Here are the speakers confirmed so far for Traverse 22. More to be announced very soon.
Dave McClane Profile Traverse 22

Dave McClane

Dave McClane is an award-winning photographer and travel writer based in Leeds, UK.

Since first picking up a camera on a yearlong journey through Central and South America in 2014, he has carefully documented his travels through almost 50 countries using his camera as a visual notebook, capturing snippets of time, documenting people and conversations, and stealing momentary meetings.

Dave’s photography draws inspiration from classic street and documentary photography. Through his work, he hopes to not only share the stories of the people and cultures he encounters, but instil a sense of cultural curiosity in the people that view his images.
Emiliano Bechi Gabrielli Traverse 22 Profile

Emiliano Bechi Gabrielli

Emiliano Bechi Gabrielli is an Italian filmmaker and editor, who creates engaging and emotional cinematic videos for the travel industry, music industry, non-profit organisations and he also directs and edits documentaries for the Italian national network tv (RAI) and Sky TV.

His work is particularly aimed to social media platforms, it is high-quality, short-formed and dynamic, and his goal is to always tell a story. Emiliano’s goal is always to find and show a true soul of a place, a search for what makes it unique, highlighting the most genuine side of every culture. With a dynamic cinematic style, he likes to enhance the discovery aspect of every journey and the personal story of every character, especially showing how local people and local activities tell the real personality of a place.

For 10 years he’s worked with agencies, tourist boards, he’s directed actors, bloggers and influencers all around the world. He’s won awards for web-documentary projects (“Italian Dreamtime - Dreaming of Australia”) and tourist promotion for tourist board such as Costa Brava and brand such as Lonely Planet.
Fiona Anderson, GEC PR Traverse 22 Profile

Fiona Anderson

Fiona is a Company Director at specialist travel and lifestyle PR firm GEC PR. Fiona has enjoyed a twenty-year PR career, spanning corporate, lifestyle and travel spheres.

Fiona’s travel client experience includes premium tourism brands that include Aitken Spence Hotels, Conrad, Kimpton and Hilton Hotels.

Fiona has also represented destinations as diverse as India, the Maldives, the Philippines, Jamaica, Kyoto in Japan and Breckenridge, Colorado.

Fiona is a Fellow of the UK’s Tourism Society and sits on the advisory board of Women in Travel (CIC). 
iZog Adventure vlogger profile

Darren Meredith

Darren is an Canva Verified Expert. He enjoys sharing the latest Canva design tips and tricks on his YouTube channel.

From helping you to improve your social media workflow, to understanding what makes good design, Darren can do it Canva.

Darren designs social media templates that are used by thousands of Canva users every month.
Candace Salter Traverse 22 Profile

Candace Salters

Candace Salters is the blogger and content creator behind the popular London travel brand, Candace Abroad — sharing all things practical & inspirational advice to help women across the city live London life to the fullest.

With over 5+ years of professional experience in influencer marketing and social media, she has helped countless brands create content and build communities through niche content and short-form video. She's also used these skills to grow her own blog and brand, which enabled her to quit her 9-5 and pursue her blog full-time in less than 2 years.

Candace also founded a popular meet-up group in her niche called the Women in London Collective and is deeply passionate about building communities on and offline.
Jan Klaeui Traverse 22 profile
HOW TO MAKE 10,000 EUROS + /

Jan Klaeui

Jan Klaeui makes a living with Youtube videos. He has three channels which range from over 100'000 subscribers to just 500. His channels cover topics such as filmmaking, e-commerce and fishing and all of them are monetized in various ways.

He has partnered with two famous brands in his industry; GoPro on the filmmaking channel and Abu Garcia on the fishing channel. Even though he only has 500 subscribers on the fishing channel, this partnership has become his main sponsorship.

On his third channel he has built his own online business and has had his first €10,000 month with just 1,000 subscribers (100% of the revenue came through social media).
Rae Boocock Traverse 22 Profile

Rae Boocock

Rae is a writer, editor and grammar nerd who grew up near Blackpool, dabbled in London and washed down the coast to Brighton, where she lives with her three cats.

