Treasure Hunt


We’ve got a big challenge for you!

Our very own Brno treasure hunt!

Simply tackle all 14 challenges on our treasure hunt to be in with the chance of winning.

The person with most tasks completed in the most creative fashion will win!

Don't forget to use the Treasure Hunt hashtag on social media #THTraverse22 and tag @traverseevents! 

What's the prize you ask?

Two tickets to KeyFrame 23, our video creator conference (destination announcement coming soon!), plus a splendid bottle of local wine!

Make use of the free entry sights with your wristband to complete some of the challenges.
1. Capture a selfie with the famous dragon of Brno.

2. Brno is a place full of amazing beer, snap yourself and some friends with a glass of local beer.

3. Stand between the legs of the horse at Statue of the Knight on Moravian Square, strike a pose and capture a photo! Look up from underneath ‘Courage’ for a cheeky surprise.

4. Attempt to catch the glass marble that drops from the Astronomical Clock, we want photography evidence of the attempt even if it wasn’t successful!

5. Brno is full of beautiful courtyards, capture at least one with yourself in the shot.

6. Find a splendid rooftop view and take a photo or Timelapse, Michael Tomas would be proud!

7. Find the Bar That Does Not Exist, take a photo to prove that it does.

8. Snap a photo of visit to the Ossuary at St James Church.

9. Sunset selfie at castle Špilberk.

10. Find the secret exit door to 10-Z bunker that was built during WW2.

11. Take a fabulous selfie with your favourite Traverse 22 speaker at Hotel Passage.

12. Capture Brno Tram video/Timelapse.

13. Experience super panda circus and take a cheeky photo.

14. Stuff your face with Mechovy dort (and post a photo!) and discover its tradition. Hint, your best bet might be to visit here.


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