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Palma’s Best Views – Outdoor Content Creation Walk (location scouting & shoot)

Learn how to put your own spin and creative angle to a viral, in demand, high selling compositions to make your work stand out above the rest. Attendees to this special workshop will learn tips and tricks from Michael Tomas (@londonviewpoints) while walking around Palma and shooting incredible photographs.

This is the first part of a two part workshop, which will be continued on Saturday, 27 November at the conference. While this is a two part workshop, people are welcome to come to just one of the session.

For the meeting point for Michal Tomas’ 2:00pm – Palma’s Best Views Walk he has asked you to download the app ‘What 3 Words‘ (if you don’t already have it, it’s a great app that gives every 3m square a unique code so you can pinpoint exactly where someone will be) and the meeting point will be the exact spot ‘fuzzy.educated.camp’ – this will take you to where Michal will be waiting.

Meeting Spot: Steps opposite the fountain in front of cathedral, on the ocean side of the water (View on Map).