Weekend Session Descriptions

Weekend Sessions

Below you'll find a brief description of the weekend sessions at Traverse 19 to help you make your mind up about which ones to attend. 



Up-To-Date SEO Strategies for Ranking #1

Gemma & Laura (Make Traffic Happen)

SEO is always changing and advancing. To get ahead, you have to stay up to date and evolve with the changes. Strategies that used to work may no longer get you to the top.

In this session, we’ll share both tried and true and advanced SEO strategies you must be using to stay on top of the Google search rankings. Plus we’ll dish on the most common misconceptions about SEO.

Session Takeaways:

  • Common misconceptions about SEO
  • Tried and true SEO practices that will bring you more traffic
  • How to stay on top of Google algorithm changes
  • Advanced techniques to push past a traffic plateau

Pricing Photography

Phil Ammon

Have you ever felt stumped when a client asked you how much you charge for your photos? Did you feel confident with the number you gave them, or did it seem arbitrary based on what you thought would work? In most cases what you can charge comes down to negotiation and understanding how the pricing for photography is structured. I will be sharing some of my insights to building a pricing structure that you feel confident in offering to clients, and how you can use it to earn more through photography, even on unpaid trips. You will come out of this session with a better understanding of EU copyright laws that apply to photography, how to make the most of them and how to better calculate your fees.

Presenting to Camera

Sabrina Chiki

How to engage with an audience through the screen, how to differentiate between Vlog style videos & corporate/hosted presenting styles. Script learning skills. On camera interview skills and how to produce your own show(s). Individual targeted advice and practice.

Blogging with a full time job

Roma & Sophie (Panel)

In the modern day digital age it’s not always necessary to quit your job, and run off into the sunset. Instead, you can juggle your career and a blog.

It is possible balance a blog alongside a full time job with help from some creative strategies, productivity and prioritisation techniques to maximise the limited time you have. Be the expert of our own multi-hyphen method, and get ahead in your career at the same time as creating a successful blog.


How to grow and run a successful Facebook Community

Milou & Samantha

In this session Milou & Samantha will share what it takes to grow & maintain a Facebook group that is popular, positive and profitable in just a couple minutes per day. They’ll talk about ways to grow your audience, how to get people talking (nicely), ways to monetise the group you’ve built and how we’ve learned to handle abuse online. Female Digital Nomads is the largest online community for female-identifying digital nomads, with 50.000 members that share advice, regularly meet up, hire each other to build their empires and even step up to shelter each other in times of need. Members love it for its positive and helpful vibe.

Editing Epic Photos

Tom Archer

Tom Archer will lead you through a host of different techniques using Lightroom and Photoshop that you can use to make your photos look more epic and add that x-factor to your work.

Writing as a skill

Steve Keenan

The explosion of online travel content has given consumers far more inspiration and information from which to plan their own trips. But little of that online content is original, provocative or even well-written: it’s noise. Here we give bloggers/influencers some writers to reflect on, tips on how to achieve the next level and look to ignite an aspiration to be the mature, observational and skilful travel writers of this and the next generation.

Crafting Perfect Product Review

Nienke Krook

In this talk you will get a step-by-step guide on creating product reviews for your blog. From setting a purpose to pitching a collaboration and from photography & video tips to promotional advice, at the end of this session you have all the tools to add an extra revenue stream to your blog by writing product reviews that convert!

How to find your voice in a Crowded Field

Erick Prince

The travel influencer space is more crowded than ever. And getting the attention of a loyal audience can be difficult. So how can you stand out? Is it possible to monetize a small audience? Is it worth starting a travel influencing career in 2019? Erick will speak on crafting a unique voice, monetizing a small audience, and carving out a niche where one doesn’t exist.

Working with international brands with a niche audience.

Shea Powell

It is a different story when it comes on to pitching to brands and working as a Travel Content Creator when you are based in smaller cities/smaller countries with a niche, concentrated following. During her session, Shea will outline and go through the steps on how to up your brand partnership game in collaborating and working with International brands with a niche audience.


