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have you been to korea?

Traverse were delighted to work with Korea to help spread the word about why this incredible destination should be on the first place on your list to travel to.
Using the hashtag #SeeKoreaNext the project highlighted Korea as a destination to think about traveling to next, when it is safe to do so.
Traverse worked with content creators to produce content to tell the world why Korea should be the next place to visit when the time is right. 

Covering Korea's incredible culture, history, cities, festivals and more we tasked content creators with publishing beautiful stories and crafting inspiring stories that they could share with their audiences.

An Evening with Korea

Traverse and the Korean Tourism Organisation hosted a special virtual night that included a delicious cook-along, food photography class and a Korean-themed quiz.

Attendees were encouraged to post Instagram Stories about the event as well as choosing a Korea Zoom virtual background for the online event. 

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What to do in Seoul

Snapshots From The Future | What To Do In Seoul

Are you dreaming of travel like us? Even though some of the world is slowly opening up to tourism we know a lot of you are waiting to see what happens over the next few months before you travel again. Once things get back to normal we would love to go back to Seoul in South Korea. 
Bridge in Jeju

Jeju In Winter: Everything You NEED to Know Before You Go

Don’t let the fact it’s winter in Jeju Island put you off. Jeju in winter is a wonderful time to visit the island – less tourists and cheaper prices for all! I visited Jeju last winter – at the start of December – and had a great trip. I spent two days in Jeju City (you only need one) and then had four days to explore the rest of what Jeju Island had to offer.
BUSAN - OCTOBER 27, 2016:Ornate Jijangjeon Hall of the Beomeosa

Health and Wellness Escapes in South Korea

East Asian culture – as a broad scope – has been synonymous with health and wellness for centuries, from Thai massage to Japanese onsen. But South Korea, in particular, has its own vast wealth of places where those looking to unwind, relax, and soothe their aching bodies or minds can go to escape it all.
Korea food

A Culinary Guide to South Korea (& Jeju)

If there’s one country’s food that has taken off on a global scale this past decade, it’s Korean food. Second only to kpop music, the cuisine of South Korea is one of the nation’s biggest draws, and rightly so. Korean food is varied, indulgent, experimental, and exciting. And when you visit South Korea, what to eat and where to find the best food are big questions to ask.
korea - see korea next


When planning a trip to South Korea, you must include the Southern city of Busan in your South Korea itinerary! Why? Because Busan is a coastal city with stunning beaches and walking trails but it’s also a big city with skyscrapers offering lots of options for shopping, street food and street art!

7 Seoul Boutique Hotels in Great Neighborhoods

Seoul is the heart of South Korea. Korea’s capital expresses all that makes the country so successful and enduringly interesting. So you can definitely bump it to the top of your list of places to visit when vacationing in South Korea.
That Backpacker in Korea


Today we’re sharing a list of fun things to do in Seoul because no trip to South Korea would be complete without a few days exploring the capital! This is a city of contrasts where you can wander through ancient palaces or zip up to the viewing deck of the tallest skyscraper in the country, quiet your mind during a temple stay or belt out tunes in a singing room, experience spicy street food in the local markets or treat your taste buds to sweet plum tea and rice cakes in a teahouse.


If there’s one thing I really like about Korea, it’s their cafe culture. Themed cafes in Seoul are wildly popular, and it seems that the wackier the idea, the bigger the clientele! What is one to do with so many choices? Why visit them all, of course! On our last trip to Korea, Sam and I set out to explore as many unique themed cafes as possible ranging from cat cafes and dog cafes to secret garden cafes and traditional tea houses.
travel dave in korea

See Korea Next: Why Korea should be your next travel destination

Over the last few months, I’ve been thinking a lot about which travel destination I would like to return to the most, once it’s safe to do so again. Going through old photos and blog posts has been a great way to look back on all my travel memories and a fun activity to pass the time. Out of all the countries I’ve been to, one stood out: South Korea.
View from Olleyo Resort Jeju

Top Tips for Driving in Jeju and Hiring a Car (South Korea)

I’ve just finished four days of driving in Jeju – it’s been great! Well, most of it. That full day of torrential rain kinda put a dampener on things, but still, it added the moodiness and drama of the island.
Things to do in Busan Korea

12 Things To Do in Busan South Korea

Looking for things to do in Busan South Korea? This post is for you! Everyone immediately wants to know about things to do in Seoul but Busan is by far my most favourite city in South Korea (possibly the world). The exciting combination of city, beach, market, temple, music and mountain culture just keeps drawing me back to this fun and vibrant city.

10 Top Reason To Visit South Korea (For your Next Trip)

While travellers around the world hunker down for COVID-19, making plans for future journeys is a new reality. One of the countries to watch is South Korea, an exciting destination that pleases even the most seasoned travellers.

Hiking the Jeju Olle Trail, South Korea

Autumn is in full swing on the beautiful island of Jeju, South Korea as dried orange leaves are set against the backdrop of the turquoise sea. I have left the explosive capital city of Seoul to arrive in the calm and tranquility of Jeju Island.
Korean food Adventurous Kate

Why I Can’t Wait to Return to Korea

Every now and then, someone asks me if I’ve ever been to South Korea. “Yes, I have,” I tell them. “I spent three weeks in Korea.” “Then why is there so little of it on your blog?” Well.


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