Spanish Islands Content Campaign

Who Traverse
Where UK, United Kingdom
Date Posted November 25, 2019
Who's it for? Blogger

We’re delighted to once again be teaming up with our friends from the Spanish Tourism Board for a special campaign all about the Balearic and Canary Islands.



For this project, we’ll be working with a range of content creators, creating written and photography posts. We have a range of different ways in which you can get involved with this, from refreshing and repurposing an old blog post to putting up a brand new picture on Instagram.

We’re also looking to work with established content creators, along with those newer to blogging and micro influencers on Instagram.


Spain images

We’re looking to create plenty of content all about two sets of incredible Spanish Islands, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. With a focus on blog posts and Instagram images using both new and existing images and written posts. We’ll also be tying this in with a Twitter chat and Instagram Stories chat once the first content starts coming out.

The blog posts that we’re looking to work with creators to publish can be anything that is based around the Canary and/or Balearic Islands. This can be a personal story from your time there, a top 10 beaches style post from a past trip or even a researched article that isn’t linked to a trip you have taken.


This is a paid campaign, and while we do have a range of options that you can apply to produce, the fees offered on the form below are not open to negotiation. This is due to the volume of articles and posts we’re looking to work with people on. We do, however always welcome new ideas so do drop us an email if you have an idea different to those listed below and in the form.

Sunset Spain

Options for content to produce

  • - Original blog post,15,000+ Unique Views (including supporting Instagram feed post)
  • - Republished blog post, 15,000+ Unique Views (including supporting Instagram feed post)
  • - Original blog post,7,000+ Unique Views (including supporting Instagram feed post)
  • - Republished blog post, 7,000+ Unique Views (including supporting Instagram feed post)
  • - Micro blog post (under 7,000 Unique Views per month, including Instagram)
  • - Micro blog post, with three additional Instagram posts
  • - Instagram only post (10,000 minimum followers)
  • - Instagram only post (5,000 minimum followers)

To apply for one or more of the above content options, please fill out the application form here. We’ll be contacting people as applications come in, but not always right away as we fill out various parts of this project so please do note that you may not hear from us immediately upon completion of this form.

The campaign is aimed at the UK market, so we’re looking for blogs and Instagram accounts that have a largely UK based following.

Please note that we will also ask some creators to join in help us make sure the Twitter and Instagram chats are engaged and enjoyable with great content being shared.