Below you'll find the workshop descriptions for KeyFrame 23.


Classroom workshops take place on Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th April 2023.
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Method Of Story Telling

This session describes the different aspects of creating anticipation and excitement through story telling.

- Choose a method
- Structure your story
- Know your audience
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From Margins to Mainstream: How Creating More Inclusive Content Can Help You Expand Your Reach and Impact

This workshop is designed for YouTube creators who want to create more inclusive and diverse content. By exploring the concepts of diversity, intersectionality, and inclusion, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to create content that is sensitive to different identities and experiences.

Through tips and strategies for identifying and challenging discrimination, as well as exercises that help to practice and apply the concepts covered, creators will learn how to create inclusive and non-discriminating video content.

By doing so, they can reach a larger and more diverse audience, building bridges and expanding their reach and impact on the platform.

- A deeper understanding of diversity, intersectionality, and inclusion and how they relate to video creation.
- Increased awareness of common forms of discrimination and prejudice that exist in narratives and how to identify and challenge them.
- Tips and strategies for creating inclusive and discrimination sensitive video content
- Knowledge of how to use storytelling to create more diverse and inclusive narratives that resonate with a wider audience.
- An understanding of the benefits of creating more inclusive content, including reaching a larger and more diverse audience.
- Exercises about our own unconscious bias and how it affects our video content.
- A greater sense of responsibility to create content that is sensitive to different identities and experiences, and that contributes to a more inclusive and diverse video content on the internet.
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Editing Engaging B-Roll Sequences

In this session,  Tamara will go through and show you how to cut all your b-roll clips together to make some awesome b-roll sequences. You'll see how to link clips together that have various focal lengths and camera angles, and you'll also learn how to further enhance the viewing experience by using sound effects, and conveying a specific mood by choosing the right music track.

Please note: Bring your laptop as you will be able to edit during this class.

By the end of this session you will understand how to:
- Cut your b-roll clips together into a b-roll sequence
- Use sound effects and music to make the b-roll sequence come to life
- Use J-cuts and L-cuts for smoother transitions
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Introduction to Adobe After Effects - part 1

So you've shot your content, edited it all together nicely and think you'll have a go at adding titles and graphics in Adobe After Effects. You open up the application and see all those panels and buttons appear in front of you, immediately panic and press quit! I get it, the first time I opened up AE I was the same. AE is an incredible motion graphics application with amazing potential but with so many panels, tools and options at your disposal the thought of trying to get to grips with it can understandably be quite daunting.

Truth is, it's that old 80/20 rule so getting to grips with the basics will help you produce quite a lot of creative content. I'll help you take those first steps to kickstart your AE journey with an introduction to the interface, highlighting the various panels and set-up formats we'll navigate through how to customise it to your needs and we'll do a few simple exercises to show you how the various transformation tools and layers work. I'll also point out some do's and don'ts of typography and design along the way in advance of my second session the next day.

(NB: These introductory sessions are designed for those with little or no knowledge of AE to give you the confidence to start your journey in motion graphics. Ideally you will need to have AE already installed on your laptops if you want to do the work-along practicals. If you don't already use the Adobe Creative Suite then Adobe generally has a 7 day free trial option, but remember to cancel your subscription before the trial is up.) 

You’ll need your laptops and Adobe After Effects and ideally Adobe Media Encoder ( for rendering ) installed, and you can access the assets we’ll be using in the animations here:

- Confidence to work with After Effects
- Re-thinking your approach to typography and graphics
- Ability to control keyframes and transitions and layers 

Introduction to Adobe After Effects - part 2

Following on from part 1 this work-along animation exercise will have you learning the most important tools, experimenting with layers and learning how to use keyframes more effectively plus some stock transitions. We'll also look at using comps and pre-comps to organise your work better and using shapes, masks and null objects. Finally we'll have a play with the curve editor and get those transitions looking super smooth and professional.

(NB: These introductory sessions are designed for those with little or no knowledge of AE to give you the confidence to start your journey in motion graphics. Ideally you will need to have AE already installed on your laptops if you want to do the work-along practicals. If you don't already use the Adobe Creative Suite then Adobe generally has a 7 day free trial option, but remember to cancel your subscription before the trial is up.) 

You’ll need your laptops and Adobe After Effects and ideally Adobe Media Encoder ( for rendering ) installed, and you can access the assets we’ll be using in the animations here:
- Confidence to start animating your own brand logos and typography
- Effective use of keyframes
- Mastering the curve editor 
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How to earn consistent income as a content creator

The creator economy is booming, there are more opportunities for creators to earn a consistent income than ever before, however many of us either focus on brand partnerships, or haven't figured out how to monetise our work at all! I’ll be covering the key income streams available to creators and providing actionable tips to help you fast track your income after the session.

