Mid-Week Schedule

We know that you're keen to know what's planned mid-week for the first ever KeyFrame event, so here it is. Our interactive mid-week schedule!  

Important Information

Please note that you will need to register in advance for the midweek sessions. All sessions will be free to attend, bookings are to ensure the correct number and accurate information for those leading the sessions. 

For information on session locations, please check each session page for map and meeting point. Do take a look at our tips below before signing up to mid-week sessions.

Please be aware: You are only be able to select one session per day with each form. Submit a separate form for each session registration.
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When signing up to mid-week sessions please choose wisely, leave free time to explore the city, practice your skills and capture content. We have published information about the best locations to visit around Hamburg for video, timelapse, vlog & video walks, plus eating and drinking. 

You should aim to arrive 10 mins before the start of a session. Sessions will not run over 90 minutes so there will be adequate time to travel between sessions.

Your Mid-Week Schedule
We recommend aiming for the following schedule to get the most out of KeyFrame:

28th February - Thursday:
2 sessions 
1st March - Friday: 3 sessions (max) +  a captured the city session

Of course you should definitely attend our evening events that don't require any sign up at all!