What's happening on Thursday & Friday at KeyFrame 23?



Thursday and Friday at KeyFrame are all about exploring the local area and putting some videography techniques into practice while on location.

Grab your camera, pack your smartphone, and choose workshops that fit with what you want to learn. Think timelapse at sunset, capturing astronomy at night, and shooting food and culinary experiences.

Some examples of workshops may include GoPro cinematography, content creation for social media, presenting on camera, IG Reels and TikTok, and shooting B-roll.


It's not all about learning; on Thursday and Friday, you'll have the opportunity to mix up the practical workshops with experiences and activities exploring the local area.

This is an opportunity to supplement your learning with time to capture B-roll, vlog, or just to enjoy the experience.

Think wine tasting, cooking, exploring natural viewpoints, walking tours, and many more experiences.

Please note: practical workshops and experiences are still to be confirmed.