Midweek Experiences FAQ

Returning for Traverse 21 in Palma
While the main conference of Traverse 21 will take place over the weekend (27 and 28 November), we encourage those who are able to to travel to Mallorca earlier and take part in some incredible experiences that will be taking place between 23 and 26 November in and around Palma.

The Midweek Experiences consist of a range of activities and workshops that take place for the four days ahead of the conference and are exclusively put on for Traverse 21 ticket holders.

Whilst we do our best to provide a vast range of experiences, places are limited per experience. We try to keep as many places open as we can and also add new experiences in the run up to the conference.

What can we expect?

There will be a huge selection of different activities in the week ahead of the conference.

These will be a mix of practical workshops, tours, activities and other events.

The schedule for the Midweek Experiences will be released soon, but we can tell you that you’ll be able to take part in (among other things):
  • Hot Air Ballooning
  • Scuba Diving
  • Golf Lessons
  • Winery Tours
  • Tasting Meals
  • Photography Workshops
  • Walking Tours
  • Much more…

When will theY be announced?

The schedule of Midweek Experiences will be released at the end of September, where you’ll be able to see the different events, workshops, tours and more.

We will continue to add to the Midweek Event schedule right up to the conference though, so even those booking late (if it’s not sold out!) will be able to take part in some.

What do they cost?

The Midweek Experiences are all entirely free for those with a ticket to Traverse 21. All of the transport, food, drinks, equipment (when needed) and more is included in the cost of the Traverse 21 ticket.

How do I book?

The Midweek Experiences will be open for booking one month before the start of the event. We’ll keep all ticket holders informed of when they will open up and you’ll be able to book right here on the website.

How many experiences can I take part in?

You can do as many experiences as time allows for. Just make sure you leave some space between events in case one over runs or you need to get food and drinks as the events will all have a firm start time.