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Partnership with Korea Tourism Organization London


Traverse were delighted to work with Korea once again, to help spread the word about why this incredible destination should be on the first place on your list to travel to.
Using the hashtag #VisitKoreaIn2021we have now hosted a series of events to run alongside an exciting content only campaign, to show you why you should visit Korea next year.
Traverse worked with content creators to produce content to tell the world why Korea should be the next place to visit when the time is right. 

Covering Korea's incredible culture, history, cities, we tasked content creators with publishing in-depth guides, alongside more personal stories of the reasons why they fell in love with Korea. 

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One of the most incredible areas to explore in South Korea and full of amazing places to visit is the Gyeonggi Province which surrounds the entire city of Seoul.

Where To Find The Best Vegan Food In Korea *

When it comes to travel, I always like to check out food options before I arrive as I always worry that I will struggle with finding veggie or vegan food as I know some places can be less accommodating to the vast amount of options I’ve gotten used to living and working in and around London.

35 Things to do in Korea in WINTER – for an unforgettable trip

had the chance to visit South Korea about two years ago and, during my stay, I fell in love with this country and its culture. South Korea is a unique destination and it’s becoming increasingly popular.


Mountain culture runs deep through the history of South Korea. Thousands of years before modern religion made its way onto the peninsula, Koreans worshipped mountain spirits known as Sansin.

Bukhansan: Finding Peace in World’s Most Visited National Park

The cat approached confidently and weaved through my legs, rubbing its head against my skin. I splashed some water into a bottle cap and pushed it towards the feline who lapped it up before stretching contentedly in a shade of a fir tree.

Moving To Korea Made Me Fall in Love with Travel | Visit Korea

Some years ago, I made a big decision to apply to teach English in Korea meaning that if I was accepted I would be moving to South Korea by myself for a year. Before this, I had travelled abroad with my family before and even lived abroad as a teenager but I had never really explored on my own or really travelled to explore a place intentionally.

All the ‘World Wonder of Nature’ Things to Do on Jeju Island, South Korea

South Korea’s largest mountain, the dormant volcano of Hallasan, sits in the very centre of its largest isle south of the Mainland, Jeju-do. Of all the things to do on Jeju Island, admiring the sites that have placed it on the World’s New 7 Wonders of Nature list is where your attention will most likely be focused.


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