Traverse 16, our fourth travel bloggers conference, is set to be the biggest event we have done to date and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

After every event we do, we ask those who attended for feedback and ideas on how we can improve the event for future editions, we are always more than happy to listen to our attendees and for 2016 we have taken on board ideas and thoughts from the previous events and tweaked the conference format accordingly.

Workshops for industry

We are adding session in to this event which are specifically aimed at the attendees from industry, rather than bloggers. We will be running four of these sessions throughout the day, one in each time slot during the main conference day.

Traverse Mini-Sessions

Along with the main workshops and classes, we’re introducing a range of smaller talks that will be geared to fit an audience of between five and 15 people. For Traverse, we have never before asked for pitches from potential speakers, and while that will remain the same for the main talks, we do invite people to pitch ideas for a mini-session. These will follow a similar format to the Tipi Sessions from BlogStock, so that means as low tech as possible, and outside the box topics that we wouldn’t usually think of.

A focus on niche

A quarter of the main sessions this year will be more niche topics, rather than breaking from what we have done in the past, these will run alongside the core topics which still form the base of the Traverse conference. We decided to introduce four niche sessions as the blogging industry is considerably more diverse and mature than it was four years ago, and we’d love to see some sessions which reflect that.

Indicated difficulty

All sessions at Traverse 16 will be marked according to the level of blogger they are aimed at, beginner, intermediate or advanced. Many sessions will be suitable for two, or all three, levels. But these indications should inform people ahead of the session as to whether it is the right level for them.

What’s staying the same?

A focus on core topics

Adding in niche and industry topics does not mean that those core sessions will be marginalised at Traverse 16. Traverse remains committed to teaching classes of real value which cater for all levels of blogging. Sessions such as SEO, photography, WordPress and writing will still make up the bulk of the Traverse schedule.


The overall schedule is set to look like this: 20 sessions broken down into eight core topics, four niche topics, four industry topics and four mini-sessions.

One-on-one time

The pro-bars were a staple of Traverse 13, 14 and 15 and will remain in place for 2016. One of the driving forces behind founding Traverse as a whole was to deliver real takeaway value and the bookable one-on-one sessions are a key part of that.

Working blogger friendly

Another reason for founding Traverse back in 2012 was to create a conference that people could get to without taking time off work or breaking the bank. Traverse will again give people plenty of time to arrive after work on Friday and be affordable, with hugely discounted train travel to Cardiff and a variation of pricing options for accommodation.