- The most lucrative income streams for content creators
- How to scale your income
- Common mistakes creators make when trying to earn an income 
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Editing in Premiere Pro - A Complete Walk Through

This session is for those who are mostly unfamiliar with Premiere but also for those with some experience looking to learn more about professional editing workflows and troubleshooting for longer form projects or working with clients.

We'll be doing an entire project walk through: file organisation, creating your timeline, syncing video and sound, editing versions, working with colour, sound, exports and archiving. You are encouraged to bring your laptops with footage to follow along and ask questions. This will be a hands on session, but there will also be a PDF presentation to download that will summarise the topics.

You are encouraged to bring your laptops with footage or projects to follow along and ask questions.

- You will be able to take both simple and more complex projects from beginning to end
- You will be able to utilise professional workflows into your content creation
- You will have an understanding of how to integrate external software, tools and templates      
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Run and Gun (Cinematic filming on the go)

Please note this workshop is for beginner - Intermediate level and is a two part session on at separate times/days.

So you've picked up a camera or maybe even your phone. You're probably already shooting and producing content but want to take it up a level. Perhaps you get confused and don't know where to start when shooting on the go. There are so many elements to think about in order to capture the story you're trying to create but it feels overwhelming.

This session looks at how to shoot, capture content and create great videos on the go - and not be stressed about it! It's hard to get cinematic videos when on the go. You may be up against noisy cities, poor lighting, limited wifi, dust, sand and even interested members of the public and sometimes too interested people (policemen/ security guards).

We will cover many aspects that all contribute to a great video or film:

- How to vary your shots and get the perfect shots too!
- Building human relationships (not prioritised enough)
- Levelling up your B-roll
- Camera settings
- What gear should you use?
- Lens selection and shot selection
- How to plan your time
- Saving time in the edit
- tips and tricks
- Becoming a better storyteller
- Making your film have purpose and life beyond a single watch

There will also be opportunities for you to ask questions too! Here is an example of Ed's work with Empathy Week - this trailer was shot and edited entirely by him -

Participants will leave the session:
- understanding how they can improve the production level of their videos and an understanding of the equipment you can use to do this!
- more confident in planning and piecing together B-roll and A-roll footage to create a powerful story that engages the audience
- challenged to think about the purpose and use of the content they make
- how can it serve a purpose beyond just watching a beautiful story and film.
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Music and Content Creation - Tips and Tricks

A fireside chat with content creators, Jade Beason and Tamara Gabriel, together with people from Epidemic Sound to talk about everything content creation. 

Key Takeaways
- Soundtracking your content
- How to monetize
- The creator economy
- Planning creative content
- The editing process
- And more! 
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Laura Edwards


TikTok SEO

An advanced session on developing and optimising your TikTok content for channel growth and brand awareness.

Covering the latest developments on the app, the best practices for discoverability and up to date features you can be using to get you ahead of the curve. 

Key Takeaways
- A focus on channel growth
- The best TikTok practices
- Saving time when making content
- Learning about the latest developments on TikTok
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Gavin Ramjaun


Presentation and practice on camera - tips and techniques from the best

The best practices from the industry to learn and perfect how to present and find your personality.

You’ll learn the tips and hacks from the best in the business, and will get involved with the class to find yourself and engage your personality to learn how to do it.

Key Takeaways 
- Knowledge from the pros
- Ideas to find your personality
- Tips how to present with confidence 
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Martin Schlösser


Narration and storytelling in videos

The workshop is intended to impart knowledge about narration and storytelling in videos. Emotions, different narratives and structures are the main elements taught with focus on how content creators use these on various platforms.

Key Takeaways
- Narration
- Storytelling
- Video editing
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This 1 hour workshop is intended for a classroom. This session is about the power of effective match editing and transitions. The first half of the session, we will showcase captivating videos, which use clever transitions and edits. We will analyse the pieces to see what works well and how we could incorporate similar ideas into our own work. Building on the workshop in the field, attendees have the option of bringing their own footage along (either footage captured on the tour or any of their relevant archived projects).

We will play with the footage in post, to see how we can move from scene to scene, shot to shot, creatively. In turn, learning tricks, which will up the production value of your work. With 2 of us leading the workshop, we will be able to break out into separate smaller groups throughout the session, giving each individual participant longer and closer coaching as well as the opportunity to ask questions and work through ideas, coming together at points throughout to teach general theory.