Her words have appeared everywhere from local newspapers to Livingetc and ads on the underground. After years crafting and subbing copy for SUITCASE magazine and creative studio, she joined the team at words-first agency Sonder & Tell.

When she’s not getting lost in a library book, she’s getting lost on the South Downs, by the sea or crocheting with a cuppa. 

Robin Aldag

Robin studied Film & Motion Design at UE Germany and is currently working as a Creative Film Producer for the RTL Group Germany, the biggest media publisher in Europe.

At Traverse 22, Robin will be covering an area of mobile videography that people often forget but is so important to the success of your content: Pre Production for Social Media Video.
Joanna - Joanna Davis Traverse 22 Profile

Joanna Nemes

Joanna is a former journalist with a master’s degree in multimedia production who specialises in SEO, search engine ranking, and website traffic growth. She has been certified in SEO, Google Search, and the Display Network by London’s Jellyfish Marketing Agency.

She is a full-time blogger running a portfolio of websites under her “In my pocket” brand, which she monetises using different SEO strategies. Joanna has earned different achievements from Ezoic for her traffic growing skills through SEO.

She is an Ezoic Premium Publisher, a Certified Expert, and she recently achieved the certification for Breakout Brand. Joanna has provided online 1-on-1 SEO training to small businesses during the pandemic, helping their owners maximise their existing assets to rank higher on search engines without having to spend money on ads.
kate mcculley Traverse 22 profile


Kate McCulley

Kate McCulley has been a leader in the travel blogging space since 2010, pushing for a better, more equitable industry for her peers.

She blogs about independent travel for women at AdventurousKate.com. Kate has traveled to 83 countries and all seven continents, and today she calls Prague home.
Tharik Hussain Traverse 22 profile

Tharik Hussain

Tharik Hussain is an author and journalist specialising in Muslim heritage and culture. His debut book, Minarets in the Mountains; A Journey into Muslim Europe, was shortlisted for the 2022 Stanford Dolman Travel Book of the Year award and longlisted for the 2021 Baillie Gifford Prize in Non Fiction.

It was also named a Book of the Year by the New Statesman, Prospect Magazine and the Times Literary Supplement, and a Travel Book of the Year by The Washington Post and Newsweek, and is the first book to explore indigenous Muslim Europe through the eyes of a Muslim writer. Hussain is also a guidebook author for Lonely Planet, and has written the guides to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Thailand and Britain.

He developed Britain’s very first Muslim heritage trails in Woking, Surrey; has produced award-winning radio for the BBC World Service on America’s earliest mosques, and been published by the likes of the BBC, National Geographic Traveller, The Guardian, Al Jazeera and The Sunday Telegraph. Hussain is also a fellow at the Centre for Religion and Heritage at the University of Groningen, Netherlands.

Karen Sargent

In her early career, exhausted, stressed and close to burnout Karen's big dream was to win the lottery so that she would never have to work again. When she realised that the chances of that happening were pretty slim she opted for the next best thing - a gap year traveling.

During that year she learnt that days sipping cocktails on a beach are great for a while but eventually she craved something more meaningful. Surprisingly, she wanted to work. On her return to London she started researching what it takes for work to be an enjoyable, fulfilling experience. Turns out....it's doable!

Armed with a Masters in Psychology she has now coached and trained 1000's of leaders in companies like Levi Strauss, Estee Lauder, Uber and the BBC sharing tools and tactics to make work a joyful experience. 

Judith Lewis

Judith is a renowned international speaker, writer, trainer, blogger and digital media consultant specialising in applying strategic understanding of digital technologies to help businesses innovate and optimise their effectiveness within the new, networked communications environment. Her degree in psychology, combined with her background in programming and in law has made her uniquely insightful when dealing with companies of different sizes.

She is a regular speaker and trainer around the world on SEO, content strategy, link building, paid media, and digital strategy, and has been recognised by her peers as one of the most influential people in the UK digital industry. Her skills in digital marketing, as well as her business-mindedness, gives her a unique insight when consulting for businesses. Judith judges the industry leading Search Awards around the world, and has every year since their inception.

