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Exclusive opportunity to exchange content for ReBoot 22 ticket


As a one off, for this special event, we are releasing a very limited number of tickets which will be free of charge in exchange for some guaranteed content for Hamburg.

All you need to do to apply for this ticket is let us know the content that you’d commit to producing in exchange for a free ticket to the ReBoot 22 wellness, mindfulness and creativity event.

We’re allocating a small number of spaces in exchange for content on Hamburg itself as well as the Metropolitan Region where the Monday Experiences sessions will take place.

How To Apply

Just fill out the form below if you’d like to apply for a Content Ticket. Content can be produced on any channel. These tickets are extremely limited so make sure to be creative when applying.

The offer will also be open for KeyFrame but only to those who have already purchased a ticket for ReBoot 22.

Please note that the ticket includes all conference and social activities at ReBoot, those with tickets need to cover their own travel and accommodation.


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