Traverse 17 Week

Registration for events, experiences and classes open in March – conference available for all attendees. More events being added every week, make sure to check back regularly to see what’s happening at Traverse this April.


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Please note that this form has to be filled in for each midweek event that you’d like to attend as part of Traverse 17. When filling out this form and signing up to the fantastic Traverse 17 Midweek Events, please also take note of the following.

– Make sure that when signing up to multiple events, they do not clash, if this is the case then you may have your registration removed from one of the events.

– You will receive a notification email confirming each event you’re registered to attend a week ahead of the Traverse 17 week. In the event that any event is over subscribed or we notice an issue with your registration, you’ll be notified as soon as this is flagged. Please do contact us (email below) with any questions or to confirm attendance if you need to know for flights/accommodation reasons.

– Note who the session(s) are targeted at, some are specific for certain influencers, if Traverse believe you may be signed up to a session that is not suitable your registration may be removed.

– Some sessions are by application only, these are noted and you’ll be informed no later than two weeks before on whether you have been invited to attend. Only a few sessions fall under this category.

– We’ll be adding more sessions through March and April, so do keep your eyes open, especially if you miss out on sessions that are full.

If you have any questions about the Traverse 17 Week, please feel free to email Joe on For any questions on Traverse 17 in general please email