Waypoint 21 – Everything You Need To Know

With less that one month to go until the second edition of our virtual networking event, Waypoint, we thought we’d pop together this post to cover all the questions you may have and to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible for you on the day.

Header image: Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

How do I log in to the platform?

You can log into the platform here: https://waypoint21.hubilo.com/community/ you should be able to log in with your email and password. If you have not yet received an email, please check your emails from ‘Waypoint’ and do check your spam folder too! If you’re still having issues, shoot us an email (info@traverse-events.com).

Can I attend all the sessions and what do they cover?

All the sessions will be available to view on the ‘Schedule’ section of the platform. If you see one you would like to attend, you simply click join. Sessions will be held on the platform, via Zoom. Check out this post on How to Watch as an Attendee.

The sessions will be covering a range of topics on influencer marketing, freelancing and content creation. We have a few brand sessions, where representatives from the destination, PR agency or brand will be sharing tips and insights on how to best work with them, and their plans for the coming year. We also have sessions deep-diving into travel journalism and using emotive storytelling in content production. 

How does the networking work?

Firstly, we would highly recommend logging in to the platform before the day of the event, to check that you are familiar with the set up and to check that you can indeed log in. This will also allow you to schedule meetings well in advance of the event.

Secondly, do ensure that you have completed your profile, with an image, links to your channels, your channel’s niche, regions of focus and where you are based. This will help exhibitors and industry attendees to filter and identify you when they are searching on the platform. Also, keep an eye on emails from us, as we will be introducing more of the exhibitors and sharing some more information that may be of interest in the coming weeks. 

What are your top networking tips?

You can read our blog post from last year on How To Smash Networking. To give you an overview here are some things we would recommend:

  • Be prepared – perfect your elevator pitch. What is your USP? What is your niche? What could you bring to a brand?
  • Do some research – If you have a meeting booked in with a brand or destination, do a little bit of research as to how you would be best placed to work with them. Each exhibitor booth has a link to the company’s website, where you could find more information. What key marketing messages are they pushing? What types of travellers are they looking to connect with?
  • Have an up-to-date media kit – your media kit should include some key statistics about your followers/audience – who are they? Where are they from? What are they interested in? Case studies are always a great addition (in our opinion) as a way of a brand being able to tangibly see how they could work together with you, as well as a list of the services you offer.
  • Follow up! If you’ve had a great meeting and exchanged contact information, do be sure to follow up with an email to discuss the collaboration further. Where many destinations may not be actively looking to work with people right now, it is important to build these relationships, so you are front of their mind when the time is right. 

Will there be a closing party?

Of course! We are delighted that our closing party will once again be sponsored by the Spanish Tourist Office, so you can expect some Spanish entertainment, food and drinks and much more. Join in during the evening on Thursday 10 June. 

How will the meetings be run?

All the meetings will be run directly through the platform. We would recommend opening the platform in Chrome and ensuring that all the permissions are set to ‘Allow’. To find more suggestions for troubleshooting any issues you may have check this post out. 

We would also recommend testing the meetings with a friend or peer before your first one. You can schedule a meeting by clicking ‘Meet’ on their profile – we have opened sessions from 8am in the morning for you to test-run the meetings.

Who can I contact if I have a problem on the day?

The Traverse team will all be on the platform on the day; Paul Dow, Michael Ball, Charlotte Binns – feel free to use the ‘Chat’ function to connect with any of us on the day. If you have any problems getting on to the platform, contact info@traverse-events.com.


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