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Are you looking to take your blogging to the next level? Looking to skip ahead by tapping into the blogging brains and professionals who have learnt the best way to success over years and years of trial and error?

Well, we’ve cherry picked some of our favourite online blogging courses that will help you to super charge your blogging.

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The Six Figure Blogger

Having a blog is hard work and making money blogging is even harder – but it doesn’t have to be as confusing and time-consuming as it is for you right now. If you’re a new blogger, it’s time to jump to the front of the line and skip years of frustration. This blogging course has everything you need to bypass the learning curve and go pro. And if you already have a blog but don’t have the success you want, stop what you’re doing and follow these strategies to get back on track to achieving your goals. Yes it is possible to make a fantastic living as a blogger — but no — you don’t have to spend three to five years to learn how. Get the shortcut to success.

PUBLISHER: Alexandra Jimenez

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The Business of Travel Blogging

By Nomadic Matt

Super Star Blogging

Nomadic Matt’s course will teach you the business of blogging – how to start, run, and grow your website. I show you how I grew my website, teach you to grow your traffic, dominate in SEO, and build your blogging empire. This course teaches you all the skills and gives you all the tools you’ll ever need to build a successful website in any niche!

PUBLISHER: Nomadic Matt

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How To Become A

Travel Photographer

Super Star Blogging

This travel photography course is designed to give you all the tools to becoming a world-class photographer. Taught over 11 units in 33 lessons, you’ll get all the tips, tricks, and advice you need to improve your photography and better capture the world as you go!

PUBLISHER: Nomadic Matt

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