She has worked with market-leading global businesses including Google, NatWest/RBS, National Gallery, Fidelity, GalaCoral, NBC Universal, Readers Digest, Bayer, Amadeus, AMD, AmEx, Virgin.com, Virgin Startup, Vapemate, Wicked Uncle, Zopa & more. She has over 25 years of experience, predating Google in her entry into the market, and now runs her own consultancy.

She has worked both in-house and agency-side. Judith also blogs about chocolate, has contributed to the books on SEO, and rewrote the Econsultancy Best Practice Guide to SEO. 
Gavin Ramjaun Traverse 22 Speaker

Gavin Ramjaun

Gavin Ramjaun is a presenter, host and senior journalist across popular TV and radio shows and content in the UK in sports, entertainment and news. His TV work includes hosting and anchoring for BBC Sport and BBC News, BBC One, Sky Sports News, Sky News, CBS News in America, breakfast television for ITV and Channel 5.

He’s also known for his work as a global speaker, talking to international business groups on making messages and stories count, his life experiences and working his way up from the bottom as a runner, to his experiences with diversity, racism and breaking barriers. These experiences have led him to begin a new chapter in his broadcasting and publishing career, with the start of his Multi-Channel Broadcasting network MAN-ZILLA online and on social. It's a men's focussed news and entertainment platform.

The channel caters for independent news and feature projects, to address men’s status issues, mental health and identity. Born and bred in Worcestershire, he’s a keen footballer in his spare time  - he played semi-professionally as a teenager and in university, and now plays regularly for charity and media teams touring the country.

Travel and learning about new cultures is something he is truly passionate about, an interest stemming from his roots in Ile Maurice, with relatives also across Europe. Random fact about him … he held the world’s loudest whistle in 2007! 


Susan Schwartz

Award-winning podcaster and blogger, Susan L. Schwartz writes the Drinks blog, A Lush Life Manual and the luxury travel blog, Best Bits Worldwide. Since 2006, Susan has been hosting Lush Life Podcast, where she interviews people in the drinks industry.

She was awarded TravMedia 2019 Sit-Up Award for Rising Star of the Year and was a Finalist for Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Award 2019 (Top Ten), Traverse Creator Awards 2019; Saveur Magazine Blog Awards 2019 Best Culinary Travel Blog, Saveur Magazine Blog Awards 2018 Best Drinks Blog; BGTW Travel Broadcaster of the Year and the Travel Blog Post of the Year 2020. Her work has also been seen in the Tonic Magazine, Ritz Magazine, Mail on Sunday, Condé Nast Traveler online, Sainsbury’s, Grazia, and other publications online.

She is a member of the British Guild of Travel Writers. She has spoken at Traverse, TBEX, BritMums and other conference about podcasting and working with PRs.
Max Hartshorne Traverse 22 Profile


Max Hartshorne

Max Hartshorne began as a travel editor in 1980...and twenty years later got back into the game when he bought GoNOMAD.com Travel in 2002.

He has been publishing travel stories by hundreds of contributors ever since. He works with brands and destinations with coverage on his blog and the GoNOMAD Travel Podcast.

He will be speaking on the importance of top quality travel writing and and how to do it better.


SImon Willmore

Si Willmore is a travel writer, editor and speaker, with words in Wanderlust, National Geographic and more. He's contributed to books for Rough Guides and Frommer's and is the digital manager at Bradt Guides, the world's leading independent travel publisher.

He's the sub-editor at JRNY Magazine, an editor of best-selling The Best British Travel Writing of the 21st Century, the youngest-ever chairman of the British Guild of Travel Writers, and speaks regularly at conferences and travel events. 


Kim Sterenborg

Kim is a freelance content specialist, owns a travel blog (kimopreis.nl/en), and loves yoga. When her day job was wearing her out, Kim discovered yoga nidra. One hour of yoga nidra practice is said to be equivalent to four hours of sleep (Kim: "Hello, count me in!").

But there's actually much more to the practice. She took a 200-hour yoga training in Thailand and studied yoga nidra too. Kim will help you explore the benefits of yoga nidra. 


