Details of Traverse 22 post trips

Post Trips - 19 - 22/23 September 2022
Thinking about going to the Czech Republic this fall for Traverse 2022 and would like to dig deeper a little bit?

Our hosts along with other regions of the Czech Republic will be offering an extended line up of exciting post-tours that will take place right after the conference.

3 POST tours to South Moravia region


Brno is the capital of beautiful South Moravia. We have prepared 3 unique ways for you to experience the best of our region.

You will visit different towns, see beautiful places, try various activities and taste Moravian wines and gastronomy.


DATES: Monday – Wednesday
19.-21.9.2022 (2 nights)
Each trip is for 10 pax

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Explore magical Znojmo Region!

Set out on a trip where you’ll taste the best Moravian wines, see ancient castles, endless vineyards and enjoy a big dose of adrenaline! Paddleboarding on Vranov Dam/Reservoir? Tick! ✅ Sipping rosé on a roof of an award-winning Winery? Tick! ✅ Getting dirty in the underground corridors of the medieval city? Tick! ✅ On top of that we’ll take you to a fun museum Terra Technica. Spectacular views, authentic culinary experience and lovely wines Znojmo Region is a hidden gem. Be the one to uncover its charms!

Adventure, beer & beyond in the Moravian Karst!

Awaken your curiosity and explore what’s deep under the surface! The Moravian Karst is one of the most beautiful limestone cave systems in Europe. And what’s more? You’ll be sailing on an underground river called Punkva. Watch out! Stalactites in the way! You’ll discover the secret of iconic Czech folk pattern, called blue print, that made it into UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Getting lost in the cobbled streets of an old Jewish town of Boskovice and taking some romantic photos sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it? And we’re not done yet! You can try wakeboarding, paddleboarding or enjoy a wild ride on the mountain bike single trail! To balance the amount of adrenaline with some culture, we can’t let you leave without seeing the famous Slav Epic by Alfons Mucha. In the end of the day, grab a beer, relax and absorb all the new experience.

Become a wine maker for a day!

This trip is an attractive mixture of chateaux, rolling hills and romantic vineyards, traditions and lots of wine tasting. We start at the Slavkov Chateau where Napoleon allegedly spent the night. Slovácko region often resembles Tuscany or Provence. Only the lavenders are missing and that’s only because it’s September! If you try what a day in the life of a winemaker means, your evening glass of wine will taste better than ever before! It’s in your hands, from picking the grapes, to pressing and making your own cuvée. The open-air museum in Strážnice gives you invaluable insight into Moravian traditions and old way of living. You’ll have some workout too! Draisine, a pedal-powered rail vehicle promises lots of fun! Last day with pleasant sailing on Bata canal completes the whole Moravian experience beautifully. Ahoy!

Discover East Bohemia


In East Bohemia, scenic views are combined with glorious history, human craft and all manners of sports. This is a region of kind and hospitable people, who live rich cultural and social lives. Come with us to discover the best of our region. The trip will start in the mountain resort of Dolní Morava in Králický Sněžník where you can experience the new longest suspension footbridge in the world. After that you can walk in the clouds again on The Sky Walk.
Then you can enjoy the ride on the bobsleigh track which is the second longest in Europe. More fun is waiting in adrenalin park. The next day we will do a short stop in the Pilgrimage area of the Mountain of the Mother of God. The afternoon will be more about the architecture where you will see the UNESCO Litomyšl Chateau and all the beauties around. You will taste local beer and visit a cellar with statues where you will taste Czech wines. The third day we will show you “Czech Versailles” – Chateau Nové Hrady and after that you can experience go-karting. The trip will end in the main city of the region – Pardubice, where you will stay for night. In the morning you can try bikes around city and pay a visit to Kunětická hora Castle.


DATES: 19.-22.9.
END OF TOUR: Pardubice

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Central Moravia Food Tour


“Unlike Prague, it still has relatively few tourists. Home to 100,000 permanent residents and 21,000 university students, Olomouc offers a small-scale taste of Prague’s history and architecture, as well as plenty of college-town fun and great places to eat and drink,” writes Evan Rail for the New York Times.
In Central Moravia, you will taste the finest local beer, the only original Czech cheese and the dishes of the Michelin chef. You'll learn how to properly pour a beer with a beautiful head or how to pair wine with chocolate.

Enjoy Olomouc fine dining, a ride on a beer bike and a horse-drawn carriage and try to cook your own Czech dumpling! 