You are encouraged to bring your laptops with footage you have taken on Thursday or Friday.
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Richard Caddock


Audio for Video - Beginner

Whether you’re making your own video content or content for a client, a fantastic video can look bad without great audio.
 Scared to properly tackle audio in your projects? This is the session for you. This session aims to demystify audio in video and give you some basic knowledge and beginner techniques that will enable you to start confidently mixing / editing audio for your video content with real impact. 

We will answer questions like: How do you make sure your audio is balanced properly between multiple layers, loud enough, and clear? How can you use sound to help make your videos stand out from the rest? You will be taught some basics about audio in order to make your videos match professional standards for online video streaming. We will then go through practical examples where you will learn some techniques on how to approach recording /editing audio, and how to mix your audio inside your editing software of choice at a beginner level. When looking at mixing techniques, we will cover Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere examples, but the skills you learn will apply to any other video editing workspace. We will also briefly discuss mobile editing apps and how editing and mixing audio for mobile viewing differs.

Please note that this is a beginner’s guide for people who know very little about audio. However, it will contain a lot of information and practical skills that beginners will be able to take away and start implementing in their videos straight away.

Key Takeaways
- Empowerment: Confidence to start paying attention to your audio and start mixing it creatively
- Informational: Basic technical knowledge of how audio works, specifically for online video content
- Technical practical skills: You will leave with a few beginner techniques on how to mix and record audio to a high-quality standard

Audio for Video - Advanced

This session is for content creators who want to build upon their basic knowledge of audio, and want to take their audio mixing and editing skills to the next level. We will look into the technical side of the most useful audio tools provided inside most video editing software and how/when to use them. Arming you with the knowledge to rapidly increase the quality of your audio to match your beautiful visuals.

You will also learn how to finalise audio inside your edit, to make sure the content you put out is up to a professional standard. We will then have a Q&A where you can ask questions about any particular parts of audio editing or mixing you struggle with the most. Please note, this is an advanced session and will assume you already have some basic understanding of audio editing.

Key Takeaways
- Arming yourself: This deep knowledge of the audio tools available will allow you to create audio for your content that is up to industry standard
- Confidence: Properly explained and visualised techniques that will give you the confidence to make mixing and editing decisions that work
- Technical practical skills: You will leave with advanced audio techniques to use in your own projects, and you will understand what you're using them for
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Pavel Petrov (Curious Pavel)


Edit your videos 3 times faster on Premiere Pro

Editing is a vital part of content creation. Even if you don’t produce heavily edited videos, it may still take you quite some time to get to the final result. If you’re using Premier Pro to edit your videos, or looking to start using it, join Pavel and learn how to shorten your time staying in front of the computer! This is a session where you will not only watch but get your hands dirty!

To take out the most of this it, please bring your laptop and footage to work with. It could be clips for your next video or simply something you’ve shot the day before. Pave will show you not only the fastest ways to start a project but also commands and keyboard shortcuts you've never even heard about.

Key Takeaways
Attendees will learn:
- Project organisation
- Amazing Keyboard shortcut setup
- Tips on how to spend less time editing videos
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Megan Gougeon


YouTube Growth Hacks to 10x your Channel in 2023

Get the strategies Megan used to rack up over 8 million hours of watch time and earn $100,000+ on YouTube in 2022 …all in just 10/hours a week! In this workshop, you will learn how to optimise your channel and set it up to be a profitable business. We will cover the #1 thing to skyrocket your growth on YouTube, as well as 3 game-changing metrics every creator should be looking at.

We'll also dive into content creation hacks to help you effortlessly craft engaging videos that will grow your audience and watch time. Whether you're a seasoned YouTuber or still working towards 4000 watch hours, this workshop is packed with actionable hacks to take your YouTube game to the next level! 

You are encouraged to bring your laptops to this session.

Key Takeaways
- 3 game-changing metrics to grow your channel (YouTube Analytics)
- Discover the best content idea for your next video
- The #1 secret to skyrocket your growth on YouTube
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Diana Herrera


Tricks & Tips for mobile editing Reels & TikToks

Do you want to improve your video content creating skills on social media? Using video to tell a story through Reels and vertical video are the way forward and one of the most effective ways to convey a message that resonates and entertains your audience online.

