Your frequently asked questions about Traverse 22 answered


I am very new to this, is it still worth attending?
Of course! We have plenty of sessions that will be introductions to topics or placed at beginner level. We have multiple sessions running at once, to ensure there is always something for everyone to attend.
I focus on photography, will I learn much?
Yes, we love photography and will have plenty of classes and photo walks. It's the perfect opportunity to improve and practice your photography in a beautiful destination.
I am an advanced influencer, will I get much from this?
Absolutely. There will be many talks and sessions over the conference aimed at all levels of influencer, with some specifically targeted at the higher levels.
Will there be sessions focussed on video at this event?
Yes, we will have multiple sessions based around video, including practical classes, vlogging, editing and pitching.
What are the Midweek Experiences?
The Midweek Experiences are a range of events that take place around the area ahead of the conference days. The experiences vary in number of people as well as type of event, from four people to 50 and from city tours to coffee workshops. There are things for everyone to do and they’re a perfect way to connect with the local area. Registrations for the midweek events open around a month before the conference.
What happens over week of the event?
A lot! The midweek events run for three full days before the conference, which is two days. There will also be three special evenings on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
I can only make the weekend, will there be any point coming?
Absolutely. We have always made sure the Traverse conference takes place on a weekend. If you can only make those days you’ll still get the evening events, all of the conference sessions, one on ones and more.
I really need some hands on help, will I be able to get this at Traverse 22?
Yes, another focus we have always had at Traverse is to make sure people have real take away value. This means no key notes and a lot of hands on workshops.
The ticket seems really cheap, what does it cover?
The tickets covers all the midweek events, all of the evening events and of course the conference itself. Some food and drinks will also be included, plus seminars and other activities.
Will I be able to network with brands at this event?
Yes, we mainly focus on free networking over the organised ‘speed dating’ format. We build in many hours of time to mingle, speak to brands, have meetings and more. This will be throughout the week and over the weekend too with time between sessions, in the morning, evening and lunch.
Where do I register at the conference?
For registration and to collect your Traverse 22 wristband please visit the Tourist Information Centre THIS IS Brno, Panenská 1, 602 00 Brno, Czechia (View on Map). Open 9am - 6pm daily.

If you arrive on Saturday morning for the conference, you can register at the conference venue - Hotel Passage.

Post Event Trips

Where do the trips end?
You’ll find where each of the Post Events Trips ends on the website.

What time and date do they end?
You will find the start date and end on the website. You’ll get full itinerary details if you are selected for a Post Event Trip before the conference with start and end times. We’d recommend staying an extra night after the trip before catching your flight home.
How should I arrange my flight back?
We’d recommend staying an extra night after the trip before catching your flight home. You’ll also get a train ticket to travel anywhere in the Czech Republic.
Who gets picked for a trip and when?
We try to select people based on if they are a good fit for a particular trip. For example, if you are a beer blogger, then a beer/brewery based Post Event Trip would be a good fit for you.
How do I apply?
When applications are open, you’ll find a button on the Post Event Trip page where you can click and find a form to apply.
What should I pack if I’m selected for a trip?
Once you are confirmed as being on a post event trip, you’ll receive an itinerary before the conference with any details of special requirements etc.
Is there a second round of applications if I wasn’t selected the first time?
Yes, the second round of selections will be on 17 August.
Do I need to apply again if I wasn’t selected in the first round?
There is no need to apply again, but if you wish to re apply and upload a media pack (it helps) or select different trips, you're more than welcome to.
Can I get on the same post trip with my friend or partner?
We have a notes section on the application form where you can ask for this, we do our very best to accommodate all of these requests.


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