28.02.19 - 03.03.19 | HAMBURG, GERMANY
What will I learn?
Keyframe is all about taking your video content to the next level. We hope to cover as many of the most important topics as we can, such as camera work, sound, lighting, editing and best business practices, so it doesn't matter what skill level you arrive with, we hope to increase the level before you leave. Business based sessions will also look at skills such as SEO, monetising and analytics.
What level is it for?
KeyFrame is for all levels. Our workshops will deal with everything from complete beginner to those looking for more advanced techniques. Our aim is to increase your skill level in all things video. There will be multiple sessions running at once, as well as some that are held at varying levels (such as an advanced talk in the morning, and beginners in the afternoon)
What do I need to bring with me?
Bring your cameras and laptops, and any equipment you normally use while making videos. Our speakers and experts will be on hand to help you get the best out of your own equipment. If you don’t have much equipment yet, that is fine too. We’ll teach you on what you have with experts on hand and talks to help with choosing what kit you should be getting.
Is it all practical classes?
The first two days of Keyframe will be focused purely on capturing content. That could be anything from filming a cinematic food video to creating better instagram stories, or capturing better audio on location. The final two days will be focused on editing the content you have captured as well as various workshops on best business practices and optimising your content.
I only use my mobile phone for shooting, will there be any point in coming?
100% yes! Mobile content creation is a big part of Keyframe and we have experts who focus just on that.
Who will be attending?
The event is aimed at those that want to increase their skills and knowledge when it comes to video. Attendees include YouTubers, bloggers, Instagrammers, brands, DMOs and more of all levels.
What's included in the ticket?
At Traverse, we always aim to make the conferences as inclusive as possible. The ticket will include access to all of the midweek practical sessions as well as all seminars and sessions at the conference. All evening events will also be included, as will any one on ones, round tables and other activity. Much of the food and drink will be included, such as lunches and some drinks at the conference and refreshments at the evening events.
I can’t make the midweek days, is it still worth attending just for the weekend?
Absolutely. The midweek days are for practical classes and shooting. But this doesn’t mean you won’t have anything to work with on the weekend. Ahead of the event, we’ll be sending round information on the filming people will do so you can capture this elsewhere if you’d like. Alternatively, we’ll have stock footage available for those that wish to attend editing workshops.
Are there any discounts for travel around Hamburg?
Yes there are! All attendees of KeyFrame will receive their Hamburg Card on Thursday, 28th Feb during the first workshop session Check out the website to see everything the pass offers.