Below you'll find the wonderful speakers for ReBoot 22, more to be announced.

Over the course of the event days, ReBoot will focus on four key pillars of wellness;

Physical (🧍Body) / Mental (🧠 Mind) / Emotional (❤️ Heart) / Spiritual (🧘‍♀️ Spirit). 

Workshop Speakers

🧠  ❤️

Gemma Holmes 

Gemma is on a one-woman mission to take on the “fake it till you make it” crew. She knows that faking confidence is exhausting, uncomfortable and unsustainable; where as authentic confidence gives you energy, feels good and is confidence that lasts.

Since qualifying as one of the youngest ever Cognitive Hypnotherapists back in 2010, Gemma has helped clients across the travel, publishing, marketing, health and education sectors to release fears from the past and tap into their true authentic confidence.

Gemma has a private Cognitive Hypnotherapy practice which she runs in Hertfordshire as well as online, so that she can support as many people as possible to feel the freedom of true confidence.

She developed her cutting-edge Authentic Confidence Programme to offer her peers a highly-effective approach to developing confidence that they can truly enjoy. She can’t wait to help you reset and reboot in Hamburg!

In the meantime, you can gain free mindset tips, tools and techniques by joining her Instagram community @ThePeerCoach.
🧍🧠 ❤️ 🧘‍♀️ 

Jamie Barton

Jamie a Londoner born and bred, through the Royal Marines he's visited counties most would not have access to. He free dives, practices yoga and incorporates functional based training methods which help him remain centred and injury free.

A fifteen month sabbatical in 2017 was an opportunity to go soul searching across fifteen countries. For Jamie, this has to date been the most rewarding travel experience as it allowed valuable time free from the pressures of society.

Based in Bermondsey, London, Jamie has served as a firefighter for the past eleven years, in a rewarding role that brings purpose and structure to his days.

Jamie has worked with Traverse for the elite conference in Antigua 2019 which opened his eyes to the world of the 'influencer' in the travel industry. Since then he's refined his sessions so that they are easy and fun for all, whether you're a hard core cross fitter or newbie to circuit training.

Jamie approaches self care with a holistic attitude towards the psychological state rather than just the physical, combining his sessions with spoken word rhymes and positive affirmations.
Travis Levius profile
🧠 🧘‍♀️ 

Travis Levius

Travis Levius (@MisterLevius) is a jetsetting journalist, content creator and speaker.

After taking a harrowing leap of faith of quitting his Atlanta teaching job to pursue the unknown in London (with no money), his journey eventually landed him the ‘World’s Dreamiest Job’ as a freelance travel writer, covering everywhere from Malta to The Maldives for Condé Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, Forbes Travel Guide and more.

He creates content on life, travel and the pursuit of happiness on his social media channels and is an experienced speaker on personal and spiritual development.
Speak To Alice Profile Picture - Creator Confidence Unleasher

Alice Nettleingham

Meet Alice – the Creator Unleasher! Alice hypnotises creators to stop procrastinating, confidently show up online and charge their worth. 5+ years as a travel content creator and 10+ years working in psychological services, Alice knows exactly what’s stopping creators from skyrocketing their success.

Imposter syndrome, perfectionism, burnout, procrastination and playing it small have been in Alice’s bag of limiting beliefs and behaviours. She’s learnt to eliminate them all and is here to help you do the same.

Alice has been featured in Nat Geo, Lonely Planet, Cosmo and the Daily Mail and on BBC Breakfast and Buzzfeed to name a few. She’s also worked with Coca Cola, Vauxhall, Exodus Travels and created content for destinations worldwide.

If you’re sick of comparing yourself to others, being confused about what to focus on and struggling to reach financial freedom, Alice invites you to rapidly upgrade your mindset from the inside out. She’s hypnotised over 150+ creators and knows how to rapidly turn your limiting beliefs around. You can have all the strategy tools to create a thriving kickass business, but as long as you’re feeling stuck, not good enough and undervaluing your skills and services, you won’t get far.