Central Moravia logo
DATES: 19.-22.9.
END OF TOUR: Olomouc

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Pilsen beer tour


Pilsen region, the home of the most famous Czech beer Pilsner Urquell, invites you to enjoy a few days filled with this golden beverage in all shapes and forms. You will get to experience the tour of Pilsner Urquell brewery including the Pilsen underground and brewery museum. You’ll visit some of the Pilsen microbreweries and attend proper beer tapping class. 
Not only will you taste beer but you will also get to experience the beer bath as well! You’ll get a chance to enjoy the best beer paired with traditional Czech dishes.

Although the main focus is beer, you will be amazed by the historical centre of Pilsen and the romantic castle of Gustejn surrounded by peaceful nature.


DATES: 19.-22.9.2022

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Central Bohemia - The Royal Region


Savor every single moment in Central Bohemia – the region where royal traditions and history come alive, and you won’t die of boredom. Comfy shoes and a fully loaded camera are all you need during the four-day getaway as we make sure you’ll get thousands of photos you could share with the world. Spend two days in the historical heart of Kutná Hora surrounded by (sometimes even creepily) astounding architecture and try out the outdoor yoga class right in front of the Gothic Cathedral.
Explore traditional and long forgotten crafts, go back to the Regency era from the Jane Austen books (or even The Bridgeton’s) in the Kačina Château – the astonishing former residence of the Czech nobility or travel even further in time to become one of the knights in the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Escape Room and rest your head in the magical glamping site of Malešov Fortress.

Let’s create memories that will stay in your heart forever.


DATES: 19.9. – 22.9.

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Experience the raw beauty of North Moravia


How about becoming a part of a pulsing city with industrial genius loci and an incredibly growing foodie scene? Do you want to enjoy a mixture of highlight attractions combined with active leisure time? Come to North Moravia and Silesia! In the north eastern part of the Czech Republic we will take you along to climb our special “volcano” called Ema and you will be stunned by the majestic and distinctive charm of a unique industrial area of Lower Vítkovice
We will continue to the Beskydy and Jeseníky mountains full of activities and natural jewels. Sheer perfection! You will make your life sweeter with a gingerbread delicacy – “Štramberk Ears“ in a picturesque town at the foot of the Beskydy Mountains. Whether you go for water activities on the Slezská Harta Dam or you just enjoy the views of peaceful landscape, you will definitely remember this place.  


DATES: 19.-23.9. 
END OF TOUR: Ostrava

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Enjoy the Crystal Valley and the beauty of the north


Come to the north to the Liberec Region. The whole region offers five tourist areas, a unique Crystal Valley, beautiful nature, many historical and technical monuments. You will visit the city of Liberec (Marvel fan? You’ll be able to recognise Liberec in Spiderman Far From Home), historical monuments, great restaurants and the unique Ještěd tower. You will discover the long tradition of art and fragile beauty of glass production in the Crystal Valley. 
Enjoy a tour of one of the biggest unique glass chandelier producers worldwide – Preciosa Lighting. In the Glassworks Lasvit Ajeto you will get to try to blow your own beer glass. You will be enchanted by the unique glass garden in Pačinek Glass and in Rautis in Poniklá (newly inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List) and later you will tune in to Christmas and assemble your own pearl Christmas decoration. Although 2022 is the International year of Glass, it’s not all about just glass – you will explore some of the spectacular naturals sights as well. Come and explore with us the true Czech tradition! 


DATES: 19.-22.9.

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Enjoy Spa And Mining UNESCO In The Karlovy Vary Region


Visit the region of the world-famous UNESCO-listed spa. Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně and Františkovy Lázně invite you to stroll along the historic colonnades and taste the healing springs. Pump yourself full of fresh energy during relaxation treatments and discover the natural and historical beauty of the region.
Visit the Gothic castle of Loket, explore the green paradise in the shadow of the Ore Mountains and discover the secrets of their underground. Get a glimpse into the secrets of the world-famous Moser glassworks and taste the traditional herbal liqueur Becherovka. Experience moments you will never forget.


DATES: 19.9. – 23.9.

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South Bohemian Adventure


South Bohemia is one of the most attractive tourist regions in the Czech Republic. A region of beautiful nature, fresh air, majestic castles and romantic chateaus, local gastronomic specialties, brewing tradition, as well as a diverse atmosphere of cultural and social events. The largest town, situated in the center of the region, is České Budějovice, which is an ideal place to start trips to the South bohemian gems: UNESCO sights Český Krumlov and Holašovice or the beautiful neo-gothic chateau in Hluboká nad Vltavou.
For the Traverse post tour we have prepared an adventure program that will take you to the most photogenic places in South Bohemia.

We will also give you the opportunity to visit places of your choice and will do our best to ensure that you leave us with a fulfilled bucket list.


DATES: 19.9.-22.9.
END OF TOUR: České Budějovice

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More trips to be announced soon!