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Tom Archer
Tom is a freelance commercial photographer, an influencer and a passionate traveller. He swapped his career as a Police Officer to become a photographer 8 years ago and has not looked back. He is known for his epic vistas and impactful images that create a sense of magic about a place.
Jordan Hammond
I'm Jordan, a 25-year-old freelance contemporary travel photographer and storyteller from the UK. After living and working as a teacher in South-West China for a year, I developed a passion for photography which has led me to all corners of the earth; from the mountains of Peru to the rivers of Varanasi in India and everything in between. I use colour and light brings a fresh new perspective to the world of travel photography, and as a result, I've been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest travel brands out there. Through documenting the people and places I encounter on my travels to some of the most remote regions of the world, I have built an engaged community on social media, and strive to encourage people to explore more for themselves.
Philipp Ammon
Philipp is a London-based travel, documentary and commercial photographer. He started as an international school teacher before moving to the UK and turning his passion for photography into a career. He has since worked on a number of political, commercial and humanitarian campaigns. His work has been published in a variety of magazines including WIRED, Financial Times and The Independent. Philipp’s career has taken him around the World and he is now also working as a travel blogger. As a result, he has gained a stronger understanding of the travel industry and how to work with clients in this sector. Join Philipp for a workshop on how to price your photography, licensing/copyright, and negotiating terms of use with clients and publications to get the most out of your photography.
Sean Byrne
Acclaimed Travel and landscape photographer. Has worked for National Geographic, Adobe, Cannon, Manfrotto, LowePro and many more.
Kim Leuenberger
Kim Leuenberger
Kim is a photographer, videographer, location scout and social media consultant. Originally from Switzerland, she moved over to the UK 6 years ago to complete a degree in Photography at the University of the Arts London. All the while studying, she has also been working as a freelance photographer, collaborating with the likes of Hertz, Huawei, Volkswagen, Netflix and many others and is an ambassador for the camera manufacturer Leica. She specialises in travel photography, and the lifestyle that goes with it, especially road trips, with a suitcase filled with toy cars and cameras.
Naxos Greece - Brendan van Son
Brendan van Son
Brendan is a professional travel photographer and YouTuber originally from Canada. He's been nomadic for nearly 10 years and has spent time in over 100 countries.


Emily Leary
Emily Leary
Emily is a multi-award-winning writer, presenter, blogger and vlogger, and a married working mum of two.
monica stott photo
Monica Stott
Monica is the blogger behind The Travel Hack, one of the UK's leading travel blogs. She's been blogging for almost 10 years and mostly blogs about weekend breaks and short holidays. She gives lots of packing advice and has her own suitcase, The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case. She has a young family so also shares tips about balancing a thriving business with family life.
Kate McCulley
Kate McCulley
Kate McCulley is the publisher of Adventurous Kate and was the first blogger ever to specialise in solo female travel. She aims to show women how to travel the world on their own terms -- safely, while having a lot of fun! In 2017 Forbes named Kate one of the top 10 travel influencers of the world. She has traveled to 77 countries on seven continents, and lives in New York City.


Gemma Holmes
Gemma Holmes
 Gemma Holmes, the Peer Coach, is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Coach and inspirational workshop facilitator who helps people boost their thrive:survive ratio. Following two popular workshops at Traverse 2017 and the Traverse-arranged Antigua conference in 2018, Gemma is returning to offer another interactive workshop and guided trance experience in Trentino. In 2010, Gemma was one of the youngest students to qualify as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and dedicated her twenties and early thirties to getting out of her own way and building the life she dreamt of. She loves nothing more than sharing what she’s learned to help others do the same.
Roisin Gaughran
Hey! I'm Ro, a north London based yoga teacher with a passion for encouraging people to slow down and breathe. My teaching style is based on vinyasa yoga, and my classes are steady yet strong, flowing yet focused. My areas of specialist interest are women’s health and breath focused movement. My soul is fed through sharing yoga with others; I love to learn, to teach, to explore and discover the world of yoga. 
Jamie Barton
Jamie is firefighter from London who was previously a Royal Navy Marine. He recently spent time travelling around the world learning and teaching yoga in Asia and South America. Jamie specialises in yoga, fitness, wellness and staying healthy while travelling the world. He will be discussing his story with mental health, anxiety and depression. At Traverse he'll be sharing some of the tools that have been helpful to him along with some spoken word stories...
Karen Sargent
Karen is part travel blogger at globalhelpswap.com, part business psychologist. When she’s not trying to find that perfect shot, or pulling her hair over SEO, she’s training managers in companies like Unilever, BBC and Deep Mind how to perform at their best. She’s still trying to figure out why people willingly choose to work in an office. Originally from Malta, she now spends half her year in London and the other half travelling the world and writing about it with her partner Paul. She believes that work, when done well, can be a huge source of meaning and she loves sharing hacks from psychology to help others get the most out of their working lives.


