal Princess, it can be incredibly difficult to limit your consumption of the delicious treats that are whipped up in the galley kitchens each day.
After much deliberating I managed to pack what turned out to be the optimum number of layers for both freezing Baltic mornings, and warm Scandinavian afternoons. Looking for the beat Baltic cruise packing list for female travellers? You’ve found it!
My Princess Cruises Baltic Sea itinerary allowed for fuss-free travel between each port and provided ample opportunity to get a taste of each new destination.
I have this thing with the doors of Tallinn and I must confess I spent most of my day in the city photographing them. The first port of call on my 8 day Baltic Cruise with Princess Cruises Estonia’s capital is fast making a name for itself as a destination for a cultural European escape.
This is going to be a trip of firsts in many ways. It will be my first ever cruise, it will be my first time to Scandinavia and I will get to visit 6 new countries as part of the adventure (which is actually blowing my mind!). We’re going be covering a lot of ground, so I thought I would share my route in a pre-departure blog post.
When I was invited to go experience a Scandinavian Cruise with Princess Cruises, the main draw was the destinations. The unlikely prospect of visiting 6 new countries in 10 days excited me, and suddenly seemed effortless when I considered doing it by cruise ship. I loved the thought of waking up in a new country every morning, and I couldn’t wait to set sail.
I absolutely loved my cruise experience and genuinely, it has opened my eyes to an entirely new concept of travel. If things don’t change soon, we millennials (and the younger ‘Generation Z’) could miss out on a pretty incredible way to travel and see the world. 
Stockholm was the city I was most looking forward to visiting on my recent Scandinavian Cruise. But as I had less than 12 hours in Stockholm, I knew there was only so much I’d be able to see. I decided to see it as a fun chance to ‘scratch the surface’ of Stockholm and didn’t put pressure on myself to get round all the sights (which would have been down right impossible).
For my final cruise post I thought it might be interesting to give you guys a Regal Princess cruise ship tour. This was the ship that I recently called home for 10 days as we cruised through Scandinavia. If you’ve never done a cruise before, it’s probably difficult to image the sheer scale of a ship that accommodates around 3,500 passengers and 1,300 crew.
If your brand or destination is looking for help with your digital marketing campaign, content creators or influencers drop us an email at info@traverse-events.com.
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