Kelly Peck

Kelly is a Reiki Practioner, Earth Intimacy Facilitator, and Content Creator who supports people in understanding their true nature, following their intuition, and embodying their unique blend of magic. Using a range of nature-anchored energy techniques, cyclical guidance, and embodiment practices, Kelly guides others to connect with and heal themselves.

When we begin to understand that energy is everything, know that we are not 'broken', and treat the work we do as a spiritual practice, we intentionally integrate and align with the most authentic version of ourselves and can rely on our inner compass to lead the way. Kelly believes that working with nature's cycles, becoming more aware of energy, honouring all parts of ourselves, and bringing intuition into our everyday life are the pillars of living a soul-aligned life.

Weaving these pillars through her work, Kelly takes a grounded approach to spirituality - holding space for and encouraging a practice built on personal values and providing insights and tools that can easily be integrated into your day-to-day.
Sassy Wyatt Traverse 22 Profile

TIKTOK: @sassywyatt

Sassy Wyatt

Sassy Wyatt is a disability awareness consultant and content creator. As a consultant, she gets the opportunity to speak internationally about changing the landscape of accessible tourism, and provides best practices for brands and businesses to be more accessible and inclusive both online and off-line.

Working with businesses such as TikTok, National Rail, alongside tourism board Sassy brings a unique perspective of both humour and education to the table. She has been featured on BBC News, the Metro, my London and many other newspapers and publications. 
Laura Profile Traverse 22 profile

TIKTOK: @LauraBubble


Laura is a comedian, presenter and content creator who has worked with many companies including BBC Comedy, Comedy Central, BBC3, EA, Disney, Radio 1 and Hat Trick Productions.

She scripted, presented and blogged for two shows on CBBC for over 4 years as well as having been selected by YouTube as one of their six "Women in Comedy" in the UK with WhoHaha and producer and actress Elizabeth Banks.

Laura has hosted many red carpet interviews including BRITs, NTAs and EMAs and regularly does stand-up. She began her career in 2007 uploading comedy sketches and parodies to her YouTube channel which have now over 4.5 million views and has also accumulated over 1 million followers posting comedy sketches on TikTok.
Martin Schloesser Traverse 22 Profile

Martin Schlösser

Martin Schlösser is videographer and motion designer based in Hamburg, Germany. After a few years working in different advertising agencies like Jung von Matt and in different cities as there are Cape Town, Berlin and Hamburg, he is currently technical lead for postproduction at Gruner + Jahr/RTL and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Fresenius.

With a general knowledge in video creation he has a focus on the postproduction.
Jessica Vincent Traverse 22 Profile

Jessica Vincent

Jessica is a multi-award-winning travel journalist whose work has appeared in National Geographic, BBC Travel, Travel + Leisure, CNN Travel, The Telegraph and many more.

She’s the editor of The Best British Travel Writing of the 21st Century, an anthology voted “Best Travel Book of 2022” by The Independent, and the host of Inside Travel Media, an IGTV series that interviews today’s top travel editors, writers and photographers.  
Laura O Driscoll Traverse 22 Profile

Laura O'Driscoll

Energetic, happy go lucky and humble wanderluster with a passion for exploration and discovery, an eye for creativity and a drive for motivating others.

Never sits still or stops talking, loves to laugh, and is always pursuing her deep desire to travel the world connecting with people through joy, spontaneity and spreading the love!
Gemma Holmes The Peer Coach Traverse 22 Profile

Gemma Holmes

Gemma Holmes (The Peer Coach) is on a one-woman mission to help her peers find a sustainable alternative to “faking it til you make it”. She believes faking confidence is unsustainable, exhausting and uncomfortable, and so helps her 1:1 clients and workshop attendees strive for authentic confidence – the kind that feels good and can last.

Gemma trained at the international renowned Quest Institute in London as a QCH Therapist, and runs her confidence therapy & coaching programmes online, as well as in Hertfordshire, England. She has also been delivering workshops for Traverse Events since 2017, with sessions across London, Hamburg and Antigua.

