We are very happy to be able to introduce you to the Czech Republic as the host destination of Traverse 2022.
The conference activities will take place between13th and 18th September 2022 and we are very excited to see you all in Brno, South Moravia!

The Czech Republic boasts picturesque landscapes, fairytale castles and chateaux, UNESCO-protected town centres and mountains, that surround the country and are criss-crossed by thousands of marked hiking trails. A small slice of paradise tucked away in Central Europe, the Czech Republic is an ideal destination for those that seek places off the beaten path and enjoy the true authentic experiences. Discover why this year’s conference host destination will be so unique #soczech.
When we say the Czech Republic, Prague will immediately pop up in most people’s minds, but there’s so much more beyond the capital. Dozens of cities dotted around create the gateways to regions. Think West Bohemia with its spa triangle, with centuries old tradition of healing springs in Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně and Františkovy Lázně. There’s no better place to explore countless castles and chateaux than South Bohemia with gems like Český Krumlov or Hluboká nad Vltavou. If you look for something different head to North Moravia and Silesia and you can’t miss Ostrava, that raised from its industrial past into modern metropolis.
Traditions are the underlying theme in 2022 and that’s for a good reason. This year has been declared by the United Nations the International Year Of Glass, when we will be recognising and celebrating the vitally important role glass has played in society for over 2000 years.

Traditions touch every part of this historic country, from folklore to beer brewing techniques that have given the world the very first Pilsner lager. These traditions still shine through in modern Czech life, from a gastronomy scene that has refined and fused traditional dishes with a modern twist, to buildings and architecture that provides a new, interesting take on more traditional architectural styles.

Let’s dig deeper in one of the most traditional and authentic regions of the Czech Republic.
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Land of strong cultural heritage, where local people cherish the traditions of their ancestors, develop them further and introduce them to their offspring. Who says that modern times clash with the wisdom and taste of our grandparents. Every year, tens of festivities take place in villages, while local family traditions are being passed on to the next generation. Folk costumes, music and dances such as Verbuňk (intangible UNESCO heritage) create very unique atmosphere.
South Moravia is the warmest and most fertile region in the Czech Republic and you can also find the oldest traces of settlement in the Czech territory there. It’s the region of sun, wine and easy-going people.

It is a perfect place away from the crowds, full of touristic gems and UNESCO monuments. Apart of traveling by train or car, it is also easy to move around using bike as South Moravia is famous for its 1200 km of wine biking trails where you can enjoy the Moravian warmth and great food along the well arranged rows of vineyards.
There’s such a rich array of natural-beauty sites that one visit will not be enough. Karst caves, steppe moors, romantic vineyards and much more. Discover the gems of nature hidden between the fertile Pálava area and magical Macocha Abyss, between the green Podyjí National Park and the mysterious White Carpathians
One of the top places in South Moravia is the garden of Europe, The Lednice-Vatice Area. It’s the largest landscaped complex in Europe and it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. It consists of two spectacular chateaus of Lednice and Valtice and massive complex of gardens, that connects both areas.
South Moravia is not only the region of excellent wine. It also caters for beer and gastronomy lovers. The Moravians’ love for food is famous. Such great bartenders, wine connoisseurs and creative chefs are hard to find.

Experience the culinary heaven!  


Brno is a vibrant city full of greenery with authentic atmosphere and young spirit that has so much to offer. Brno lies conveniently on the crossroads between three capitals Prague, Vienna and Bratislava.

Brno is famous for its lively vibe and great food! City of Brno annually reviews the top restaurants and bars and puts together a guide, Gourmet, that is super handy when in the city and looking for a tasty bite. 

In Brno you have a chance to visit one of the UNESCO architectural gems, functionalist Villa Tugendhat, the second largest ossuary in Europe or the narrowest hotel in Europe, the functionalist Hotel Avion, standing on a plot only 8 metres wide.

Brno is also a City of Music and is member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network with huge concentration of theatres and all year-round concerts.

Many famous personalities were born or lived in Brno such as Milan Kundera, Adolf Loos or Gregor Mendel – the father of genetics.

And what does Brno awaken in you? Let’s discover it all!

Simply #visitczechrepublic, #gotobrno and explore #southmoravia with us!