It’s time to go way deeper through hypnosis to your subconscious level. To the root, reason and cause of your mind gremlins. So that you can locate what’s holding you back, understand it, eliminate it and finally reboot your creator mindset.

Alice is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist and is ready to slay your productivity, confidence and money nemesis’ in this powerful 2 hour workshop.
Kim Sterenborg Reboot

Kim Sterenborg

Kim is a freelance content specialist, owns a travel blog (kimopreis.nl/en), and loves yoga.

She got her yoga teacher certificate in Thailand and studied yoga nidra. During the pandemic, when people were not allowed to go to yoga studios and worked from home, she created a 5-day home office yoga challenge on YouTube. 

Kim will be hosting a session to help your slouching and slumping away behind your desk, whether at home or remotely with a workshop full of yoga and relaxation exercises. 
Karen Sargent profile

Karen Sargent

In her early career, exhausted, stressed and close to burnout Karen's big dream was to win the lottery so that she would never have to work again.

When she realised that the chances of that happening were pretty slim she opted for the next best thing - a gap year traveling.

During that year she learnt that days sipping cocktails on a beach are great for a while but eventually she craved something more meaningful. Surprisingly, she wanted to work.

On her return to London she started researching what it takes for work to be an enjoyable, fulfilling experience. Turns out....it's doable!

Armed with a Masters in Psychology she has now coached and trained 1000's of leaders in companies like Levi Strauss, Estee Lauder, Uber and the BBC sharing tools and tactics to make work a joyful experience.
Eulanda Shead Osagiede Profile
🧠 ❤️

Eulanda Shead Osagiede

Eulanda Shead-Osagiede is an award-winning food culture and travel journalist, photographer, TV presenter, and DEI marketing consultant.

She has her MFA in choreography with an emphasis in dance technology from the University of Roehampton. Her creative practice relies on the use of dance movement to increase productivity and manage stress/anxiety.

Her research around dance for the camera has been published in Motio: Postgraduate Journal for Dance Practice and Research.
Chris Brandwein Profile
🧠 ❤️ 🧘‍♀️

Chris Brandwein

Chris is a Conscious Productivity Coach, who compassionately guides and accompanies her clients on a journey of self-awareness, supporting them in truly understanding their fears and resistances.

They learn to refocus their power of intention to manifest their heart’s desires - instead of their fears - by reconnecting to their intuition and the light of their creative genius within. 25 years in scientific research and her own experience of the mystical yet undeniable power of the heart-mind-connection have led her to take a deep dive into a myriad of tools and holistic modalities for healthy habits, conscious productivity, emotional processing, and even alchemy.

The gentle intuitive techniques used by Chris to catalyse transformation, through a combination of awareness of underlying beliefs and triggers, the holistic integration of emotions that inhibit progress and completion of goals, and the introduction of flexible structures have proved to be powerfully effective.

Chris’ favourite moment is when a client sees their inner light again, their TRUE nature. Because with this comes the realisation that they are not broken and don’t need to be fixed. From that moment on they can begin to show up in life as their authentic selves. To her, this … is priceless.
Judith Lewis ReBoot Profile
🧠 ❤️ 

Judith Lewis

While normally engaged in digital marketing, Judith has a background in clinical counselling, having specialised in it and couples therapy at university. Her background in computer programming, combined with a specialised honours degree at university, is why over the years (more than 25) she has been successful at digital marketing. The foundations of what she studied and professionally practiced never really stopped informing what Judith does both in marketing and life.

After completing her degree and practicing as a clinical counsellor, she changed countries from Canada to the United Kingdom where she found her computer-based skills more useful. Now she works with large companies such as Google, NatWest/RBS, National Gallery, Fidelity, GalaCoral, NBC Universal, Readers Digest, Bayer, Amadeus, AMD, AmEx, Virgin.com, Virgin Startup, Vapemate, Wicked Uncle, Zopa & more improving their visibility online, helping them migrate their websites, technically optimise, and helping them to create influencer outreach programs in-house. Judith has contributed to the Econsultancy guide on paid search marketing and rewrote their entire guide on search engine optimisation.