If you’ve attended one of Gemma’s events in the past you’ll know to expect honest personal stories from her confidence journey, practical tools and techniques which you can apply to your life, and a fresh take on using your mind as your greatest inner mentor.
Rebecca Barison Traverse 22 profile

TikTok: @

Rebecca Barison

Rebecca started her online journey 14 years ago through different platforms and social media, since then, she became passionate about sharing and inspiring.

Merging beauty, lifestyle and travel, she discovers and shares places to go, things to do and how to better use your socials.

Her life goal is to motivate and inspire her followers to run out of the comfort zone and live the life of their dreams.
Philipp Ammon Traverse 22 profile

Philipp Ammon

Philipp Ammon is an accomplished London-based travel, documentary and portrait photographer. He is passionate about exploring the beauty of our planet and creating stories that seek to connect people to each other and the natural world we inhabit.

His unique experience has earned him the trust to work on exciting global campaigns with clients in the commercial, corporate, editorial and charity/NGO sector.

As a result, he has also been invited by industry leading brands to teach at conferences and workshops around the globe.
Cailin Oneil Traverse 22 profile

TikTok: @cailinoneil 

Cailin O'Neil

Cailin has been a travel blogger and content creator for the past 13 years first starting with her site TravelYourself.ca where she passionately shares the world with the world. In July 2020 she launched a second blog, NovaScotiaExplorer.com, a Nova Scotia niche site sharing all of the great things to see, do and eat in and around Nova Scotia, Canada. Cailin has travelled the world to over 50 countries working with various brands, tourism boards, tour operators, hotels and more around the world.

Always a youtube video creator as well Cailin has been successfully creating engaging travel video content more recently with Instagram and TikTok.

At Traverse Cailin will be speaking about being a niche TikTok Content Creator and how to use the app.
Eulanda Shead Osagiede Traverse 22 Profile

Eulanda Shead-Osagiede

Eulanda Shead-Osagiede is a food culture, travel, and lifestyle content creator, and TV presenter. She has been featured in a number of high-profile print and digital publications like National Geographic, Ebony, Washington Post, Forbes, and many others.

Her 2022 client portfolio features brands like Hyundai, CoverForYou, Coco Collective, Banyan Tree Hotels, Visit England, SCIC Sailing, Lick, and Homesense.

As a TV presenter, she recently filmed season three of the award-winning Three Drinkers Amazon Prime TV show.

Julie Falconer

Julie Falconer is a blogger and public speaker. She runs an award-winning travel and lifestyle blog, A Lady in London, for which she has traveled to 112 countries and developed a strong social media presence.

She is also a public speaker and lectures about blogging and social media all over the world. Originally from San Francisco, Julie attended Brown University and came to the UK in 2007 after leaving a career in finance, during which she worked for Goldman Sachs and a hedge fund.
Michael LondonViewpoints
INSTAGRAM: @LondonViewpoints

Michael Tomas

Michael Tomas is a London based timelapse, architecture and travel photographer more commonly known as LondonViewpoints.

Always looking for the best view for a landscape timelapse or photo wherever he travels, while sharing where these best views can be found and how to take that epic shot.
Tomáš Kadlec

Tomas Kadlec

Global head of influencer relations at Worldee.com Tomas is a humanocentrist, marketing strategist and brandscaper.

He believes, that the most human company wins the future. Tomas helps travel brands to break through the clutter and increase their brand reputation by creating meaningful connections and relationships with talents, influencers, content creators and business partners.

He is a global head of influencer relations at Worldee.com – Travel platform which enables travelers to monetize their travel expertise and unique travel perspective by selling their signature trips.
Pavla Brhel

Pavla BrheL

Social Media Specialist at Tourist Authority of South Moravia

Pavla is an enthusiastic, hard-working woman who has been working for the Tourist Authority of South Moravia (the southernmost and sunniest region of the Czech Republic) for almost 3 years.

Her main domains are online marketing campaigns, content strategies as well as influencer marketing. During that time, she helped raise brand awareness of the destination, especially on social media.


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