We've developed KeyFrame to teach attendees a range of skills in video. In order to really add value for attendees we have created a schedule that splits the practical, creative and hands-on with the more classroom based sessions such as editing and video SEO. 

For the first two days (28 February and 1 March) there will be talks, walks, classes and tours all around Hamburg. This is where you’ll learn the practical and creative side of making incredible videos. Classes will be on location where you’ll have a chance to learn by doing in such areas as solo vlogging, shooting time lapse, presenting to camera, sound editing and much more. We’d also encourage all attendees to spend some time around Hamburg outside of sessions, we’ll have a resource page up for the best places to go, self guided walks, specific shooting spots and other tips, so make sure to check back.

Over the weekend (2 and 3 March), KeyFrame will move to a classroom format, where sessions will look at editing, business, analytics, SEO, gear and plenty of other skills. Here there will also be some ‘part two’ sessions, direct follow ups to the midweek sessions where you’ll be able to edit and hear about how to best use the footage you captured in the week. There will also be panels, clinics and collaborations going on, so make sure to use your time wisely!

Evening Events & Networking

It would also not be a Traverse event without some pretty great evenings, so make sure to come to the networking nights and parties to relax after some intense days learning and honing your new skills. More details will be published in the run up to the event.