To celebrate the work and achievements of talented content creators the Traverse Creator Awards will take place at MART, one of the largest and most important museums of modern and contemporary art in Italy.


Mart is the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Trento and Roverto. It’s home to an extraordinarily rich collection of art ranging from Futuristic to Metaphysical, “Arte Povera” to Conceptual Art, to today’s more experimental styles. 

Mart’s main venue is nestled between two 18th century palaces, in a building designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta in collaboration with Rovereto-born engineer Giulio Andreolli. 

In addition to exhibitions, events and workshops, the Mart hosts artists, curators, companies and events, both international and local, and is a welcoming and accessible venue. 

Today the Mart is a modern, European museum, partnering with major international museums while showcasing the stunning local scenery. Mart is a cultural hub that generates constant stimuli for the public as well as for artists, collectors, businesses and local communities. 
Address: Corso Bettini 43, 38068 Rovereto
MART_Carlo Baroni