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We’re so excited that you’ll be coming to the Czech Republic in just a few months time. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together information about how to get there and added some practical tips on top.

The Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe bordering Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia. We have 5 international airports, but the biggest traffic is concentrated at the Václav Havel Airport Prague. The Czech Republic has been ranked 9th at the Global Peace Index in 2021, so it’s one of the safest countries in the world, welcoming all!



Welcome to Brno, the second largest city of Czech Republic. Just like any other younger sibling Brno is way more chill and cooler than the older sister Prague. At least that is what 382 000 locals would tell you. Seriously since Brno knows that it will never be number one, it does not lose time competing and rather enjoy life to the fullest.

Why was Brno voted 23rd best place to live in Europe? Because it is the best of both worlds. It is a 21st century with all the technologies and services you need but also it is a village where everybody knows everyone, everything is nearby and you always have time to enjoy a great cup of coffee in one of the hundreds cafés.

Speaking of cafés. Brno is sometimes called: suburbs of Vienna (from where the coffee culture came from). This nickname is quite accurate since the capital of Austria is only 1,5 hours away, but it is not just about the strategic location. Threw Vienna came to Brno the culture, lifestyle and architecture of an important city of Europe. However do not be fooled Brno has its own style and authentic feeling.

Current Brno is a modern, dynamic and fast growing centre of industry, trade, science and information technology. Thanks to the many international companies there is more than 50 000 expats living here which makes Brno very multicultural and open to visitors from all over the world as well.

A lot of the expats came to Brno for education before getting the job here. With more than 65 000 students in 10 different Universities Brno is a student city and centre of knowledge. Well and also never ending parties, concerts and other happenings which keep the city young, hip and fresh.

Brno is the capital of Moravia region and the South Moravia district. It is surrounded by picturesque towns and villages full of wine and traditions. That is why it is a great opening gate to the region and together creates the 2nd most popular tourist region in Czech Republic.



Brno flight accessibility


Brno is situated in the centre of Europe in the vicinity of three European metropolises and their airports – Prague (200km), Vienna (145 km) and Bratislava (140km). Vienna and Bratislava airports: 1,5 hrs distance, Prague airport: 2,5 hrs distance.

There is also a small airport in Brno. Currently there is a direct flight from London Stansted to Brno operated by Ryanair.


By train/bus/car 

Get to Brno by our fast trains or buses with wifi and services on board.

From Prague – 2,5 hrs

From Vienna – 1,5 hrs

From Bratislava – 1,5 hrs

The train station is Brno, hlavní nádraží and bus station is AN u hotelu Grand. Both are located in the city centre and well connected with the public transport system.

Links to the providers:

  • You can rent a car at the airports

  • Car sharing companies in Brno

  • Direct Transfer

Gepard express –

Getting around

cycling in Brno


  • Get around the city by bus, tram, trolleybus or hop on the city bike
  • The entire transport system is well organized and connected with several apps, including Google Maps and
  • However the best pages to find your connection are:
  • Tickets for public transport in Brno
    • Prices:
      20 CZK for 15 min.
      25 CZK for 1 hour
      90 CZK for 24 hours
    • How to buy:
      In every vehicle of public transport there is a box where you can simply tap your debit/ credit card and buy your ticket. In case of control just present your card. Do not forget to tap yourself when leaving the vehicle. For more information click HERE.
      The other option is to buy them physically at newspaper/ tobacco shops
  • There are 3 providers of city bikes/scooters. You find the bike basically on every single corner, unlock it via app and then leave it at the designated place.




Find a information centre in Brno: Information Centres in Brno



If you are already in Brno go get your information to Information Centres

map of Brno


GOTOBRNO – official website for visitors of Brno

  • If you want to check information online before or during your trip go to
  • At this website you can find all the information you need to about Brno in five sections


  • Explore the wine south Moravia region full of hidden gems


  • Discover other parts of the Czech Republic and learn about more tips where to go before or after the conference. There’s so many beautiful places, check out the post-trips programmes for inspiration.


Covid information

Rules of entry

From 9.4.2022 it is possible to enter the Czech Republic as before the pandemic covid-19.

If you are traveling Brno and want information about the Covid-19, check here for the latest official information.

Visa information:

The Czech Republic has been a member of EU since 2004. Citizens of the EU member states are required to carry their passports or their valid ID in order to enter the country. The same rule applies for citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland. Since 2007 Czech Republic is in Shengen area. The list of countries whose citizens require a visa to enter Czech Republic can be found here:


Despite Czech Republic is part of EU there is still different currency than euro. There is Czech koruna. Do not be surprise by this fact and also do not be scared! Almost everywhere you can pay by card or change money in Exchange offices. For current Exchange rate click HERE.


1 EUR – 25,5 CZK

1 USD – 21,2 CZK

1 GBP – 29,7, CZK

Central European Time zone: GMT + 1 hr
Language: Czech
Opening hours:

Grocery shops are open until 8 p.m.

Other shops are open until 6/7p.m.

Restaurants till 10/11 p.m. (!!!kitchen closes before 10 p.m.)

Power: 230 W


  • Basic lunchtime menu – 7 EUR
  • Cappuccino in the area of the city centre – 2,5 EUR
  • 1 beer (500ml) – 2 EUR
  • 1 glass of wine (250ml) – 2,5 EUR
  • Basic dinner for 2 – 26 EUR


ATM and exchange office on every corner in the centre of the city

Česká komerční banka  (KB)




Air bank




Česká spořitelna


Emergency phone numbers

Universal European Emergency Number: 112

Fire: 150

Ambulance/first aid: 155

City Police: 156

Police of the Czech Republic: 158

Non-stop pharmacy: Dr.Max lékárna, Bašty 413/2, Brno (near main train station), +420 544 213 531. (View on Map)

Hospital Emergency: Úrazová nemocnice v Brně, Ponávka 6, Brno. (View on Map)



  • The Czech Republic has a moderate climate with warm summers and cold, cloudy and snowy winters.
  • Average temperature in September is from 14 to 20 °C, beginning of autumn in Brno is very pleasant with low rainfall.



Shopping centre (in the city centre, few steps from the main train station):

Food shops:
Lidl (View on Map)
Tesco (View on Map)
Albert (View on Map)
Billa (View on Map)



App Play Brno is an interactive game with augmented reality elements that takes you through Brno and shows you its landmarks and bits of history in a fun way. Download on the Google Play Store.



Hello. Hi – Ahoj

Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. – Dobré ráno. Dobré odpoledne. Dobrý večer.

Goodbye. Good night. – Nashledanou. Dobrou noc.

Bye. Ciao. Bye-bye. – Ahoj

See you later. – Uvidíme se později.

Thank you – Děkuji

Thanks. – Díky.

Please. – Prosím.

You‘re welcome. – Není zač.

Beer – Pivo

Wine – Víno

Cheers – Na zdraví

Find more useful phrases here.