Region of Murcia Content Campaign

Inspiring content around the beautiful region of Murcia, Spain.

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Traverse created a special Content Campaign focussing on Costa Cálida - Región de Murcia.

Costa Cálida - Región de Murcia

Murcia is a stunning region in the South East of Spain, sitting on the Mediterranean sea. Due to it’s location, the region stays warm all year round and is a perfect travel destination for any season. Those travelling to the Region of Murcia can enjoy incredible adventure and outdoor activities including hiking, climbing, kayaking, diving and surfing. The region is also home to a range of amazing historic sights in and around the capital, Murcia.

Who Took Part?

Traverse worked with content creators (bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers) with a UK based following who had previously experienced Murcia. We tasked them with producing inspiring content visual and written content about the region. The content focused on what made Murcia a safe destination to travel when people are ready to holiday again.

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murcia tourism teacher
There are many fantastic things to do in the Murcia region with kids. Ever since my dad moved to the Murcia area 10 years ago, my family and I have been exploring all of the cool things to do in the region. Murcia makes for the perfect short break or summer-long adventure. 
building in the cathedral square Murcia City
Spain is a country that many people have travelled to, but we seem to hear people talk about visiting Mallorca, Madrid or Barcelona. I first went to Murcia when I was 11 years old and I have been countless times since. And now, I go back to this area of Spain nearly every year! This Spanish city offers everything that you need from a weekend break in Spain…
Murcia is a wonderful place, and whether you are visiting Murcia for the food, the history or the beaches, the city allows you to slow down and re-energise. The city is often underrated and offers visitors so much to see and do. And I actually prefer the quieter side this amazing city, with quiet cafes, stunning architecture and vineyards.
Devour Madrid Tapas Tour
Sitting on the Mediterranean sea and with 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, the region of Murcia is the perfect all year round holiday destination. Besides the balmy weather, there are many other reasons to love Murcia, one of them being its wonderful cuisine, local ingredients, foods and beverages. If you’re a foodie, I recommend you to add Murcia to your bucket list!
Murcia landscape
What I love about Spain is that no two regions are the same so you can never take too many trips to this country. Each city or region in Spain has its own distinctive culture, festivals and foods. Murcia is one of the lesser-known out of 17 regions of Spain – all the more reasons to add it to your bucket list for 2021!
Region of Murcia
There’s something so magnificent about standing in a huge underground cavern with spindly stalactites and stalagmites all around. The dancing shadows play with your mind, and you can almost feel the eerie silence envelop you.
Cueva del Puerto is an underground network of caves in the hills of Calasparra. This network has nearly 5 kms of caves that have been surveyed, but it’s thought the whole network is much larger than this.
El Valle
Colourful, beautiful, and surprisingly tranquil… the city of Murcia in the south-east of Spain is ideal for anyone looking to escape the crowds of cities like Barcelona and Madrid. And with dozens of excellent day trips nearby, Murcia is great for combining the culture of a city break with a trip to the coast or countryside.
Central plaza in Murcia old town
Murcia is a perfect city break destination for people who don’t usually enjoy cities. The historic centre, with its tranquil streets and incredible architecture, has the feel of a small town. And the surrounding landscapes make for some brilliant day trips to enjoy the region’s coast or countryside.
Nestled between the regions of Andalusia and Valencia, the Region of Murcia in Spain has somehow managed to stay under the radar to international tourists, when compared to the hoards of tourists that visit nearby Alicante or Granada. But, that doesn’t mean it has less to offer, it just means it is lesser-visited – and for those of us who enjoy our travels without the crowds, the Region of Murcia provides an attractive destination.
The thought of travel to Spain stirs up a lot of inspiration. The fascinating and outlandish architecture of Gaudi, the imposing and impressive Moorish Alhambra, the rugged mountains of the north and the seemingly never-ending famed coastline of golden sands.
Murcia beach
Located on the Mediterranean coast, the vibrant city of Murcia truly comes alive with the help of its lively architectural heritage and energetic cultural atmosphere. Although it’s a lesser-known city of Spain, there are a number of memorable things to do in Murcia, things to see and several Murcia attractions that will prove that this city really is one of Spain’s most underrated gems.
When we mention Spain as a holiday destination many of us initially think of the beaches and the lines of sun-beds of the classic Mediterranean resorts of the Costa del Sol and the Costa Brava. Understandably so, relaxing on the golden sands of a sun-drenched beach does sound enticing, especially after the year we’ve had.
Located in Spain’s Murcia region (and around 30 minutes from the International Airport), Cartagena is blessed with year-round sunshine and a warm climate, moderated by the Mediterranean sea air. If you’re desiring a short break or some winter sun, this Spanish city is a quieter alternative to the popular spots like Madrid and Barcelona, but with plenty of things to do.
If you’re looking for reasons to visit Cartagena, Spain, then you really don’t have to look far. As the second-largest city in southeastern Spain’s underrated Murcia region, Cartagena doesn’t get nearly the amount of attention it deserves, and this is a real shame.
Murcia is a Spanish city in south-eastern Spain. It is the capital of the Region of Murcia and the 7th largest city in Spain. The region of Murcia is popular amongst tourists thanks to its easy accessibility, via Murcia’s airport, and great weather almost year round.
Planning a 3 day Murcia Itinerary is a little trickier than people think. One reason is that both the Capital city AND the region are both called Murcia, secondly, the autonomous region isn’t visited by too many tourists (or bloggers), so there isn’t as much info available as usual. I’m here to help you guys out there! 
Pink peach tree blossoms in Cieza, Murcia - A guide to Floración de Cieza
You have probably heard about Sakura in Japan, the tulip season in the Netherlands and maybe you have been to London in spring and seen the beautiful cherry blossoms. But did you know that the Region of Murcia in Spain has its very own floral happening? It’s called Floración de Cieza and it’s a wondrous sight you don’t want to miss!
Murcia is a secret that the Spanish have kept for themselves for a long time, and not many people outside of Spain have heard of it. A region known for its beautiful coastline, its delicious Mediterranean food, and its fascinating cities, Murcia has been on my bucket list for a while now.
Palacio Episcopal and Catedral Murcia - A town full of colour and vibrant culture
When you think of a holiday in Spain, I bet Murcia doesn't spring to mind immediately, but this is a city you do not want to miss out on. Whether you are in search of gastronomy, culture, or a little “off the beaten path” slice of Spain, far removed from the tourist traps, Murcia is the place for you.
Murcia Burial of Sardine
The first time I went to Murcia was for a colourful Spring festival. Since that trip I wanted to get back to visit some of the historic sites that I hadn´t been able to see on that first visit. Murcia is located in South East Spain, neighbouring Valencia and Almeria. It is an all year round destination due to its dry Mediterranean climate.
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