What’s New For Traverse 18

Weekend of 26 and 27 May 2018

What’s New For 2018?

After each Traverse conference, we send out a survey to all attendees to get feedback on all parts of the event.


We take every bit of feedback on board and it remains front and centre of our minds when we come to planning for the next event, in this case, Traverse 18 in Rotterdam.


This page will be updated constantly in the build up to next May’s events in The Netherlands, so make sure to check back and see what’s new for 2018.


For the past two conferences, sessions have been labelled to indicate what the content is focussed on and who it’s aimed at.


For Rotterdam, along with the sessions for Beginner, Advanced and Industry attendees, we’ll be introducing a new set of seminars, talks and workshops; the Business Sessions.

The Business Sessions

For those that are looking to take their professional blogging, vlogging and photography to the next level.


Following on from some fantastic talks at Traverse 17 and in Menorca, we’ll be rolling out a series of sessions aimed squarely at the business side of being an influencer. The sessions will include, but not be limited to:


  • Launching and selling you own products
  • Sales funnels
  • Accounting and finance management
  • Diversifying your portfolio
  • Understanding your ‘customers’
  • Much more…


These sessions will range from one to ones to larger talks and be set up for those looking to better manage their business or take the next step from being a successful influencer.

NEW! Website Health Check

Fed up with not being able to fix part of your website? Can’t understand why you’re not getting the traffic you deserve to a great article?


A brand new feature for 2018 will be the Website Health Check. Bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers have the opportunity to bring their websites and channels to a panel of experts who will take a peek under the bonnet and offer advice, fix bugs or just generally point you in a direction.


Come along and check out the Website Health Check throughout the weekend in Rotterdam with any technical issues or general questions. As always, this is included in the price of a ticket and is open to all Traverse 18 attendees.

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Practical Classes

The Midweek Events (much more to come on this!) were new to London and a full program will be held when we head to Rotterdam. Two practical workshops were trailed in London and were both a huge success as people travelled around the city learning Instagram and YouTube skills. Traverse 18 will see more practical workshops taking place in the days before the conference, so far confirmed we have:


  • Practical YouTube
  • Journalism Skills
  • Photography
  • Instagram
  • Live Video


We’ll have much more to come, along with all the full conference program, midweek events, pro bars and evening socials!

Co Working at Traverse 18

At Traverse, we are aware that many of the people who attend our events work full time, be that on their own channels and blogs or for other companies. While we realise that not everyone will be able to attend the full Traverse 18 week (21-25 May) ahead of the main conference, we are making sure to cater to all of those who can.


Ahead of the conference, from Monday to Friday, there will be locations set up specifically for Traverse attendees to work in a relaxed and comfortable environment. These will be free for all attendees and no pre registration will be required. The venues for each day will be posted on the week calendar at ‘9am’.


Please do note that Rotterdam as a whole is a city that is perfectly set up for freelancers and small businesses, so even outside of the spaces that Traverse organise and promote, there are plenty of coffee shops, bars and cafes where you can work with a laptop.