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Sessions 8 - 9 June 2019
Midweek Experiences 4 - 7 June
Post Event Adventures 10 - 14 June
Please note
Attendee info may be shared with event partners for relevant campaigns and events.

Early Bird tickets are strictly non refundable and not able to be transferred.

Influencer Ticket - For anyone attending with the primary focus of their blog, YouTube channel, Instagram channel or as a journalist or other digital influencer.
Startup Ticket - For any small business started in the last two years and with a staff of five or under.
Industry Ticket - For brands, PR agencies and DMOs.

This prices includes, but is not limited to:
All conference classes, panels, seminars and workshops
All one on one 'pro bar' sessions
All social events and evening parties (food and drink too!)
Midweek Experiences Lunches, teas and coffees at the conference
Post event adventures (limited number)

If there is a better value event out there, we'd love to see it!