Below you'll find the workshops for Saturday and Sunday at KeyFrame. 
Rebecca Barison profile

Rebecca Barison


TIKTOK Live for business and fast growth

How to use TikTok live to drive sales of products and services, increase following and connect with your audience. 

- How to sell anything on TikTok
- New features
- Live demonstration
Lydia Dinga profile

Lydia Dinga


How to Create a Cinematic Travel Vlog

This session will cover the best techniques to capture a cinematic and engaging Travel Vlog that will hook audiences throughout.

The Session will outline areas such as Drone Footage, Shooting in Slow-Motion, Optimising your Location, Camera Equipment and More.

- Diversifying your camera shots
- Keeping your audience's attention

Capturing The Best Instagram Reels

This session will cover how to create and edit engaging Instagram Reels for your platform.

The Session will outline areas such as Finding your Niche, Planning, Camera Equipment, Trends/Audio, and the editing process.

- Finding your Niche
- Using Trends/Audio
-Best Editing Practices 

Gavin Ramjaun Profile

Gavin Ramjaun


Presenting, personality and storytelling on-screen

This session will cover tips and guidance for presentation skills, confidence tricks to feel good when on camera, insights from the pros, fluidity, storytelling techniques and finding your passion for personality on video.

- Learn realistic practical tips of how to present comfortably on camera
- Find inspiration on how you can present on film
- Confidence for people wanting to improve or start
Sabrina Wulf profile

Sabrina Wulf


From full-time nurse to professional videographer: lessons learnt

You want to start out as a video content creator. However when it comes to gaining the confidence to create ideas and pitch your work to brands, you struggle. You still have the feeling of impostor syndrome when you compare your work to your peers. You’re a little unsure of how to make the transition from creating videos as a hobby to becoming a full time videographer. Sounds like you? Then this session is for you. It can be quite terrifying making the journey from full time employment to pursuing your passion and making a living out of it.

In this session I will share the highs and lows of my journey. We’ll talk about how I gradually transitioned, mistakes I made along the way and what I learnt from those experiences. We’ll talk about the basics you need to start out. We’ll talk a little bit about how to set yourself up to work with brands. We will share some insights into the day to day life and what it’s like to work on a professional video campaign for a tourism board. Hopefully by the end of this session you’ll feel more empowered to get started and create awesome stuff.

Find all the answers to this and more in my KeyFrame session in Madeira. It’s gonna be raw, honest and humorous.

- Basic tips on how to get into travel videography
- What gear you'll need to get started
- Common errors you might make and how to (try) to avoid them
Jade Beason headshot

Jade Beason

Tik Tok: @jade_beason

How to pitch to brands as a video creator

This session will breakdown what brands are looking for when working with video creators and include practical advice for how to pitch yourself and your content to your dream brands. 

- A pitch template to use when reaching out to brands
- A behind the scenes look at why brands work with creators
- A breakdown of what contractual terms to look out for
- Advice on how to pitch for a fee and how to negotiate higher fees
steve haenisch profile

Steve Haenisch (BackPackerSteve)


How to get views on YouTube in 2022

In this session we are going to take a deeper look at the YouTube algorithm, the most important metrics in 2022 and how to measure performance. After understanding what matters most, Steve will explain how to optimize your videos for the recommendation engine as well as search.

This session is open for all levels, doesn't require deep technical knowledge and will provide easy to follow strategies, tools and knowledge to make your videos gain more watch time on YouTube.

- Understanding the YouTube Algorithm and it's Key Metrics
- How to Analyze performance
- How to Optimize for more watch time & Visibility on the Platform
Sabina Trojanova profile shot-min

Sabina Trojanova

TikTok: @girlvsglobe

How to increase your views on Instagram Reels and TikTok

I will be sharing my top tips for growing your views on Instagram Reels and TikTok. These are the strategies I use to create content with 1+ million views, thousands of comments and shades.

My advice works for a wide variety of content production styles and creators, from beginners to more seasoned pros. This is NOT a practical editing class, but rather an information-packed talk. 

- Strategically plan your Reels and TikToks to optimise for views
- Create shareable content to grow your audience
- Keep your audience engaged for longer and build your community
Pavel Petrov

Pavel Petrov



After filming around the city (at Pavel's Friday practical workshop), now i's time to edit the shots!

Come and practice editing LIVE.