From Influencer to Tour Operator

Brendan van Son

Brendan leads 10 photography tours around the world and has made it his main source of income. And, lots of bloggers, photographers, and YouTubers are making the jump from tourist to tour operator. This session will explore the idea, and talk about how to do it safely and ethically.

Keeping Legal and Safe with your Drone

Larch Gauld

The use of drones is on the increase, but the laws and restrictions are on the increase too, We aim to give you guidelines for using your drone safely as well as making sure you are keeping on the right side of the law.

It’s never too late for YouTube

Chiara Cecilla Santamaria

In the past year alone my channel has gone from 5 to almost 50K subscribers, with videos with more than 300K views.

Youtube is mostly seen as a young creators’ platform but there’s plenty of room for grown ups too. We can bring that meaningful and curated content that more and more people are looking for, and travel is one theme that can be tackled in many different and effective ways. I’ll talk about my experience, provide tips and tricks as well as relevant case histories.

The writing still matters

Max Hartshorne

If you publish a blog, or want to move to creating a travel website with multiple contributors, it’s about a lot more than Instagram followers and Facebook likes.

You need to develop your own memorable writing style and make sure your writing is up to a high standard – that you’re an authority. Using many examples and anecdotes, this session will give you tools to use to write better and an understanding of what it takes to write and produce better travel articles. Plenty of time for Q&A with additional time for one one one questions after the session.

Tips to Launch & Market Your Own Podcast

Susan Schwartz

You think you’re ready to start a podcast, but you’re not exactly sure how to do it…and then once you’ve started how are you going to get people to listen to it?? This session will guide you through the basics of setting up, branding, and the best practices of marketing your new show. Plus a few ways to monetize it. I hope to leave you with the tools necessary to get people to turn on, tune in and download.


Affiliate Partnerships that Inspire Seasoned Travellers

Heath Brodie (GetYourGuide) & Adriano D’Ambrosio (vivi.city)

This session will prove an invaluable resource for those wishing to learn more about monetizing their content and will challenge some of the (bad) myths of Affiliate Marketing.

It is my goal, in this interactive session, to cover some of the biggest concerns and questions expressed by our younger partners while highlighting best practices and successes of some more mature partners. I hope for attendees to leave this talk inspired, motivated and armed with the tools to earn while doing what they love.

How to take your video editing to the next level

Mandy Celine

This session will help you with how to level up your storytelling through your edit. We will cover b-roll, knowing “when to cut”, understanding general story structure, how best to cut an edit for social platforms. Come hungry with questions.

How to 100% sort your s*@t out

Alice Teacake

Feeling overwhelmed, broke and lost in the blogging world? In the last year I have tripled my blogging income by sitting down and sorting my shiz out. Find out how you can make tons more money, gain laser focus clarity and rock your business like a pro in 60 minutes through the power of psychology, productivity and purposefulness. Drawing from 5 years working as a psychologist + 5 years in the blogging industry, Alice Teacake knows her s*@t.

Using your online expertise to create an offline business

Amanda Mouttaki

Do you have a website or social channel but you’re ready to take the next step towards making it a business? In this session I’ll discuss strategies and ideas you can use to take your website from an information portal to a money generating enterprise.

How to create and efficiently sell physical products on your blog

Tea Gudek Snajdar

Creating and selling physical products on my blog allowed me to become a full time travel blogger very soon (and with quiet small stats). In this interactive session on how to create physical products on your blog I’m going to give a step-by-step guide on:

1) Designing the products that are aligned with your niche (so they’ll be interesting to your readers and will create a stronger brand out of your blog)

2) How and where to promote products you’ve created

3) How to efficiently sell them

At the end of the session, participants will leave with a list of tools and information sources they could use. We are also going to brainstorm some of the ideas together and will create an action plan for starting to create our own physical products.


How to get travel photography jobs

Jordan Hammond

Do you love photography but are not sure how to turn your hobby into a career? I was in the same position a few years ago, but have now managed to sustain a successful photography business, and I’m here to teach you how to monetise your photography too.

Exactly how I got my first book published

Kash Bhattacharya

This workshop will give you an overview from my perspective on how to be prepared and actually get your first publishing deal. How does this area of travel publishing work in general? What do I need to know, how can I be best prepared to take my first successful steps towards my first publishing deal?

