Making The Leap Into Full Time Blogging

This is a session for anyone who is stuck in that Catch-22 Situation; You want to leave your job and be a full time blogger, but you don’t have time to grow your blog to a point where it supports you financially because you have a full time job – which you can’t leave because it’s taking up all your time. I’ll be talking about strategies to overcome this situation and turn your blog into a profitable business so you can focus on your blog full time.


  • Lunch break blogging – How to work smarter to get big results in a short amount of time
  • How to implement long term strategies that will lead to bigger earnings
  • How to know when you’re ready to make the leap into full time blogging

Monica Stott

Level: Advanced

Write Better, Right Now

This session will teach you simple techniques to make your writing sing. It will show you how to put the passion and brilliance of your ideas into words that make other people feel the same way. It will strip the mystique from the writing process and give you practical steps and deliverable results RIGHT NOW.


  • Learn tips and tricks that pro writers use
  • Write better headlines
  • Develop an editing checklist that makes sure that only your best work goes out

Abigail King

Level: Advanced

How to Create Better Food Content for Your Blog

Writing about food and sharing food content can be fun, but it is so easy to do it badly, and many do. Look at the trouble Martha Stewart got into by sharing terrible food photos on twitter.


Let Niamh show you how you can create better food content.

  • Better food writing – What is it? How?
  • Photography – Working with light, Editing, Instagram

Niamh Shields

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Travel Filmmaking Q&A with Greg Brand of Travizeo, the travel video company

Get all your filmmaking questions answered by a professional travel filmmaker. Covering everything from planning, shooting and editing, all the way through to youtube optimisation and editing Instagram loop-able video content. Tweet your questions before hand to @travizeo to make sure they get answered. All skill levels welcome.


  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Video Optimisation

Greg Brand

Level: All

Beyond the Blogs: How Brands can Work with Bloggers on Social Media

This session will cover how brands and bloggers can work together on social media marketing. It will cover each major platform and ways to partner on them. Whether your goal is to build brand awareness, generate sales, or promote a campaign message, there are platforms and content that you and bloggers can use to achieve success.


  • Learn top tips for working with bloggers on specific social media platforms
  • Understand which platforms are best for achieving each of your specific marketing goals
  • See what kind of content performs best on each platform when shared by bloggers

Julie Falconer

Level: Industry

Can you book it?

A practical session looking at the why, what and how of turning your blog into a book, including:

Why do it – what are the benefits, how can it help you;

What will it be – content, similarities and differences, finding your story;

How will you do it – exploring the different options for publishing your book;

Getting started…


  • Find your own story
  • Create your book plan
  • Decide how to get published

Sharon McKee

Level: None specific

How to Improve your Photography

 In a world where images are quickly the main new language, it’s never been so important to be able to create beautiful images. I’ll be explaining to you the basics of Photography, what happens inside your camera, so that you can understand how it all works. The importance to use your own original photographs and how to make them stand out from the others, talking to you briefly why and how you should start your own personal photography project.

I’ll be giving you some quick and easy tips on how to improve your photography, helping you understand what you should do, and what perhaps you shouldn’t do. Also, not everyone is lucky to have the latest DSLR, so I’ll be running through a very large spectrum of cameras, showing you what works better for smartphones and what you can do to get the best out of your bigger camera.

Hopefully if the good weather is with us, we’ll be able to go out and put it all in practice!

Kim Leuenberger

Level: None specific

Sexy Strategic SEO for Digital Dominance

Everyone knows that SEO is important for visibility which leads to traffic to your site but there are debates on what is important – really important. In this session, we’ll go through what elements are important, how to plan around these elements, what you can ignore and what you can’t.

You will walk away with the tools to create a strategy for your site as well as some practical techniques to really push your blog to the next level of visibility, awareness and traffic. This session will suit beginner to intermediate levels and Judith will be available outside the session for questions.

Judith Lewis

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

How To Launch Your Digital Product And Make £4,500 In Two Weeks

Based on my latest £4,500 2 week e-course launch I’ll give you the formula and take you through every step so your next launch is an absolute success!

