Introducing Traverse 20 in Palma, Mallorca

We recently revealed that the eighth edition of our annual conference, Traverse 20, will be taking place in the beautiful city of Palma, Mallorca this November.

The main conference itself will take place over the weekend of 27-29 November, with the usual Mid-Week Experiences taking place from the Tuesday before (24 November onwards).

Cathedral in Palma, Mallorca at sunset illuminated by the orange sky.

As with all our Traverse conferences, you can expect more high-quality sessions with actionable takeaways, whilst being surrounded by old and new friends alike in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

There will be some exciting new changes and additions this year which we will share with you later in this blog post. 

Firstly for those of you who may not have visited already, we wanted to let you know a bit more about to wonderful city of Palma, on the Balearic island of Mallorca.

Why November?

The first big change to this year’s edition of the conference is the time of year. For the past few years the event has taken place over the summer months, but this time we were keen to work closely with Palma to showcase it as a year round city break destination.  What’s more, this weekend will coincide with Palma’s Christmas light switch on, so a great way to get in the festive spirit! Plus, the city is much more authentic in November (and the winter months), which we’re all about here at Traverse – not forgetting that travel and accommodation is much more affordable for attendees when we’re not running the event in high season! 

Why Palma?

As if we really need to answer that one… Palma is the beautiful capital city of Mallorca in the Mediterranean, with sea bordering the city. Here’s some more information on Palma to get you in the mood: 

  • Palma is a vibrant city full of tapas bars & restaurants (yes please), shops, Modern art and contrasting architecture (a local’s highlight is the gothic style cathedral, known as La Seu)
  • It’s brilliant for Modern Art! As well as the world-class Modern Art museum Es Baluard, the Fundació Miró Mallorca is dedicated to the works of surrealist Joan Miro (located a short bus ride from the city centre where the conference will be taking place)
  • The food is superb! Don’t miss the ensaimada; a spiral-shaped pastry made from yeast, lard and flour and sprinkled with icing sugar on top, a typical delicacy from the Balearic islands 
  • Mallorca also has its one wines which we’ll get to try out in Palma. They have a number of vermuterias (where you can try out a range of vermuts)

We’ll be publishing a post packed full of recommendations from the team at Lotus (Palma’s PR) of what to do and see whilst there, so make sure to stay tuned for that. In the meantime, if you want any more information be sure to head to their website:

Timelapse image of a lady walking along path in Palma, Mallorca
The beautiful streets of Palma

What’s new this year?

Bootcamps and Masterclasses

This year, for NO additional cost, we’ll be running half day Bootcamps and Masterclasses on the Friday morning and lunchtime prior to the main conference open to all attendees.

These will cover a wide range of topics including SEO, photography, monetising your channel and much more. We’ll be releasing more information on these in due course.

Evening Sessions

If you’ve been to a Traverse event before, you’ll know that we love having a party and a nice relaxed evening event. This year we want to make sure that attendees can get as much out of the conference as possible, so we’ll be putting on some evening workshops (as well of course, as the usual parties) focusing on photography and videography so attendees can really make the most of Palma’s stunning architecture and low levels of light pollution.

Palma cathedral at night illuminated by light
Make the most of Palma in the evenings

Please note that this year, to ensure the highest level of quality and takeaway value for all attendees, we are reducing the size of the conference to just 250 people. This does mean that tickets will be limited.

Early bird tickets are now live:


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