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Discover why phones are good with three mobile

Three believe phones have been getting too hard a time recently. Far from bringing an end to humanity, they think they bring people together. Think about it. These pocket rockets help us plan our social live, find love, build relationships and make memories. That’s why Three believe phones are good.

When you think about it though, they’re more than good. For some they are a lifeline, and not just because you need a celeb fix at 3am. But because they allow you to see to a friendly face when you’re far away from home. They become the voice you don’t have, no matter the language barrier. Your phone becomes the eyes for those that can’t see. They provide charity, a doctor, a helping hand and more importantly your loved ones.

Three were looking to share peoples stories of how phones have helped them. 
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Ida Looking towards the camera with a doggy smile on her face, sitting on a tour boat.
“Up. Right. A little more. Yep, that looks good.” This is a regular conversation I have over video calls with my fiance, getting him to check my make up before I walk out the door to give a talk or presentation. I am blind, and my phone is my literal connection to the online and outside world. I use my phone in every instance of my day, my phone gives me Independence and confidence to live my life like my peers. 
Food Photography with Phone
When we hit the road in 2016, we thought we would travel for one year. However, that year quickly turned into three years of digital nomad life without a permanent home, mailing address or landline. Not only did we give up working in offices and restaurants, but we also rented our Philadelphia house for 2.5 years before taking a deep plunge by selling it in 2018.
Phones are Good, Dan Flying Solo
‘These kids today sure don’t appreciate the world around them’ muttered a deep voice from across the carriage, a scratched and stained train window framing the beauty of New Zealand behind him.
Man stood in field with mountain backdrop
We often get Instagram DMs from fellow travellers (or not-yet-traveling peers) who ask us about our cameras, our kits, and what equipment we use when hopping between countries, four bags in tow. We’ll normally respond with a very detailed message, explaining the camera equipment we’ve chosen to upgrade to, the lenses we now have in our artillery, and the apps we’ve purchased for our laptops…
clutch and carry-on homesick
I’ve been travelling almost full time now for the last three years but since moving in to my new flat in London town and welcoming my nephew into the world, I have, for the very first time, started to find myself feeling terribly homesick when I’m away from home.
long destination relationships, travel and phones
“STOP LOOKING AT YOUR PHONE!”, sound familiar? I’m sure it does. Nowadays everyone likes to give out about people looking at their phones. People assume you’re turning into some mindless scrolling zombie whenever you spend more than a minute on your phone.
Siem Reap monks
Today, the world is a far smaller place. And that’s due to the evolution of technology. In particular phones. Being a bit on the older end of the millennial scale I’m blessed to be of two worlds. One side that remembers when seeing a cell phone was akin to seeing a unicorn. And on the other side, the world where everyone is glued to their screens...
Sophies Suitcase Digital Nomad Jobs
When I first started typing on this blog over eight years ago, I never imagined what it would become today. I never thought my little website, for my backpacking adventure around Asia would turn into what it is today.
Travel Colorfully Phones For Good
Phones are good. You could argue that that’s not true, with average daily screen times among millennials ringing in at 205 minutes. But, they are good. Phones help people stay connected, no matter where in the world they may be.
Go Boat in London Regents Canal
What is the one thing you could never be without? I could probably get away with travelling with very little. I am a minimalist and I tend to pack light, but the one thing you would never catch me without, aside from my passport, is my phone.
Brought Together By Our Phones
Mobile phones get a bad rep these days. We are told that we spend far too much of our waking day on a phone, new scientific research tells us blue light is bad, looking at your phone last thing at night means you won’t sleep very well and when we are socialising we are constantly picking up our phones to talk to friends we aren’t with, ignoring the ones who we are sat right in front of us.
Emily Luxton Phones For Good
It’s not really a secret that I have a love/hate relationship with my phone. I use it – and, in particular, social media apps – to run my business, and at times it feels like all I do is stare at my phone. Too much screen time can be a seriously bad thing – and I’ve talked before about how refreshing it was to take a digital detox, and how we should all try to have a healthier relationship with our phones. I stand by that – healthy phone use is so important… BUT!
intrepid escape travel buddies
Typical holidaymakers go away to escape from the real world and take a break from their reality. And so they should. As a person who is constantly engaged in the digital world, I like nothing more than disconnecting. In fact, I plan to take a digital detox in the very near future. One of those hippy-style retreats where you discuss spiritual awareness and “find” yourself; can you tell I’m excited?
Vicky Flip Flop Travels
I’ve been a Three mobile network customer for as long as I can remember – must be over ten years now. One of the best things about being with Three is that they allow you to use your contract in over 70 countries, as part of their Go Roam deal. Almost everywhere I ever go is on it, including Spain, the USA, Australia and Vietnam.
phones for good
What would we do without our phones? Where would we be? How would we function in day-to-day life? Technology, as it has rapidly advanced over the last ten years, has opened up so many doors in terms of communication and work options. Many of our jobs can be done from anywhere and phones have played a massive part in allowing us this freedom.
A Lovely Planet Hayley Lewis Finnish Lapland Adventure Horse Riding
I’m now entering my 5th year as a travel blogger, and in that time (and before that) I’ve spent a lot of time on the road. Whether that’s visiting family and friends back in the UK and Italy, press trips, or our own independent travels, Enrico and I have become experts at living a nomadic lifestyle!
staying connected with the world Continent Hop
The transformation I’ve seen in my mother from always telling me to put my phone away to now encouraging me to use it has been phenomenal, but that’s what distance does to you...
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