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Traverse collaborated with Princess Cruises on three group campaigns and two individual creator trips between through 2022 to produce digital content focusing on promoting the launch post covid cruises as well as showcase the Enchanted, Sky & Discovery Princess ships.

The aim of this campaign was to promote cruising with Princess Cruises and to put cruising at the forefront of UK traveller’s minds for their 2022 holidays and beyond. There has been a range of content created including blog post, YouTube videos, Instagram Stories, TikToks and lots more.

On the 23 - 29 April 2022 we sent 5 content creators to take part in the 5 day campaign, starting Los Angeles, sailing to Cabo San Lucas.

The Campaign Results

5 blog posts published with 21k+ page views.

2 YouTube views with 75.4k+ views


Over 180+ live Instagram stories posted during the 5 day trip, over 500,000 impressions. 20 Instagram posts with 52k+ likes and 3.6m+ views.

13 TikTok videos with 309k+ views.

5 posts created with 6.6k reach and over 1.2k+ engagement. Total of 238+ likes.
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The team

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One door closed, another slid open and I stepped onto my balcony, champagne in hand. So this was it. My first big ocean cruise. Moments ago, I’d stood on the shore, gazing up at the sharp like, shark like white gleaming ship that seemed big enough to block out the sun. A few minutes later, glittering lights and golden polish swirled around the central piazza and its glass elevators, with people, excitement, the anticipation of escape and celebration.
So, while this article focuses on the best cruise packing hacks based on my recent cruise on the Discovery Princess, it should help you even if you are planning to board a different ship. Whether you take a long voyage across the ocean or just a one-day trip from one port to another, you could probably use some guidelines to make the most out of your time on the deck.
Wondering about taking a cruise? Not sure why everyone loves them so much? The thing that people don’t understand about cruises is that the onboard experience is the most important part of the trip and let me tell you, Princess Cruises takes this very seriously! In this article I’m going to show you some of the most magical experiences that you can have on board a Princess Cruise ship.
When a Princess Cruise ship leaves its embarkation port the staff put on a PARTAYY on the top deck. This party is called the sail away party so that everyone can celebrate the start of their cruise holiday. Usually there’s plenty of live music, dancing, decorations and revelry.
If you’re a foodie then Princess Cruises is the perfect cruise line for you. From delicious fresh-baked bread to decadent chocolate desserts there’s something to treat all palates. In fact, Princess was voted “Best Cruise for Food Lovers” by Food and Wine magazine – which is a pretty impressive seal of approval. So grab yourself a snack, because this article is guaranteed to make you hungry!  


If your brand or destination is looking for help with your digital marketing campaign, content creators or influencers drop us an email at
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