This workshop is for everyone, who is writing, blogging and wants to realise that dream of publishing their first book.

Instagram Stories for working with brands

Cailin O’Neil

This session will cover the best tips for using Instagram Stories when working with brands and destinations. From how to include it as part of your pitch, to ideas on how much to charge, the best tips for creating content, how to get your stories seen and more.

How to Write Brand Proposals that Convert into More Paid Gigs

Eulanda & Omo

Do you send brand representatives emails proposing collaborations and campaigns, only to get rejected, or worse, no answer at all?

There are no shortcuts to pitching and then running a well-crafted brand campaign start to finish. Come, ready to learn how to compose successful campaign proposals for brands.

-Learn why investing your time in dynamic (visual) proposals will increase the amount of paid opportunities you’re offered.

-Learn 8 of the major focus areas you need to effectively address in each proposal.

-Learn how to keep the momentum up post campaign to guarantee future campaign work, and less time spent writing.

Getting start with travel vlogging

Christianne Risman

Want to start a travel vlog but don’t know where to begin? This talk will cover:

-How to find your niche

-How to take inspiration and find your creativity

-How to plan your videos and the importance of doing so

-What makes a good travel vlog and how to keep your audience engaged

-Equipment and tools to get you started



The Most Important Things I’ve Learned in 9 Years of Professional Travel Blogging

Kate McCulley

Lots has been said about how to do SEO, how to hack Pinterest, how to make money with a travel blog. But how do you build a travel blog that establishes you as a leader in the industry, a blog that is creative and original, a blog that makes the world a better place? Most bloggers focus making as much money as possible, but having a unique product is even more important. Building a blog that stands out with creativity and personality is what will keep your readership with you for years. For Kate, it’s been for nearly a decade with no signs of slowing down. Find out how she does it and how YOU can do it — with juicy stories from the travel blogging industry dating back to 2010.

Introduction to YouTube for Video Creators

Greg Snell

This session is about BUILDING A YouTube CHANNEL. In just 60 minutes we’ll dive deep into the specific tools & detailed knowledge you’ll need to build an awesome channel & community. Even if you’ve already got a channel, these insights will help you take it to the next level. Evolution and change!! Embrace it and let’s create something great. Welcome to the Introduction to YouTube for Video Creators.

Working with Sri Lanka as a Content Creator

Sri Lanka Tourism


Yoga: Flow and breathe

Yoga with Ro

A steady, flowing, breath focused yoga practice, aimed at finding space in the body and mind. The class will move through a sequence of postures, developing strength and flexibility. Explore a balance of effort and ease in this empowering and uplifting practice, which will conclude with some guided relaxation, helping to encourage a sense of calm and renewed energy.


Crushing it on Instagram: How to Effectively Engage and Influence Your Audience

Julie Falconer

It’s easy to share on Instagram, but how do you actually use the platform to effectively engage and influence your audience? In this session, we’ll take an in-depth look at tactics and techniques for increasing engagement, getting high-quality followers, and genuinely influencing on Instagram.

Shooting Hyperlapse the easy way

Michael Tomas

A passage of time with an added motion creates a cinematic feel to any travel video. With the advent of new and not so expensive camera equipment with gimbal or electronic stabilisation, subject tracking apps and drones features – it’s now easier than ever to create beautiful hyperlapses with next to minimum effort, compared to what it would take only a few years ago.

In this session you’ll learn about how to shoot it, what equipment is best for it and how to improve it even further upon brief editing, plus we’re close on how you can monetise on the hyperlapse craze.

How To Film Delicious Lookin’ Food Videos

Shu Shi Lin

A guide to shooting food videos on YouTube covering camera equipment, editing software, filming b-roll to various ways of presenting and vlogging to camera. How do you incorporate food into your travel videos? How do you define your niche on YouTube? How do you feel comfortable talking (and eating) in front of a camera?

There’s only one way to find out, come along to Shu’s session!

Travel Podcast like a Pro

Palle Bo

With a podcast, you can take our listeners with you on the journey. And by using local sounds and describe what you see, smell and feel you can make it extremely visual.