Make Traffic Happen Laura and Gemma_ - Two Scots Abroad
Gemma Armit & Laura Lynch
Gemma and Laura are the team behind Make Traffic Happen — a website full of free resources, a Facebook support group, and two successful eBooks. Gemma and Laura know this proven strategy works because they developed and use it themselves. Gemma increased her travel site’s page views by 291% in one year, even while working full time as a high school teacher. Laura doubled her traffic in the first year of using this strategy, then doubled it again the year after. It works for those who work it. 
Jessica Zijlstra
Jessica Zijlstra
I love data, engaging content that gets people talking, and anything social. From travel to insurance to fashion brands, my goal is to connect with the right people and start valuable conversations. Over the past few years I've worked on some awesome campaigns, seen amazing growth on paid social, and have had a hand in crafting the social image of brands for the better. I'm passionate about being a part of the future of social media (and the travel industry!) as it continues to shape the world and connect us in ways we never imagined possible. 


Palle Bo
Palle Bo is a radio veteran, author, and podcaster since 2006. In his radio career since 1985, he’s been a morning host, sales manager, station manager and co-founder of radio stations. Currently, he is traveling around the world on a quest to visit every country in the world and documenting everything in both English and Danish as ""The Radio Vagabond Podcast"". At the same time, he is producing radio advertising and sound design in his award-winning production company, RadioGuru. In 2018 he produced a branded podcast for LEGO® Technic. 
Susan L. Schwartz - Susan L. Schwartz
Susan L. Schwartz
Susan writes the Drinks/Travel website, A Lush Life Manual, and, to accompany it, she hosts Lush Life Podcast, an interview show where she captures the stories behind the beverages you love. Bartenders, Brand Ambassadors, Distillers and many others in the drinks-industry have been on her show. A Lush Life Manual was a finalist for the Saveur Magazine's Best Drinks Blog in 2018. She also writes the award-winning luxury travel blog, Best Bits Worldwide, and serves on the Board of the British Guild of Travel Writers.

More Speakers

London Headshot - Erick Prince
Erick Prince
Photographer, Philanthropist, and World Traveler, Erick Prince is blazing a new trail in travel and business. Combining his love for photography and travel, he created MinorityNomad.com. One of the premier travel blogs for African-American and Latino travellers. Inspiring low-income communities to explore the world and document their travels. Currently on a quest to become the first African-American to visit every country in the world, Erick has turned a hobby into a thriving business. Visiting 93 countries along the way. Through his blog and digital marketing company, Erick has worked with brands such as Facebook, Singha Corp, LAN Airlines, InterContinental Hotels, and Sony.   
alajode - Jodie Dewberry
Jodie Dewberry
Jodie is a travel blogger and vlogger from the UK who has been living nomadically since 2017. Before that, she headed up the affiliate marketing strategy for one of the largest magazine publishers in London before leaving to go full time with her own blog and YouTube channel. Alongside travel content, she shares advice and tips for others looking to pursue a location independent lifestyle on her channels - including how to make money from affiliate marketing.
2 foodtrippers
Daryl & Mindi Hirsch
Daryl + Mindi Hirsch co-publish 2foodtrippers, an award-winning culinary travel site that celebrates food and travel around the world. Generating over 100,000 page views each month, the site has a range of articles and food guides focused on global destinations both near and far. In 2018, 2foodtrippers won first place blog awards from Saveur Magazine and TBC Asia.
martinique lewis
Martinique Lewis
Martinique Lewis is a Digital Disruptor who is immensely in love with diversity in Travel. On a daily she strives to change the narrative by advocating for travellers of colour across multiple platforms. Working directly with tourism boards and travel brands she creates content that is exciting and influential. Her goal is to change the face of tourism forever, ensuring every traveler feels welcome to the destinations their hearts desire.