How to Turn Your Content Into a Profitable Patreon

Is Patreon for you? Starting a Patreon could be the smartest decision you make this year. Not only is it a safer, more reliable income stream than earning through SEO or traffic — it’s also a way to make money from the content you love without worrying about Google rankings, YouTube algorithms, or competition from other content creators. In this presentation you’ll learn:

1. How to enhance your existing content into exclusive content for Patreon.
2. Strategies for using Patreon in the time of COVID.
3. Insider tips for running a Patreon that earns long-term.

Kate McCulley


Break into Freelance Travel Writing (Even During COVID)

Travis Levius - Money MiniCon


Though the pandemic’s done a huge number on travel media, there still plenty of opportunities for aspiring/experienced freelance travel writers amidst the madness (if you know where to look).

Travel journalist and editor Travis Levius will share how to best navigate these unprecedented times and still get published—and paid well—for your writing skills in travel websites, newspapers and magazines.

1. How to best use social media for networking and writing gigs.
2. The basic formula for freelance pitching.
3. How to negotiate rates and earn up to four figures per article.

Selling Stock Footage

How to make supplementary income by selling your videos or photos online on stock sites.

1. How to monetise content you already have.
2. Learn which stock sites offer a fairer share than others.
3. How to shoot trends vs always green stock footage.

Michael Tomas - Money MiniCon


Master Affiliate Marketing: How to get better results in less time

jodie dewberry - Money MiniCon


This session will help bloggers ensure that the time they spend on their affiliate marketing counts, so they can see better results in and avoid wasting time on things that won’t work.

1. Why you should think about your affiliate strategy
2. Why your current strategy isn’t working
3. Some easy changes you can make to see more success

How To Optimize Existing Content For SEO And Revenue

Upcycle Your Existing Content To Grow Traffic and Improve SEO with Mediavine.

1. Attendees will learn how to use data from Google Analytics/Search Console/Pinterest to identify existing content ideal for optimization
2. Strategies for lengthening posts with useful content by incorporating related search queries and reader questions.
3. Tips for making the most of optimized content by sharing and tracking results.

Amber Bracegirdle - Mediavine


How to Use Your Sell Your Skills as a Freelancer


Learn how to use the skills you already have to sell services to brands and clients around the world.

1. Learn how to find freelance clients.
2. Choose which skills to turn into freelance services.
3. Explore how to position your skills and services.

5 Advanced Strategies To Skyrocket Your Affiliate Marketing Revenue

You may have noticed that adding random affiliate links as an afterthought rarely converts well?

In this session, we will be covering some more advanced affiliate marketing strategies to help you actually get results and scale your passive income streams using email funnels, utilising bridge pages and bonuses, running affiliate promotions and using your affiliate results as case studies to land sponsorships.

These are methods that do not require huge audiences or high volume traffic but instead, are based on psychology, trust, authenticity and strategy.

1. You do not need huge traffic to make a good income from affiliate marketing – if you are strategic with your content and positioning.
2. How important the ‘know, like and trust’ factor is for affiliate marketing and how we can develop better relationships with our audience.
3. Affiliate marketing is not actually about you and your favourite products. It’s about your audience and how you can use your expertise & experience to help them solve their problems and road blocks with products.

Leanne - Passive Income Superstars


More sessions to be announced soon.

Pitching to and Negotiating with Travel PRs and Travel Brands

Fiona GEC PR


In this session, GEC PR Company Director Fiona Anderson shares tips on how content creators can best approach travel PRs and travel brands in order to secure press trips and paid-for opportunities.

1. The information PRs and travel brands will want to know about you/
2. The best way to pitch to and approach travel PRs and travel brands.
3. How to stand out from the crowd as a content creator.