29 – 30 April

Two Days

For the first time the Traverse conference proper will take place over two days; Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 April. Monday 1 May is a public holiday in the UK, meaning it’s a long weekend.


The full schedule for the Saturday and Sunday conference at will be released around a month before the start of the Traverse 17 week.

A week full of events, tours, parties, masterclasses and more will culminate in the main Traverse conference over the traditional weekend period. Everything will be included in the one off ticket cost.

For influencers and industry alike

Along with meeting brands and networking, the sessions at Traverse are will also be geared towards making sure that all attendees receive education and real take away value. Whether you’re attending as an influencer or industry delegate.

Workshops, not big talks

Traverse has always been about education, and that’ll be the case in London. Workshops will take place throughout the conference, so bring a pen and paper (or tablet) and prepare to take notes!

One on one

As always, the Pro Bars of Traverse will give all attendees the chance to book one on one sessions with the experts and speakers from the conference. Perfect for anything from troubleshooting SEO problems to top tips on starting a YouTube channel.


Workshops at Traverse

For the first time at Traverse, there will be small master classes held at the conference, with small sessions on niche topics for advanced and beginner influencers.

All included in the price!

Unlike some conferences, all of the sessions, classes, one on one meetings and more are included in the ticket price, with no additional spending needed to ensure you get the best experience possible at Traverse 17.