- How to create a project
- The best practice to edit your videos
- Use filters, effects, and more
- Export your video

By the end of the workshop, you will have a video from KeyFrame 2022 (or at least one that is almost finished).
ed kirwan profile

Ed Kirwan


Story is King - how to create deeply human, personal and emotive films

In this session participants will get to understand the process that Ed has used to make over 3 years of emotive films that have been designed to develop and sustain empathy in an audience.

How do you quickly connect with others? How do you gain the trust of someone so that they allow you to tell their personal story? How do you handle topics of trauma in a story?

Learn the pre-production process, the importance of human interaction before, during and after shooting as well as the post-production process with the importance of music being a key component to making any film emotive, memorable and most importantly - have the ability to change behaviour.

Participants will also learn about how you can use your films for a cause and build a business around it as Ed has done with Empathy Week.

- Understand the human process that is needed off-camera in order to tell personal and emotive stories of your subject
- Know how to use the gear and location you already have in order to tell the best stories
- Know how to use visuals and music together to create a brilliant, emotive viewing experience for your audience



Editing your timelapse

In this session, we're going to organise, edit and export your timelapse images sequences shot at the sunrise above clouds session, and get them ready to be shared on socials.

Please install on your computer - LRTimelapse (free version), After Effects ( best to have but not crucial), and Premiere ( or FCXP ).

- Learn to organise sequences into folder structure helpful for further editing
- Learn to compile your raw image sequence into timelapse video
- Export timelapse videos for multiple social media and delivery format all at once

anna k d profile

Anna Dobos

Instagram: @annadobos

Editing Workflow and Organisation IN PREMIERE

Organising projects and workflow to manage short and long form projects in Premiere.

- How to organise, set up, version and archive your projects
- How to best utilise the frameworks inside Premiere
- How to fix common problems such as offline media and formatting errors

Storytelling, Structure and Pacing in the Edit

Different approaches to editing styles, structures and pacing based on narrative needs and audience expectations.

- An understanding of how most stories are structured and this can be built in the edit
- An understanding of how pacing can be utilised for storytelling
- Practical experience in applying these approaches to your own edit

PAUL Bakaus

Roundtable: Income diversification for Creators, powered by Koji

The recession is making it painfully aware that living off ads and brand sponsorships alone is very risky business as a creator. What are the best ways creators can diversify their income and monetize their fans more directly?

Come join Paul for an interactive round table, and learn how to actually implement many new strategies in a short amount of time with Koji, the powerful creator toolkit.


TikTok: @sassywyatt

Video editing with accessibility in mind

From YouTube to TikTok every social media platform has a way for you to make your videos more accessible while still being engaging, learn how you can get more views and more followers just by being inclusive!

- How to be inclusive without being boring
- Free tools two help you succeed in making your content accessible with little effort
- The more accessible you are the more the algorithm will push your content out on every platform

How To Use Trending Sounds To Rock Your Niche

This will be a practical workshop style session where Kirsty will share the following during the first half of the session:

- How to find trending sounds
- How reacting quickly is important when it comes to a trend (things don't have to be perfect AND you can use footage you already have)
- How to brainstorm ideas to apply them to your niche
- How to test a couple of different options to find out what works best

The second part of the session she will work together with you to make TikTok/Reels videos that apply to your niche! Make sure you have plenty of battery in your phone as well as a tripod for your phone if you have one (don't worry if not)

You don't have to show your face in the video, so don't worry if this isn't what you want to do! 
Dante Fiorani KeyFrame 22 profile



TikTok: @dantefiorani

The beginning of an influencer

Dante Fiorani will motivate you to create content for social media, he will share with you how he managed to build his platform of over 3 million followers and give out tips on editing and vlogging.

His main goal for this class is to show you that anyone can build a platform from scratch and open your eyes in the world of influencing.
mandy celine profile

Mandy Celine


How to make your video business profitable

Mandy Celine has run her own remote post-production agency since 2016, which has since grown to a team of 8 editors.

In this talk she will take you through some best business practices on running your own small video business and working with a team, how to go from beginner to professional in the industry and how to charge properly for your services. 

- Best practises for growing your video business
- How to charge properly for a video project
- How to figure out your rate
phil ammon profile

Philipp Ammon


Profile Photo Clinic/Workshop (VIP ONLY)

Join Philipp on a short walk around Funchal to have a professional portrait taken of you for your social profiles and personal branding.

This workshop is ideal for beginner and intermediate level creators looking to improve their personal branding.

- Learn how to approach your having your profile photo taken and walk away with a portrait you can use to represent your brand.