She usually travels the world working remotely while speaking at conferences, delivering in-person training and meeting with clients. Being able to combine travel with her career has been a joy.
Seanna Fallon ReBoot
🧍🧠 ❤️ 🧘‍♀️

Seanna Fallon

Seanna is a charity fundraiser by background, and has been blogging and vlogging on the side of that for several years. She has been on a huge personal healing journey, living with Complex PTSD, and discovered breathwork helped her to deal with the trauma much more effectively than talking therapies ever had.

From the first time Seanna did conscious connected breathing, she knew she would one day facilitate it, and started exploring the craft more deeply before training to lead sessions.

Seanna took 400 hours training with Breathing Space and started leading groups and individuals, both online and face to face, and at festivals and retreats. She now also trains new facilitators on their own journeys.

She finds great joy in holding space for people in breathwork and seeing where the modality takes them. It her my goal to bring breathwork to the wider world and show people they already have the tools they need inside them. She also find joy in other wellness activities, such as hiking, trail running, weight lifting, meditation and forest bathing.
Momtaz Begum-Hossain ReBoot Profile
🧠 ❤️ 🧘‍♀️

Momtaz Begum-Hossain

Momtaz is one of the most vibrant people you’ll ever meet. Colour is her superpower and she uses it in the fight against dreariness, showing people how to brighten up their lives by inspiring them with the wellbeing benefits of colour therapy. An award-winning former Journalist, Podcaster and Television Presenter, Momtaz is a qualified Colour Therapist and developed the modern colour philosophy Hello Hue ®; a seven-point manifesto for how to use colour to boost your mood and mental wellbeing which she discusses in her book Hello Rainbow – Finding Happiness in Colour (2021.)

She was previously Editor of Popular Crafts Magazine and currently designs how-to projects for publications including Mollie Makes and Create and Craft. Momtaz will shortly be taking up an Artist Residency at Watford Palace Theatre where she’s been commissioned to create an installation that celebrates 21 years of theatre company Rifco Arts. Momtaz is the Founder of
The Make Escape craft night which ran for eight years in London and she’s been teaching art classes for over a decade.

Momtaz creates positive, empowering content inspired by colour therapy including founding Rainbow Fest, an annual event that celebrates International Colour Day, writes monthly newsletter Rainbow Mail and edits the website www.hellohue.co.uk. She provides colour consultation for brands and has worked with clients including Heal’s, Dunelm, Akzo Nobel, Timberland, Speedo, Gudrun Sjosdén, and Walkers. She has also worked with galleries including Tate Modern and the Wallace Collection.

Momtaz regularly provides colour commentary in the press and has been featured by BBC, The Independent, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Elle, and Stylist.
Kelly Peck ReBoot 22

wildlyembodied.com (coming soon)

Kelly Peck

Kelly is a Reiki Practioner, Earth Intimacy Facilitator, and Content Creator who supports people in understanding their true nature, following their intuition, and embodying their unique blend of magic.

Using a range of nature-anchored energy techniques, cyclical guidance, and embodiment practices, Kelly guides others to connect with and heal themselves. When we begin to understand that energy is everything, know that we are not 'broken', and treat the work that we do as a spiritual practice, we intentionally integrate and align with the most authentic version of ourselves and can rely on our inner compass to lead the way.

Working with the cycles of nature, becoming more aware of energy, honouring all parts of ourselves, and bringing intuition into our every day is what Kelly believes to be the pillars of living a soul-aligned life. Weaving these pillars through her work, Kelly takes a grounded approach to spirituality - holding space for and encouraging a practice that is built on personal values as well as providing insights and tools that can easily be integrated into your day-to-day.

Akta ReBoot


Aka is a Youtuber who makes videos about slow living, mindful productivity and figuring life out as a twenty-something.

