Sessions 27 - 28 November 2021
Midweek Experiences 23 - 26 November 2021

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Important: Please Read
The Midweek Events at Traverse 21 take place between 23 and 26 November in and around Palma.

There are a wide range of events and more will be added to the schedule in the build up to the event, so do make sure to check back if you want to do more.

The events are open to all ticket holders for Traverse 21, but you will need to hold a valid ticket in order to register for these events. It is essential that you take note of the below points before you register for events.

As we have many people attending, it is unlikely we’ll be able to contact people individually if there are issues, so incorrectly registering for events may lead to your places on them being cancelled.

- Please ensure that there are no time clashed between the events you register for. If this is the case, the Traverse team may remove the registrations from one or more events you sign up for that are on at the same time.
- Places on the some events are extremely limited so ONLY register for events you will definitely be attending. If you do not show for an event, your registration from all further events in the week will be removed.
- While there is no set obligation to post about the events, we would very much hope to see coverage from these trips on your channels.
- Please try and sign up to events that are relevant to your channel and a good fit for your audience.
- Ahead of all events, check the Traverse Midweek Experiences website for the exact meeting point and time, please try and arrive 10 minutes early.
- Some events will require transfers, which will be arranged by Traverse and the meeting point listed on the website before 23 November.

Palma is an incredible city and there is more than enough to do and explore by yourself over the time you have free. So don't worry if you're not on experiences the whole time and try and leave space for exploring on your own or with other Traverse attendees. We hope you sign up to some great midweek events and have a fantastic time in Palma ahead of, and at the Traverse 21 conference.