Explore Brno - Food, Beer, Cafes & more

So you’ve got plenty of free time in Brno? We’ve got some awesome tips on places to eat, drink and discover!


Gastronomy, again? Yes! Don’t miss out!

Brno is the foodie heaven of the contemporary Czech gastro scene, true story!
Try it for yourself at Forky’s, Die Küche, Rebio, Dhaba Beas, Fabrik Urban House, Kafe Friedrich. Don’t worry, the city is also friendly to vegans and vegetarians with many café´s offering vegan desserts too! Best of all, the high quality food here won’t burn a hole in your wallet either.

You can taste the whole world in Brno, but we recommend you to experience something traditionally Czech.

For lunch or dinner head to Lokál U Caipla to try their famous smažák, which is fried cheese similar to Edam. For a snack make sure to try chlebíček, an open sandwich made with various toppings, which you will be able to find in local delicatessen. As for dessert, špička, větrník, věneček, indiánek or laskonka are all delicious, we recommend visiting Martinák, Bukovský or Komár kafe.

Brno could be called little Italy given its number of artisan ice cream shops! If the weather is still sunny, go for a scoop at Ještě jednu, Božský kopeček, Minach.

Speaking of artisan production, we have some great bakeries too – William & Thomas, Mama Stella, Carlini, Chleba Brno.

The Beer Scene

What about drinks? You can find around 20 breweries in Brno and in the city centre you can visit Pegas, U Tomana or Harry. Brno also has its own gin distillery called Little Urban Distillery, you’ll be able taste their gins in many of the city’s bars. How about wine? As the capital of the biggest wine region in the Czech Republic we offer a wide range of white, rose and red wines of top quality. Have a glass in one of these wine bars – justWINE, Klárabára or Vinná galerie.

Cafés of Brno

Of course, we can´t forget cafés too! Coffee culture has a very long tradition and fortunately on almost every corner of Brno a great café can be found, many of which have their own roaster too.

Convince your taste buds and taste Brno. For more tips explore Gourmet Brno https://www.gotobrno.cz/en/taste-brno/

A City with a View – this is Brno!

The best spots to watch the vibrant city centre are the rooftops of the Market Hall, Old Town Hall or Petrov towers, or simply climb up the Špilberk hill. It is definitely worth it!

Exceptional buildings

Did you know that Brno is famous for Modern Architecture? If you are an architecture fan, then the Brno Architecture Manual (BAM) is the ideal tool for exploring, it is a guide to Brno functionalism which maps the city’s architectural heritage.


Another thing people love about Brno is its statues. Try to catch a marble from the clock machine, known as the Brno astronomical clock, take a selfie below the “horse“ or find the spot where the iconic W. A. Mozart performed a concert when he was just eleven years old.


Brno is full of creative and enterprising people with a great sense of design too. These two things are often interconnected e.g. in Monogram Espresso bar, SKØG and Atelier Bar & Bistro. Gallery lovers will appreciate the Art Design Fashion exposition at the Moravian Gallery, which is a must see. In the gallery café get a cup of coffee prepared by a robotic hand, the only robot barista in the Czech Republic! You can purchase your own pieces of Brno design including clothes, jewels, cups and much more in design shops spread around the city.