She left her job as a dentist to become a full-time creator at Passionfroot, a workspace for creators to manage their business, co-ordinate sponsorships and collaborations and organise their finances in order to optimise their creator-work-life balance.
Laura O'Driscoll

Laura O'Driscoll

I'm a highly energetic, bubbly and outgoing character with a love for getting the most joy out of life. Passionate about all things creative, a big foodie but no bigger love than travelling the world and discovering myself a little more each day.

Active since before I can remember....I started dancing, swimming and gymnastics at the age of 3 and worked my way through a big variety of sporty past times ever since.

I've danced professionally for a number of big events around the world; the highlight being London 2012 Olympic ceremonies. Upon leaving my career in the corporate events industry and deciding to follow my dream of travelling the world, I embarked on my first 15 month solo trip and haven't looked back since!

As I have a huge passion for fitness, a love for motivating and connecting with people and a deep interest in the mind (having struggled with anxiety myself), I decided to pursue my goal as a personal trainer in order to travel the world, whilst motivating, connecting and inspiring others through fitness with an extra helping of great vibes!

Creative Speakers

Ed Kirwan reboot
🧠 ❤️ 

Ed Kirwan

Ed Kirwan is the CEO, founder and filmmaker at Empathy Week - a global educational programme that uses the power of film to develop students into empathetic leaders, with the aim of building the #EmpathyGeneration.

Previously a science teacher in North London for 3 years, Ed left to explore other opportunities. It led him to use visual storytelling as a tool to champion social causes - particularly homelessness and in 2018 went to Mexico for the 2018 Homeless World Cup before working alongside Slum Soccer in India, helping to develop a leadership course as well as film the first programme of Empathy Week.

In 2020 the programme reached schools in 40+ countries across 6 continents and engaged 20,000 students before growing to engage a massive 80,000 students during 2021! Ed is a storyteller. A firm believer in the power of film and an eternal optimist. Film is a tremendous tool and has immense power to inspire, encapsulate and motivate us to believe that we have the ability to change the world - because we truly do. Crucially, it allows us to experience another person’s life who we would never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise and allows us to place our own life in a new and more powerful context because of it.

A strong believer in a fair education for all, Empathy Week is free to every government and state funded school around the world - every child should have the opportunity to develop the skills of empathy, leadership and resilience With the success in schools, Empathy Week now offers services to businesses and employees at different levels of their careers.

Ed believes that to change the world we first have to understand the people in it and that’s as important for business as it is for schools. Empathy shouldn’t be an add-on. It is crucial to all human interactions, life, performance and wellbeing. 

Michael Tomas London View Points Reboot

Michael Tomas

London based time-lapse, architecture and travel photographer. From years of passion of shooting skyline, cityscape and architecture photography, it lead to Michael to learn the techniques of shooting time-lapse which overhauled his pace of work from fast and hectic to more focus on preparation, planning, patience and taking the time to enjoy these moments that I was capturing.

Join Michael and learn how creating time-lapse footage can allow you to slow down, relax and enjoy the views on your travels. 

Profile Pic - Erick Prince

Erick Prince

Photographer, Philanthropist, and World Traveler, Erick Prince combined his love for photography and travel, to create MinorityNomad.com.

One of the premier travel blogs for African-American and Latino travellers. Inspiring low-income communities to explore the world and document their travels. Currently, on a quest to become the first African-American man to visit every country in the world, Erick has turned his hobby into a thriving business. Visiting 95 countries along the way.

Through his site and digital marketing company, Erick has worked with brands such as Facebook, Singha Corp, LAN Airlines, Lonely Planet, InterContinental Hotels, and Sony.

rich mccor

Rich McCor

Rich has been described as "a non-destructive vandal"; within the confines of a camera viewfinder he creatively transforms landscapes with paper cut-outs. Starting in London as a hobby, it quickly got out of hand and became a full time passion.

Now Rich travels the globe transforming the skyline by creating optical illusions with well known scenes like New York's Statue of Liberty and Hong Kong's Harbour to lesser known landscapes such as the vistas of Kiruna and Beach Huts in Ontario.