Although this session can be taken by all levels, it will help if you are already creating an e-product or are ready to create one.

  • Learn how to launch an e-product
  • Steal my proven 5 step 4k launch formula
  • Ask all the ‘Behind The Scenes” questions!

Ximena de la Serna

Level: Non-Specific

Blogging campaigns – how bloggers and brands can work in harmony

This session will explore the ways in which bloggers and brands are working together to produce compelling content and campaigns that work for all parties, in the brand-blogger-audience relationship.


  • how to work with brands to create effective campaigns
  • why professional bloggers offer more than just a post on their blog 
  • how to develop and meet campaign objectives that translate into amazing content for your audience
  • case studies of campaigns that worked for bloggers and brands
  • how to judge success and build positive relationships for the future

Sarah & Terry Lee

Level: Industry/Intermediate/Advanced bloggers

Understanding the value of you, the blogger

As the scope of influencer marketing grows, understanding the value you bring through your works for a brand should be just as important for the brand as it is to you, the content creator. We might not all have the data scientist DNA in us, but being data driven is crucial when it comes to evaluating collaborations for a stronger partnership and a long term working relationship that is mutually beneficial for all parties, including our audience.


  • Learn to analyse content performance
  • Create data driven media packs
  • Create better pitches using existing benchmarks for tangible KPIs

Tika Larasati

Level: Advanced

An Introduction To Affiliate Marketing & How It Works

I will be giving an introduction to affiliate marketing – what is it, how it works, the types of travel companies that participate and how bloggers can get involved, moving onto getting started – signing up to affiliate networks, choosing the right brands to match your audience, and choosing the right type of ad.

What you will learn:

  • Which travel brands run affiliate programs?
  • Getting started (sign up to networks, WordPress plugins)
  • How much money could you make?
  • Examples & quotes from other travel bloggers
  • FAQs – such as SEO vs affiliate links and how to handle them

Simon Heyes

Level: Beginner

Alastair McKenzie will host a panel and Q&A with two of the country’s brightest YouTube talents.

Hannah Witton and Laura Bubble will be discussing life as a vlogger, how to run a YouTube channel, tips for beginners and how to create continued engaging videos. As well as this they’ll be fielding questions from the audience about their channels and anything connected to what it is to be a YouTuber and successful on the platform.


  • YouTube channel tips
  • What it takes to become successful as a YouTube personality
  • How to create engaging video content

HannahWitton & Laura Bubble

Level: Non-Specific

Mini Sessions

Audience Profiling for Grownups: No Guesswork Allowed

Take out the guesswork of audience profiling and build highly accurate personas based on real data

Get this wrong and everything else you try might fail.

By the end of this session, you will walk away knowing:

  • How to identify audience data from the main social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • How to get visitor demographics in Google Analytics
  • How to use CAMEO Dynamic to take your profiling to the highest level
  • How to ready your personas for effective content creation
  • How Rodica got it wrong and the consequences of that

You will also know how they like to be spoken to.

And you can create content that’s guaranteed to resonate with every one of them.

Rodica Maria Lazar

Level: Beginner

How to think creatively about your blog content

Tips, techniques and inspiration for getting your creative juices flowing for innovative, personal and creative content for your blog.

Jen Lowthrop

Level: Beginner

How to Pull a PR & Get Your Blog Noticed!

For a fledgling blogger, approaching a PR company can be a daunting experience. Your blog is on the up, how do you maximise and showcase the hard work and effort you have already put in? They hold the key to your dream press trip to the white sand beaches of the Maldives or that intrepid exploration through South America. How, oh how, can you be the blogger they choose when you haven’t even met them yet!

Alexandra Delf of Ophir PR and Susan L. Schwartz of Best Bits Worldwide will guide fledgling bloggers through the minefields of that initial pitch, securing key relationships and the big questions of working with PR companies – what to do, what not to do and how to create fantastic material for your blog, have the experience of a lifetime and make sure everyone is happy.


  • How to make yourself stand out, in a good way.
  • Securing your dream press trip – a checklist
  • Creating professional, successful relationships

Alexandra Delf & Susan L. Schwartz

Level: Beginner