This workshop will feature some of the latest tools and techniques of editing content with just your mobile phone to create content that stands out on your social media platforms including:

* My favorite video editing mobile apps
* Key factors to keep in mind when creating content that will make your video editing easier
* The importance of color grading
* Video effects and transitions that capture your audience’s attention * Choosing the right music
* And more…"

Key Takeaways
After this workshop you will be able to:
- Create content that resonates with your audience
- Edit your videos more efficient and effectively
- Identify the right tools according to your creative concept


Practical workshops take place on Thursday 13th April & Friday 14th April 2023 unless stated.
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Tamara Gabriel


How To Shoot Amazing B-Roll For Your Vlogs

In this workshop you'll learn how to shoot engaging b-roll sequences that help tell your story and help transition the viewer between location and time.

We'll cover focal lengths, shooting angles, and the types of shots you can get to bring the sequence together. No more long drawn out clips, you'll learn how to cut the fluff and get to the point for a more enjoyable and engaging viewing experience.

Key Takeaways
By the end of the session attendees should have an understanding of how to:
- Film using a variety of camera angles and focal lengths
- Compose engaging b-roll sequences
- Make use of establishing shots
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Jan Kläui



In this session you will learn how to plan and execute cinematic drone shots. We will be talking about your flying route, different movements in the air and composition.

Additionally, I will quickly go over my most used settings and compare shots you can get with a DJI drone to the ones you can get with an FPV drone. Bring your drones with you, so I can help you the moment you are flying!

Key Takeaways
- Settings
- Camera movements
- How to plan cinematic shots
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Rebekka Gorges

YouTube Clinic over wine

In this workshop, participants will enjoy a relaxed and social atmosphere over a glass of wine while they explore the YouTube accounts of 8-10 Content Creators. With a focus on feedback and improvement, the group will discuss ways to enhance the content creation of each account, taking into account factors such as engagement, video quality, and audience targeting.

This workshop provides a unique opportunity for individuals interested in YouTube content creation to gain valuable insights into the techniques and strategies that successful creators use to grow their audience and enhance the quality of their videos.

Key Takeaways
Creators will get in this workshop:
- Feedback on their own content and ways to improve it.
- Insights into successful content creation strategies used by successful YouTubers.
- Networking opportunities and building valuable relationships in the industry.
- Improved critical thinking skills and ability to identify strengths and weaknesses in videos, and offer constructive feedback.

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Gavin Ramjaun



This workshop will help you to feel confident and skilled in using your surroundings to present on camera or tell a story using your personality in an environment.

Key Takeaways
- Knowledge of why and when to present
- Confidence in discovering personality
- Tips on how to come across well 
Robin Aldag Profile

Robin Aldag


Pre Production to Go

No time to open up your laptop for every content idea you want to put into practice while travelling the world? In this session I will show you my mobile pre production workflow. We will dive into the world of planning and structuring a content idea. I will share my learnings from the past years as a Creative Producer at RTL Germany, explain my favourite organising tools on the phone to you and teach you how to save time while still feeling organised and relaxed alongside your production.

After the theoretical part of this session, there will be time for a scenic q&a walk. Besides the pre production topic, I will show you my favourite settings to shoot videos on a phone, so we have some stunning footage to take home with us afterwards. In addition to that, I will bring a variety of mobile gear with me that we can use as well, to optimise the quality of your footage. 

Please note: Attendees should bring a phone with internet access and also download Trello. Download the app here: iPhone, Android

Key Takeaways
- How to stay organised and relaxed alongside your content production
- Useful tools for mobile pre production
- Helpful camera settings on your phone to optimise the quality of your footage
- How additional mobile gear can improve the quality of your videos & photos
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Nicola Easterby


Mobile Editing On-the-go

This practical session will cover a range of tips and tricks for shooting, editing and uploading short-form video content on mobile. First we will go through tips and tricks for shooting video on mobile and have some time to capture content.

Then we will do a tutorial on how to use CapCut to quickly edit together a short-term video. Finally we’ll go through best practices on uploading videos to Instagram, TikTok and YouTube shorts.

Please note: Please download CapCut for this session. iPhone, Android.

Key Takeaways
- Tips and tricks for shooting on mobile
- How to quickly edit a short-form video on CapCut 
- Best practice for uploading to Instagram/ TikTok/ YouTube Shorts

Stephen La Rosa



Learn how to capture food content while making your own pizza.

Key Takeaways
- Basics of food photography (Lighting, framing, angles)
- Capturing food videos that make people hungry
- Learn to make a pizza and document the process like a pro! 
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JOYCE nicholls



How do you move from place to place in an impactful way?

We will discuss different tricks and techniques to conceptualise before you start shooting, and how to make these work in an edit. For example, what is match-editing and how can it be used effectively.

With two teachers, attendees will be able to receive one-on-one feedback, as well as learn in smaller groups, troubleshooting questions and demonstrating new ideas in smaller circles.