Let them hear the scooters of Hanoi, the carnival of Rio and the local market as you try to bargain your way a good price – because radio (and podcast) is the theatre of the mind.

In this session, Radio Vagabond, Palle Bo will show you, hands-on, how he’s working. Both when he does his own.

Get hands-on tops on how to record, edit, and produce a professional sounding podcast.

Tips for Digital Wellbeing from a blogger who burned out

Kate Brennan

Tips on how to find some digital balance in an increasingly noisy social media world! Practical tips and my experience of burnout and how I’ve learned to have a healthier relationship with tech and digital marketing as an influencer


Getting your first book deal

Emily Leary

From coming up with a killer idea, to researching your market, to putting together a winning proposal to win the attention of publishers.

Tasty Tips for Adding Food to Your Travel Blog

Daryl & Mindi Hirsch

If you’re not writing about food, then you’re missing out on an integral part of the travel experience. The 2foodtrippers will provide actionable ways to incorporate a food component to your travel blog. They’ll focus on writing, photography, social media and working with partners.

Paid Social: Beginner’s Guide to Social Advertising

Jessica Zilstra

If you have a blog, you have a brand – invest in it! Find out why you should invest money in social advertising, even if it’s a small amount, and how to get set-up. This session is for beginners who have not previously dived into paid social, or want to know why it’s important for brand strengthening. You’ll leave with the ‘why’ paid social is a powerful tool in your brand’s arsenal and resources to get started.

How to stand out and develop your own unique imagery

Kim Leuenberger

Bored and uninspired of seeing the same old photos of the exact same angle of the same place over and over again on Instagram? This talk will approach how to challenge the insta-repeat and how it is possible to photograph things with a brand new perspective. I’ll try to make you think twice before posting the same photograph that everyone else has already posted and show you simple ways to create content that is original and creative and that will make people instantly recognise you as the creator. Creating unique and original content will make you fall in love with photography all over again.

Creating a passive income with affiliate marketing

Jodie Dewberry

You don’t need a huge audience to make money with affiliate marketing – you just need to have a good strategy. This session will cover the best ways to approach affiliate marketing whatever your niche and audience size, so you can make more money and waste less time.


The genesis of travel blogging in the UK – 2008-2013

Steve Keenan


How to create quality videos & get views on YouTube

Steve Hänisch

In this session Steve walks you through the process of creating successful videos on YouTube from storyboarding to publishing. Besides practical tips & examples for planning, shooting and editing Steve will also explain how to get more views on the platform by highlighting the most important elements of the YouTube algorithm in 2019.

Writing about spiritual & religious sites for the $8 billion travel market

Cate Michelle

This session focuses in on the massively growing, largely untapped religious and spiritual travel market and the possibilities and pitfalls for content creators writing about spiritual and religious travel. Through interactive discussions, we will go over strategies for writing responsibly about spiritual sites and sacred journeys – particularly when we write outside of our own locations and traditions. These strategies also apply when attempting to write responsibly (and engagingly!) about cultures that are not our own! Bring a computer, or pen & paper to engage in writing prompts and exercises.

Both sides of the fence: Influencers vs Influencers Managers

Marty Lewis

This session gives insight on the daily roles of an influencer and influencer manager. We will explore what influencers think vs. what influencer managers see, and attendees will understand the influencer selection process. As a person who is both I’ll give tips and tricks to ensure as an influencer you present yourself as a creator brands want to work with. We will discuss real scenarios, the perfect verbiage, what should be in your media kit, and deliverables. This session will make sure influencers pitch confidently with the right knowledge and get the partnerships they deserve.

Get More Campaigns (And money..!)

Nick Trueman

Working with hundreds of brands, I’ve learnt a thing or two about both pitching ideas and why brands use influencers. This session will go through how to approach a brand, how to win a campaign / pitch, how to deliver above expectation and then getting paid on time. I like to keep an open audience, so ask me anything at any time. (I also work with a range of global brands on their SEO strategy, so feel free to chat to me over coffee!)


Traverse 19 Closing Panel with Alastair McKenzie