Sessions 8 - 9 June 2019
Midweek Experiences 4 - 7 June
Post Event Adventures 10 - 14 June
I am an advanced influencer, will I get much from this?
Absolutely. There will be many talks and sessions over the conference aimed at all levels of influencer, with some specifically targeted at the higher levels.
I am very new to this, is there any point coming along?
Of course! We have plenty of sessions that will be introductions to topics or placed at beginner level. We have multiple sessions running at once, to ensure there is always something for everyone to attend.
I focus on photography, will I learn much?
Yes, we love photography and will have plenty of classes, workshops and seminars on these topics. From taking epic shots (we’re in Trentino after all) to editing on mobiles.
Will there be sessions focussed on video at this event?
Yes, we will have multiple sessions based around video, including practical classes, vlogging, editing and pitching.
What are the Midweek Experiences?
The Midweek Experiences are a range of events that take place around the area ahead of the conference days. The experiences vary in number of people as well as type of event, from four people to 50 and from wine tastings to hiking. There are things for everyone to do and they’re a perfect way to connect with the local area. Registrations for the midweek events open around a month before the conference.
What happens over the 11 days of the whole event?
  • A lot! The midweek events run for three full days before the conference, which is two days, after this there are the post event trips, where attendees will be able to spend more time around Trentino. There will also be three special evenings on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
I can only make the weekend, will there be any point coming?
Absolutely. We have always made sure the Traverse conference takes place on a weekend. If you can only make those days you’ll still get the evening events, all of the conference sessions, one on ones and more.
I really need some hands on help, will I be able to get this at Traverse 19?
Yes, another focus we have always had at Traverse is to make sure people have real take away value. This means no key notes and a lot of hands on workshops. We also have the one on one Pro Bars and lots more planned.
The ticket seems really cheap, what does it cover?
The tickets covers all the midweek events you can fit in, all of the evening events and of course the conference itself. Food and drinks will also be included (lovely Italian lunches, anyone?), plus all of the one to one work, seminars and other activities. If you’re going on a post event trip, this will also be part of the ticket. Basically, everything apart from your accommodation is included in the ticket!
Will I be able to network with brands at this event?
Yes, we mainly focus on free networking over the organised ‘speed dating’ format. We build in many hours of time to mingle, speak to brands, have meetings and more. This will be throughout the week and over the weekend too with time between sessions, in the morning, evening and lunch.
What are the benefits of coming as an Industry Attendee?
There are many! We have sessions which are specifically put on for industry attendees as well as plenty which are suitable for both industry and creators. There are also loads of chances to meet and network with other attendees. Plus it’s a load of fun!
We know it’s in Trentino, but where is the conference specifically?
The majority of the midweek events as well as the conference are in town of Trento, the capital of the Trentino region.
Free Access to local attractions and transport?
Each attendee will be given a Trentino Guest Card: Trentino Guest Card is much more than just a simple tourist pass, it is the easiest and most convenient way to enjoy everything that Trentino has to offer! It gives you free entry to all the main museums, castles and natural parks. It also allows you to circulate freely on public transport, avoiding traffic and parking problems and offers a range of discounts and access to exclusive services such as guided tours, priority entry and tasting events.